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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime

I have been playing DragonRealms since it was on AOL, and played through the Web Migration. Back then I was called Onbusy, an Elothean Warrior Mage. I gave that soul away to a friend of mine because I was expecting to never return. Now I have returned and I am not able to contact my friend, but that's to be expected after 15 years, and have started fresh. I have played through as Paladin, Thief, Empath, Trader, Cleric and one instance on The Fallen (all prior to 3.0) but nothing appeals to me quite like the Warrior Mage guild. In the old days, I used to hang out in Theren hunting Thunder Rams and Blood Wolves, and back then it was mainly Rangers out that way due to those creatures being great for skinning, so most of my friends from back then were Rangers. I moved back to crossings and hunted the Black Leucros and Thickett Vipers, and wandered into Rock Guardians a time or two. That was back when I believe Rock Guardians were one of if not the toughest creatures around. After that is when I took my vacation.

When DR went Free To Play, I came back to check it out. My old name was still in use, but I had transferred it to someone else's account, so I had to create a new name. Long story short, when I FIRST started to play ('95ish), I chose a computer generated name which was Onbusi, I chose the Barbarian guild and played for a week or two, then decided I wanted something else, so I rerolled and changed my name to Onbusy, and joined the Warrior Mage guild. So, when I came back, I brought back the original name of Onbusi. I have now converted from F2P to a paid account.

I do like socializing, and tend to be more on the friendly side. I believe that's one of the better parts of DragonRealms. I used to talk to people more than I trained skills, I am working on it to where I talk and train at the same time now. I like hunting partners as well, so if you see me hunting, don't be afraid to ask to join me. Apparently everyone in DR still uses AIM, so I went ahead and started a new AIM account, feel free to message me at OnbusiDR. I hope to build up a list of contacts.

Safe Travels and Happy Hunting