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Dreamricti Surmevarti
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Thief
Instance Prime


You are Nefarious Dreamricti Surmevarti of Elanthia, a Human. You have pointed ears and red-veined grey eyes. You have cropped amber hair, with freckled skin. You are clean shaven. You are in good shape.

You are wearing some thin spectacles with jade-colored lenses, a gold crossbow ear-stud, a deeply-hooded grey spidersilk longcoat trimmed with black leather, a canvas sack, a rough leather haversack with a carved bone clasp, a forester's crossbow, a sturdy backpack, a carved hematite ring, a red gem pouch, an etched silver vial strung from intricate chain mesh, some fine black cotton trousers with silver filigree along the seams and a buckled leather thigh bag.


  • Follower of the Platinum coin only, he gains favor from Meraud.
  • An avid collector of ranged weapons, yet not particularly skilled in any.
  • A notorious pick-pocket, specalizing in gem theft.
  • Known for keeping a reserved deamenor toward strangers.
  • As a red-head,with pale skin (aka Ginger) he tends to keep his longcoat on all summer to prevent horrible sunburn.
  • Hates Gwethdesuans and rarely wears one.


Not much is known on Dreamricti's early years. It has been confirmed he was born on the island of Ratha, and stowed away inside of a wealthy trader's cargo hatch bound for Rivercrossing, around the age of eight. After almost being drowned by the wealthy trader upon being caught, he was forced to work until paying off his "debt." A short few months later, In the depths of winter; his debt was cleared and the roof over his head (no matter how shoddy it was) was gone.

After a few short days on the freezing streets, Dreamricti made his way toward the orphanage. Knocking upon the front door of the overcrowded orphange (Much before the princess campaigned for the new building) he was met with the cruel gaze of the Elven Head Master. After pleading for a place to stay the Elf met him with nothing but disregard, and slammed the door in his face. Dreamricti turned to head back into town the red moon Yavash, full in all its ruby glory, lighting his way.

It's been said Dreamricti was approached by an old blind beggar on his way back into the city. He never spent a cold night, alone on the streets again...


  • Rumored to have stolen the spectacles he wears right off of a Dragon Priest Mage's Face
  • Rumored to be a gweth stone supplier for a select few moon mages
  • Confirmed to have stolen a Serpent's Heart Ruby from a raffle to benefit the funding of a new orphanage