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Linessa Swiftclaw
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime

You see Munan Linessa Swiftclaw, Emerald Knight of Elanthia, a Prydaen.
She has pointed ears and cat-slitted milky blue eyes. Her coarse silvered mane is chin-length and densely matted with stray burrs and twigs clinging to it, and is worn arranged in tight dreadlocks. She has a small faiyka-shaped scar along the inner left wrist marring slate grey fur with glossy silver-tipped hair, a long tapering tail and a sleek yet muscular figure.
She appears to be a wind-catcher.
Her left ear is pierced with a tangled wormwood vine, which loops around the highest point of the ear and twists around down the outer edge.
The vine curls around an absinthe emerald, revealing the misty glimmers that play across the gem's surface, nestling it against the base of her ear.

She is holding a kadepa-inlaid predator's bow crafted from smokewood in her right hand.
She is wearing a braided sinew Prydaen ancestral bone necklace, a hooded scout's cloak of mottled brown oilcloth, a scout's survival pack of mottled brown oilcloth, a kadepa skinning knife with a blighted gold handle, a wide platinum wristcuff with a large Eu's promise crystal set into a leaf-shaped charm, a solid birchwood raaho inset with a faiyka and a carved hhr'lav'geluhh bark tailband bound in twine.