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Tyrrum Kuldarn
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


You see Master Ranger Tyrrum Kuldarn, Past Vice Speaker of the Order of the White Rose, an Elven Ranger.
You have pointed ears and crystal blue eyes. Your golden brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tousled. You have tanned skin. Some gleaming bronze jousters charging forward on horseback float lazily around your right wrist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
You are an adult.
You have some light stubble on your face.
Your shoulder has a tattoo of a raven formed from broad plaited lines with wide-stretched wings...
He appears to be an adult.

Notable Achievements

Horse Training

  • Able to fully capture & train horses in the following categories:
  • Saddle, Beg/Sit, Jump, Kneel, Prance, Rear/Spin, Animal, Combat, Joust, Magic & War


A set of wolf-pauldroned heavy damite plate forged with gold-veined leaves / Pauldrons forged to resemble a pair of gleaming, long-fanged wolves with shadow emerald eyes protect the wearer's shoulders, a tangle of etched vines emerging from below to grace the vambraces. The breastplate is adorned with a flurry of leaves forged from the same dark metal, beaten thin and inlaid with veins of gold. The twisting leaves spiral down through the sabatons, the leaves flattening against the armor beneath to be replaced by a gold-limned leaf engraving that trails to the ground.


Name Tyrrum Kuldarn
Race Elf
Guild Ranger
Circle 100+
Spouse Single
Citizenship Ilithi
Preferred Location Shard
Roleplay Stance Medium
PvP Stance Guarded
Quote "Hunt well my friends"