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Emyrose Dane
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Dane Family, Blysse, Tiarmo

"While it is ever so hard to put perfection into words when describing the Tavern Troupe's own Vice-Speaker, the Most Estimable Emyrose Dane, I shall nevertheless try. I have known her for quite some time, and she never fails to surprise me with new and interesting ways to forego shoes and the conventions of social drinking. Sharp of wit and stylishly cutting with her elegant yet minimalist approach to fashion, Emyrose is a suitably complementary counterpart to the vivacious songstress Vixonia, who is the Troupe's Speaker.

If one were going to attempt to bribe her (and you should not, instead might I direct you to put such energies into wooing yours truly), I would suggest delicate pastries, non-alcoholic beverages, and poetry. The more purple the prose, the better.

She can often be found sitting primly at the Bard's Corner in Crossing's Half-Pint Inn, doing fantastical aerialist acrobatics in Muspar'i, or otherwise avoiding the cold weather at whatever cost. Should you wish to inquire about the Tavern Troupe in general, please tell her that the most amazing and beautiful of her friends has sent you."

-- Aerialist Emyrose Dane, as explained by her prettiest friend and famously part-time roommate Tiarmo Ilarion

[Beneath the attractively scribbled words is the image of a petite Human woman with ink-black hair and bright purple eyes gazing adoringly at the resplendent caricature of a slender Elf with ridiculously flowing peony pink hair. Liberal amounts of glitter in a rainbow of colors has been splashed across the paper, accenting the multitude of little silver hearts and round pointy-eared Elvish faces with incredibly dour and disappointed expressions on them that surround the stylized representations of Emyrose and Tiarmo.]

Emyrose on silks