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Marssi Darssi
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


Peacemaker Marssi Darssi, Diplomat of Zoluren, a Gnome Empath. She has pointed ears, thick-lashed jade eyes and a freckled nose. Her red-gold-streaked russet hair is long and curly, and is worn swept up by a green gold firefall vine spiraled to capture twin molten-core diamond blooms and allowed to tumble freely down the back. She has fair skin and a shapely figure.
She is tiny for a Gnome.
She is an adult.
Her forearm has a tattoo of a large, elaborate cathedra covered in intricate scrollwork. Seated atop the burnt sienna throne's plush maroon cushion, a pink bunny clasps a regal scepter and strikes a haughty pose, a tiny glittering tiara worn on its head at a rakishly crooked angle. A slowly undulating banner overlaps the chair-legs and reads, 'Queen of Peace'. You are in good shape.

She is wearing a fluffy pink gemfire velvet dress, a dainty silver friendship ring with a circle of pink glass beads and a pair of dainty bunny slippers with spun glitter tails.