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Aislynn Ranloa
Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You are Maunderer Aislynn Ranloa, Zoluren's Shadow of the Zoluren Navy, a S'Kra Mur.
You have a sculpted diamond-shaped face with a set of frost-dappled faesoul blossoms bedecked with intricate icesteel webs highlighting a bilateral crest of delicate spines joined by icy-blue membranes which follows the shape of your skull, some rounded icesteel-framed spectacles with blue tinted lenses that accents a smattering of wrinkles emphasizing thoughtful slitted icy blue eyes and an elegant snout, icy blue-whorled translucent scales accented by some white opal gems, a webbed icesteel pel'hhsmur with a brilliant sungold spiral covering the length of a ridge of delicate spines upon a resplendent tail and a pair of pale leathery wings with nearly translucent icy-blue membranes accenting the figure.
You are itty-bitty for a S'Kra Mur.
A square-cut glacier emerald is positioned between your eyes, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your scales.
You are archaic.
You have a bioluminescent array of serrated asarenjan horns jutting prominently from your forehead.
You have a tattoo of a pair of wings with iridescent feathers on your back.

You are wearing an icesteel circlet of briar interspersed with tiny frost opals, an icesteel-visored great helm with a pure white thealstone unicorn horn, a diaphanous glacial blue spidersilk cloak webbed in scintillating hoarfrost, a sleek blued moonsilver pivuh with luminous feathered wings, a golden badge molded into a miniature shield with an inlaid ebony dragon, a jagged icesteel pauldron inlaid with spirals of frost opals, an arctic rivertear icesilk gown swathed in ethereal frost-white wildlace, some icesteel-inlaid full plate embellished with unicorn pauldrons, a glacial blue gladiola with frost-tipped petals, an icesteel wedding band depicting a moonsilver dragon piercing sungold clouds, a slender mistglass hip-chain draped in cascading tiers of rivertear and a pair of bluefire velvet high-heeled slippers accented with shimmering rivertears.


In progress.

Alfar Warrior: Albriel

a childlike alfar warrior with an awe-struck expression

Though surely as ageless as the rest of its race, this tiny alfar exudes a childlike wonder at odds with its grim armament. Intricate frostwork whorls coat its armor and skin, giving the creature an ethereal shimmer. A single, spiraling alabaster horn adorns its helm, and a curious signet ring inscribed with a strange crest is set with an iridescent stone upon its tiny fingers. A gossamer cape of pale grey wafts behind it, occasionally billowing wide to display a pair of stark, staring eyes.

Treasured Items

  • a pair of pale leathery wings with nearly translucent icy blue membranes

Look: The gracefully sweeping pair of hoarfrost-hued icy-veined leather wings have nearly translucent icy blue membranes cascading from a place corresponding with the wearer's shoulder blades, leaving their clawed tips to dangle at nearly floor length. The craftsmanship is exquisitely life-like, from the icesteel of the claws, to the cleverly disguised, tiny threads that hold the very thin, membranous folds of leather between delicately jointed spines.

  • a bioluminescent array of serrated asarenjan horns

Look: Crowning the brow in a gradated double-row of diminutive luminous horns, each glacial blue serac of asarenjan appears to erupt from the flesh, protruding in a jagged and pitted spire that curves slightly with the shape of the skull. The ghostly sapphire phosphorescence captured in the heart of the translucent crystals scintillates with swirls and whorls, desultory and ephemeral.

  • some glacial blue sapphire icesilk bagpipes with alerce-ornamented icesteel pipes

Look: Delicate filigree twines about the intricate icesteel chanter of the pipes at the crest of the instrument. The rearing busts of four alerce unicorns adorn the array atop the bag, the pristine white wood giving way to glistening icesteel horns that form the frost opal-capped drones. Glittering with icy sapphire and silvery-white threads, the bag's hues complement its draping anlora-avtoma chains, which create a delicate shimmer of noise when they move.

  • a translucent fish-shaped waffle pan with an ornate frostflare opal handle

Translucent and forged with an eye towards artistry, the substantial ridged plates of icesteel that serve as the functional part of this tool allows the chef to see the doneness of the food cooking within. A beautifully glittering frostflare opal gladiolus crowns the end of the cooking utensil.
Creates: a waffled fish-shaped pastry with a delicate honey glaze
Look: Faint hints of a smoked eel and tsann peek out through the thinner latticed portions of the waffle.
Taste: The crispy pastry gives way to delicious smoky bits of eel and briny yet sweet tiny spheres of tsann, all drawn into a harmonious blend of flavors with a silky fig sauce to bind them together.

  • a set of frost-dappled faesoul blossoms bedecked with intricate icesteel webs

Look: Held together by frost-laden icesteel webs, each of the preserved flowers bears a ring of pale, slightly downward sloping petals that support a delicate fringe of blue and white filaments encircling the blossom's light green heart. Translucent strands of metal also link the blooms to slender icy-blue arachnids that allow this jewelry to gently clasp a S'Kra Mur's head crest without causing damage.

  • an arctic rivertear icesilk gown swathed in ethereal frost-white wildlace

Look: Suspended from a webbed filigree icesteel neckpiece is a cascading arctic gown made of glacial blue rivertear icesilk and frost-limned wildlace. The simple, austere vee of scintillating silk displays a remarkable chatoyant rippling of frozen aquatic hues beneath an airy wrap of nearly translucent ice-white wildlace. A luminous asarenjan spider perches high on the fragile collar, completing the illusion of frost-strewn webs over a winter stream.

  • a webbed icesteel pel'hhsmur with a brilliant sungold spiral

Look: An intricate web of translucent icesteel drapes across the expansive tail covering which bears chips of glowing thealstone depicting multitudinous constellations. A single vibrant thread of sungold spirals in a warm sinuous ribbon of red, blue, and purple, drawing the eye along a labyrinthine path to an iridescent blue-grey arachnid at the center. The mirrored body of the spider is carved of seamless stura atulave, each limb seemingly testing the surrounding metal threads for the slightest vibration.

  • a low-slung icesilk belt threaded with icesteel discs

Look: Tiny flattened rings of frost-blue translucent metal are interspersed with hammered discs to form this low-riding belt. A slender twist of icesilk weaves through the metal, the glittering icy blue sapphire and silvery-white threads complimenting the striking icesteel. Braided loops of the glistening fabric provide convenient ties for a variety of items.

  • a whimsical pivuh earcuff crafted from icesteel

Look: The glistening metal is expertly wrought into the form of a napping pivuh. The creature's sinuous body is crafted to drape belly-up over the upper ear as if in blissful slumber, while its lolling head is set to dangle over the ear canal. One wing is positioned to tuck against the wearer's skull and the other to drape limply over the rest of the ear, displaying an intricate tracery of tiny silver veins worked into the icesteel.

  • an ice-veined leather backpack paneled in uzil and clasped in luminous asarenjan

Look: Voluminous and cleverly compactable with the use of several long straps, the supple ice-veined leather of this utilitarian container bears notes of richer blue, enhancing a glacial effect that almost seems chill to the touch. Icy-blue uzil ribbons across the leather's surface and the gentle luminous light of a single sphere of asarenjan glisten on tiny crystalline droplets strewn throughout the pale fabric like winter moonlight on snow.

  • a diaphanous glacial blue spidersilk cloak webbed in scintillating hoarfrost

Look: The fabric of the cloak is marred by silvery spiderweb tracings and a few empty insect husks.

  • a whimsical cambrinth pivuh hatchling wrapped in thick ice-veined leather

Look: This giant spheroid of cambrinth is marred by multiple cracks. A reptilian head erupts from one end, while a winged tip breaks through another. The tight wrapping of cerulean ice-veined leather allows an easier grip on the massive globe to help maintain a grip during pitched battle. The barest hint of a blue-white shimmer appears across the surface of the leather.

  • a unicorn-decorated silverwillow sign that reads "EMPATH ON DUTY ~ ASK AISLYNN"

Look: Carved onto the pale silverwillow wood is the image of a unicorn kneeling next to a noble-looking S'Kra Mur woman. The sign itself is designed to stand alone, the clever shape allows the sign stability on any surface without too much added weight.
A silverwillow sign reads:
"EMPATH ON DUTY ~ ASK AISLYNN -- Tips appreciated, never required."

  • some plush cat-shaped slippers dusted in icy-sapphire glitter

Look: Crafted from a lavish blend of sumptuously soft materials, these lush slippers resemble a pair of slumbering felines. Glacier-hued sapphire icesilk, patterned in an array of frosty blue velvet snowflakes, lines the interior. An extremely fine glitter made from crushed sapphires sprinkles the exterior, giving the snowy cats an artful pattern of spirals, stripes, and spots. Flexible, plumed tails striped with opalescent glitter serve as the footwear's snug ankle straps.

  • an overstuffed frost opal icesilk recliner with clawed icesteel pivuh feet

Look: The sumptuous cushions are upholstered in silvery-white and metallic sapphire-hued threads, perfectly complementing the tiny ice-blue and green bursts within the lustrous myriad tiny glacier emerald buttons embedded in the fabric's surface. A plump pillow of pure white snowbeast fur crowns the headrest, while the entire chair is supported by four clawed pivuh feet sculpted from frost-blue translucent metal.

  • an ornate anlora-avtoma stove guarded by an icesteel pivuh chimney

Look: The creature, both chimney and artistic element, seems to gaze greedily towards the ornate cooking surface that it cradles atop its expansive belly. Four burners flank a central grooved icesteel griddle upon the flat stove, while a filigree grate set in the pivuh's rotund middle allows glimpses of a matching metal interior. The crystalline feathered wings mantled behind the scaly beast pull open to reveal a small pantry cabinet lined in pristine pure white spiritwood and a well-stocked spice rack.

  • an umbrella-shaped shield of segmented icesteel plates on a clockwork frame

Look: A sturdy pure white spiritwood handle supports a myriad of complicated slides and hinges that sprout a canopy of curved icesteel plates. Each translucent plate overlaps another, providing seamless protection from projectiles and weather alike. A tracery of crushed thealstones is whorled throughout each plate, glowing gently within the metal like the promise of sun through an icy window pane.

  • an icesteel-visored great helm with a pure white thealstone unicorn horn

Look: Smithed from muracite with an elegant icesteel visor, the helm is shaped into the semblance of a unicorn's head. Benevolent eyes of polished frost opal gaze from above the visor of the helm, set below a gently glowing spiraled horn of pure white thealstone. The equine face is set in an expression of perpetual tranquility, wrought in intricate detail upon the visor in nearly translucent metal that lends the piece an ethereal quality.

  • some icesteel-inlaid full plate embellished with unicorn pauldrons

Look: Twin unicorns form the pauldrons of this fanciful armor, equine faces set in expressions of perpetual tranquility wrought in translucent metal. Benevolent eyes of polished frost opal gaze steadily at the world, set below gently glowing spiraled horns of pure white thealstone. Whorled lines of softly glowing, crushed thealstone descend from the manes of each bust across the chest and back of the armor, the glistening network of delicate tracery framing a kneeling anlora-avtoma unicorn.

  • a white glaes rapier with an elaborate hilt enhanced by a silver xibarite

Look: Two graceful unicorn busts form the hilt. Their only similarity are streaks of icesteel, which create glistening highlights through each of their meticulously crafted manes. One of the unicorns is crafted from anlora-avtoma. Its Xibarite eyes gaze towards the blade in fierce determination. The other unicorn is comprised of glaes as black as the night sky, with haze sapphire eyes reflecting an expression of empathy. You see the initials "C. M." impressed into the surface of the metal.