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Powerhaus Cindergrove
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Meanne


A faint jagged black aura surrounds Powerhaus.
You see Court Adjutant Powerhaus Cindergrove, Chaosbringer of the Zoluren Court, a Human.
Powerhaus has red eyes. His black-streaked auburn hair is shoulder length and fine, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. He has freckled skin and an athletic build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He is aged for a Human.
He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his face.
He has a tattoo of an armored warrior with black feathered wings spread wide across the width of his back. A few of the dark feathers have come loose, drifting downward to catch ablaze in a row of bright flames that burns on his lower back.

He is wearing a simple shirt of dark firesilk with loose ebony nightsilk ties, some loose-fitting gusseted pants of dark nightsilk with a long tie belt, a scorched black hooded longcoat embellished at the hems with stylized flames, some curved bone claws jutting from tattered black cloth-wrapped knuckles, a goblin skeleton, a black leather utility belt set with double grommets, a crude basket lined with a bloodstained cloth, a long mesh weapon harness wrapped in a tattered black cloth, a sturdy black traveler's rucksack with crossed malchata ribs attached to the flap, a set of blackened steel claws tipped with flint, a serrated belt knife with a leather wrapped handle, some ragged black footwraps complete with tarnished silver toe guards, and a battered parry stick shaped like a skeletal spine with broken ribs.


Powerhaus was born on the 8th day of the 5th month of Uthmor the Giant (167) in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 327 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

Powerhaus and Meanne DeIredescence re-affirmed their vows before the gods in the 4th month of Shorka the Cobra in the year of the Iron Toad, 361.

Commissioned as a Lieutenant of the Zoluren Dragoons Infantry in 374 AL. Served as a Lieutenant and Soldier under Commanders Xixist, Elriic, and Cyiarriah until the Zoluren Militia disbanded in 392.

Bestowed Legendary status by the Warrior Mage Guild on the 14th day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram (13) in the year of the Iron Toad, 396.



Items crafted by Powerhaus are impressed with the initials "P.C.", and are generally available in the cabinet of the Best Shop Ever.
Blacksmithing is one of his chosen Hobbies.
Currently deals in a variety of discounted goods: blacksmithed tools, carved stone tools, rare metal ingots; as well as some forged weapons and armor, and tailored containers and armor.
Tool repair, tool and weapon tempering, metal smelting and refining, tailored armor sealing, as well as custom orders and other products on request when available.

Chronicled Adventures

  • Briefly studied to become a Paladin under Beren before studying under Gauthus to become a Warrior Mage.
  • Placed Second behind Mokikikado at the Jeraya Lanival Festival Swim Race.
  • Saved from walking the Starry Road by an Immortal.
  • Has a brief marriage to another Warrior Mage.
  • Briefly battled the Outriders in the Gorbesh War.
  • Marries Meanne.
  • Fought to the top of the Greater Fist to avenge the destruction of the Warrior Mage Guilds by the hands of Mibgluc.
  • Plagued by a gremlin for years.
  • Briefly granted the ability of resurrecting the fallen.
  • Sent reports back to the mainland during early exploration of the Qi Archipelago, and one of the first explorers from the mainland to set foot on Tethloren Island.
  • Renews vows with Meanne.
  • Battled the Outcasts during the Outcast War.
  • Saved Wolf Clan villagers from slavery by ogres .
  • Helped destroy an obsidian monolith built by Srithin outside the Crossing Temple.
  • Sacrificed to the World Dragon on the altar in the Dragon Priests' camp.
  • Joined other adventurers during the recent Dragon Priest War in the assault on the Black Spire.
  • Landed the final blow to Twando, snapping his neck and sending him to walk the Starry Road.
  • Destroyed a seemingly indestructible Greater Asketian Avatar using fire and bottles of naphtha.
  • Traveled the land seeking bones as a task for Savage Artistan Satfiki.
  • While boasting at the Cleric's Guild in Forfedhdar about defeating Asketi's Avatar, a slender ribbon adder had slithered into his coat. After destroying it, he traveled to the Temple of the North Wind to defile the altar there in retaliation.
  • Returned the constellations to the sky using stellar fragments and totems with other attendees at the Hollow's Eve Festival for the Gods.
  • Unsuccessfully hunted a loose spider aboard the Giant Mechanical Spider at the Hollow's Eve Festival for the Gods.
  • Assisted Banii in repairing the Weer Telescope in the Crossing Moon Mage Guild, presumably making the most powerful telescope in the world.
  • Helped discover the history behind the black mold outbreak in the Hunting Preserve by Crossing, leading to negotiations of the relocation of the Rusty Talon Goblin Clan.
  • Joined other adventurers defending Corik's Wall during Tomma's Ilithi Investigation of the disappearance of the Shadoweavers.
  • Ventured into the Hive to kill the Vykathi Queen Izlixtrixh, but was quickly slain and eaten.
  • Assisted in the building of Tromlyn's Tannery and Greyka's Jewelry in Dirge as a Construction Worker.
  • Head taken as a trophy while driving Zurato and his Sewer Rat Gang from Crossing.
  • Slew the Necromancer Iszanua with fiery naphtha while battling Adan'f, Xerasyth, and other Necromancers in the Whistling Woods.
  • Marked with a serpentine sigil beacon for defiling Asketi's altar. Was continously swarmed by a new creature, the Sinuous Ice Adder. After defeating the last one, the sigil was removed. Mocking and goading Asketi for more he then traveled back to altar at the Temple of the North Wind to defile it again.
  • Rescued attendees at the Magma Falls Festival from a giant magma viper, as the ceiling collapsed and lava flooded the site.
  • Suffered a heart attack while rewitnessing the destruction of Crossing Temple at the hands of the Gorbesh.
  • Started the trading of skeleton parts.
  • Battled Hobglup and his doll army at the Greater Fist preventing him from claiming it as his own.
  • Floored a greeter at the Hollow's Eve Festival of the Ages over a crooked game of Rissan Roulette.
  • Aquitted of all accusations of a masscre outside the Crossing Warrior Mage Guild.
  • Wrestled a twister.
  • Battled the Lich Lyras's army from the onset of their march.
  • Befriended Zamidren Book.
  • Had a fiery battle with Arisen Tachid that ended with several communities along the Northern Trade Route being set ablaze.
  • Assisted Zamidren and Khurek in their investigation of necromantic symbols.
  • Went with Inquistitors Khurek and Sinstra to destroy the Necromancer lair in Gibbet Hill.
  • Soul cleansed by Aldauth in the Red Buzzard Dungeon.
  • Held back Arisen Sahfra while the Temple performed their ritual to destroy Lyras.
  • Along with Cyiarriah, brought Nieal to join the Bard Guild in order to master his talent.
  • Helped build the Crossing Market Plaza, working as a construction worker.
  • Begins selling various wares at the "Best Shop Ever" in the Crossing Market Plaza, as well as helping promote Indaara's shop.
  • Served a very brief stint as Laytle Immokokkon's man-servant.
  • Drove Vorasus's corrupt Inquisition members from Shard's streets.
  • Burned down the Wyvern Fort and battled Vorasus and his followers, assisting the Inquisition in their capture.
  • Excavated the old Boar Clan Togball Field with Terald.
  • Battled Now-Dead Naarg, until he was defeated and replaced as Ogre Chieftain by No-Legs Naarg.
  • Added into grimoire list of highest ranked Warrior Mages.
  • Started teaching and feeding the Chrysalis.
  • Soul torn out by a lion while exploring Emille's tomb.
  • Explored the Plane of Shadows.
  • Slew Morlaena and sent her to the Starry Road, ending her curse, and destroying the Plane of Shadows as prophesied.
  • People see what they believe to be Lirisa's ghost seen watching over his ghost.
  • Escorted Rawalf to Therenborough in order to deliver Madigan's stolen Haramorlam horse.
  • Failed at becoming a goat at Plixbraggle's Goat-Werx.
  • Hired to rescue a lost boy from Dunshade Manor.
  • Met the Dragon Ael'tharaxus during his meeting with Ferdahl Aemmin.
  • Discovered the hidden entrance to Viggu's lair.
  • Begins to work on opening the mysterious locked door in Viggu's lair.
  • Assisted a Gor'Tog guard in burning down the tent containing Uwresari's Exotic Blunders at Guildfest 401.
  • Fought off Captain Yhur and his pirates from the Crossing to Riverhaven.
  • His continued research into the Dwarven Book of Power, causes the entire area and all access to the book to be sealed off completely to everyone.
  • Helped complete construction of the new Estate Holders Headquarters in Crossing.
  • Achieved renowned status as a Carver in the Engineering Society. Receives a Maker's Mark Stamp.
  • Hired to retrieve Kanton's legendary dagger.
  • Piloted a giant mechanical flying dragon while helping two Gnomes recover their inheritance.
  • Recovered the first spangleflange while recovering and building gear parts to repair the Giant Mechanical Spider for Captain Kurmin.
  • Hired Binder Jurgis to ForgeBind some of his armor, nearly killing Jurgis in the process.
  • Enters and begins to compete in the Wyvern Trials.
  • Part of the recovery party to rescue the lost merchants stranded on Fang Cove.
  • The Grey Raven Prison hires him to assist in several outbreaks of riots.
  • Investigated numerous mutilated bodies that had been dug up or hung around Zoluren by Sejaro and other necromancers. Helped light the fires to burn the bodies during the cleansing rituals afterward.
  • Completed construction of Fate's Fortune Road in the continued expansion of Fang Cove.
  • Began to battle a small group of Elpalzi insurgents.
  • Tracked Tralef for Garnaal to recover his stolen supply of moonsilver.
  • Investigated Akigwe's Tower, clearing it of dangers, and evicting a trespasser.
  • Hired to deal with the threat of a cursed Ghost Ship.
  • The Order of the Apostles hangs his map of Therengia for display in their Council Chambers.
  • Turns 78, aged for a Human, and decided to claim Guildfest 405 as a celebration of his birthday.
  • Compete's in Droughtman's Maze.
  • Successfully follows several marked maps hunting for treasure accross Elanthia.
  • Escorted Arkisyela from Ain Ghazal to Shard for Guard Captain Cierzen.
  • Took up Blacksmithing as a hobby.
  • Negotiated to open the Crossing Warrior Mage Guild shop to all members.
  • Began battling the Xala'shar hordes around Crossing.
  • Temporary acting interim Mayor of Crossing, as chosen by a random person on the gweth.
  • Searched around Crossing for cursed jade figurines hidden by the Xala'shar.
  • Pushed to have important notices placed at the entrance of the Market Plazas, to ease shopping.
  • Joined Halfrida in investigating the bombing of the Empath guilds by Yvei.
  • Began researching Vela'thor plants in an efforate to help the Empaths schism.
  • Helped sustain the spiders that escort adventurers to the Giant Mechanical Spider.
  • Harvested souls from Asketi's minions into his spirit medallions.
  • Returned to the Grey Raven Prison to fight off an outbreak of zombies.
  • Began searching for the missing Scribe Iazen.
  • Offeneded a Theren Lord while offering a suggestion for the Baron's new wife.
  • Exploded by cats, kittens, and rabbits modified by an Elpalzi specialist.
  • Rewarded a custom medal sash to display his Wyvern Trial medals.
  • Sought the Hand of Meraud that was stolen from the Moon Mages.
  • Does a forgotten something.
  • Vaporized during the White Event when the Icosahedron exploded in front of him.
  • Drove off the Red Hatchet gang from Crossing.
  • Helped recover and returned the Togball Grand Champion trophy stolen long ago to zombie Togballers in Tiger Clan.
  • Helps Chieftain Ulstaan battle Elpalzi insurgents when they tried to burn the Stone Clan.
  • Given the promotion of Adjutant to the Zoluren Court, serving Court Advisor Cyiarriah.
  • During Huldah's Day he battled lavender wolves, got a squid to the face, and 'Won' a 30-day lockout...
  • Targetted for numerous assassinations by Elpalzi Assassins Tengh and Zhnai.
  • Investigated the forgotten Saint Ilysia, patron saint of Clerics and gardens, for Ayoe.
  • Given a Court insignia and officially titled Court Adjutant of the Zoluren Court.
  • Helped construct Ocan's_Bait_and_Tackle hut on Fang Cove.
  • Planned and hosted the Zoluren Snow Ball and Skating Party for the Zoluren Court.
  • Joined others in renovating the cellar of the Shanty on Fang Cove.
  • Reeled in a 163 stone monkfish during the Tavern Troupe's Fishing trip, to win first prize for largest catch.

Custom Gear

  • a vivid ebon-framed portrait of a lone Human mage battling against roiling shadows

With one hand raised above his head and casting as if in mid-spell, the dark-eyed Human mage stands in a battle pose, his scorched longcoat flaring out behind him as he begins to draw a greatsword from its sheath. His auburn hair flies wildly in the unseen wind and the first trace of a circle of magical fire surrounds him as a slight smirk crosses his face. Several yellow-eyed creatures flee from the flickering flames surrounding the mage, several of them looking to be not-quite human.
A vivid ebon-framed portrait reads:
"Powerhaus Cindergrove -- Saving the World, Yet Again"

  • a long-fanged snow leopard

The impressive length of the huge fangs that protrude from its powerful maw compliment the massive, hulking frame of the leopard. Thick, shaggy white fur hangs nearly to the ground, covered in faded grey spots all the way down to its elongated tail.
You find the creature to be a magnificent specimen. There is a soft aura about it and you notice the eyes stare back with a nature which hints at intelligence. Your experience as a Warrior Mage tells you this is a familiar.

  • a dapper black fedora with a grey silk band

Thin strips of bone run vertically along the entire length of the fine grey silk. The brim of the hat itself curves downward slightly to help shade the eyes.

  • a scorched black hooded longcoat embellished at the hems with stylized flames

The heavy leather of the coat bears the characteristic marks of mana burns, almost certainly the product of excess spellcasting. The image of red and orange flames rise upwards from the sleeves and hem, enveloping them and reaching upwards to curl around the waist and shoulders. Whorls of grey cover the back and chest of the coat, resembling dark smoke.

  • a darkened prism

The prism has gone dark and shows no sign of energy.
-Elemental Ritual Focus Device

  • an immense tyrium-bladed greatsword supplemented with a strange clockwork contraption

For some unknown reason, a sizable piece of machinery with extended levers is secured around the hilt of the massive sword, just below the intials "C.M.". Several pipes extend from one side of the gizmo to another, while others just end erratically behind the blade. An assortment of odd-looking gauges attach along the pipes, but they reveal very little about the contraption's possible function.

  • a bewildering longbow enhanced by clockwork ingenuity

Miscellaneous clockwork gadgets, whirligigs, levers, glarmencouplers and more are attached at every conceivable point to the bow, though what this series of widgetry is designed to accomplish is utterly unclear. Over a dozen rangefinder scopes with adjustable knobs sprout from the upper limb of the bow while a particular large steel coil wraps around the lower limb. Jutting from the side of the handle is a particularly large red button painted with bold white letters.
A bewildering longbow reads:

  • a grotesque targe of onyx-hide stretched taut across a visible spine

Supported by rough sinew stitching, this shield has been distorted into a mockery of organic form. Boney protrusions jut outward, distending the leather as if to burst forth from beneath it, this tortured design sustainable only by the exquisite sturdiness of the hide itself.

  • a blackened balaclava with a grim red visage

Crafted using a complex six-in-one pattern of colored links, several dark slashes cross the red face and serve to enhance its already sour-looking disposition.

  • some blackened chain gloves with red marked palms

A havri'negh symbol has been carefully painted onto each palm. The symbol, a many-rayed star centered in a series of spheres bound in a serrated circle, represents the various elements.

  • some crude jawbone handwraps

Bound with tattered black cloth designed to fit over the wearer's knuckles, the handwraps' jagged teeth are positioned to best inflict damage.

  • a charred leather pouch tied with dried and tangled intestines

The hardened leather has cracked, split and begun to peel away in several places. A twisted knot of catgut is fastened into a cord that droops down. Lined with a fine feyweave, the interior of the pouch is still pristine and keeps the pouch from falling apart. At the bottom of the pouch, an embroidered dagger shimmers faintly as if pulsing with its own life.

  • a soot-black firestarter's pack covered in naphtha stains

Scorch marks blanket the battered leather where large overlapping splotches from wayward naphtha has soaked in. Several ties under the flap help ensure the contents remain as dry and potentially flammable as possible, when not in use.

  • a wide black nightsilk headband decorated with offset concentric circles of bold firesilk

Slightly jilted from the center to start just over the wearer's right eye, the thick circular bands of firesilk form a pattern similar to a wavering ripple of flame. Red threads used in the warp of the fabric create the image of shimmering rings of flame, radiating outward in an ever-growing wave.

  • a set of blackened steel claws tipped with flint

Embedded into the ridge of each claw, a strip of flint narrows seamlessly into a point at the tip.

  • a simple shirt of dark firesilk with loose ebony nightsilk ties

Red threads used in the warp of the fabric create the illusion of shimmering tendrils of flame when touched by light. The silky ties combined with the casual, relaxed cut give this shirt a light and airy feel. With every movement, the firesilk appears to undulate, its carmine highlights rippling across the folds like rivulets of fresh blood.

  • some loose-fitting gusseted pants of dark nightsilk with a long tie belt

Both of the garment's legs are slightly extended, cut to end in a slightly frayed cuff just below the wearer's heel. A wide belt of black nightsilk is wrapped around the waist and tied off in a simple knot, allowing the ends to hang mid-thigh. Perfect for casual or dressy wear, the pants also allow for the freedom of movement that would be well suited in combat.

  • a charred naphtha holder with dozens of grungy bone slots set along the sides

A multitude of hollowed naphtha-stained animal bones line a cracked black leather belt, allowing quick access to the contents and preventing most accidental spillage and self-immolation.

  • a battered parry stick shaped like a skeletal spine with broken ribs

Claw and teeth marks mar the surface from one end to the other, as if it's been used many times to fend off wild animals.

  • a rough sigilated ring crafted from lava rock

Multiple arcane sigils cover the band of the ring, creating an exquisitely intricate pattern on its surface.

  • a ramshackle rib bone scabbard with a crooked wolf skull

A series of disjointed ribs connect to a crooked spine with spacing just wide enough to allow a single weapon to slide into the makeshift sheath. Contorted at the neck, a wolf skull is tilted with the maw in the perfect position to clench a weapon's hilt securely.

  • a large khor'vela throne covered in carved skulls

The expertly carved skulls cover the chair, pieces of undigested bone that are naturally incorporated into the wood of the carnivorous khor'vela tree contrast the shadowy stain applied to it. The armrests end in two larger rather realistic craniums. Several steps have been carved into a raised platform shaped into a pile of bones.

  • a dragonwood weapon rack carved into a large vortex of flame

Smoothly carved flames curve upward leaving spaces between the uneven fiery tips that allow for the placement of a variety of weapons. Hidden within the conflagration, an arrogant mage gazes out from the center of the inferno as if in challenge.

  • a dented tackle box covered with murky images of sea monsters

A metal clasp, shaped like a fisherman in a small boat, floats on a wave pattern painted around the box. Lurking below him is an unseen swarm of giant, nightmarish sea creatures. Several dark tentacles reach out from the hinges and wrap the handle, one ending just above the man. There is a large dent near one corner with what appears to be dried blood around it, possibly from making sure that big one didn't get away.

  • a hideous blackened serpent earcuff

Soot-black metal has been hammered into the twisted shape of a deformed adder. Roughly wrought sections resembling ribs jut out at disjointed angles where the earcuff would pierce the ear, ending in a misshapen serpent head with broken fangs placed just inside the ear canal.

  • an articulated skeletal serpent earcuff

Each connected rib section is designed to pierce the outer ear, ending with the skull placed just over the lobe.

  • some ragged black footwraps complete with tarnished silver toe guards

Although heavily worn and ragged, these fraying footwraps are sturdily reinforced with wide segments of bone to protect the shin and ankle during heavy combat. Rolled cords of blackened silver thread through the toecaps and supple leather stitched to the long black strip of cloth that is used to wrap the foot and keep the armor in place.

  • a blackened tyrium hawkbill with a sinew-wrapped hilt

As if added hastily, a length of sinew cord wraps about the blade, stopping just where its deadly curve begins. A few loose bits of twisted catgut peek out from where it begins to thin.

  • a blackened fist-shaped kertig forging hammer

The head of the hammer has been shaped into a clenched fist, the bottom flattened into a smooth pounding surface. A series of scorch marks travel across the head and reach upward to the handle, darkening it.

  • a kertig coal shovel covered in soot

Coal-black grime stains the wide kertig shovel head. Raised edges on the sides of the head are designed to aid in hauling large amounts of material with minimal loss of material.

  • a long mesh weapon harness wrapped in a tattered black cloth

The long piece of fraying dark fabric is wrapped around the body of the harness, designed to conceal any smaller contents. The pitch-black harness has many different leather straps attached to a mesh body which allows very long objects to be carried conveniently within it.

  • a sharply curved throwing axe with a sweeping haralun blade

Lining the top of the weapon is a sharp row of serrated teeth, positioned just above three holes in a groove punched to give the blade a finer balance. Sharpened along the top and front and pointed at the back, the keenly honed weapon has a large number of surfaces able to pierce an opponent's flesh. Pitch black leather wraps around the handle and is braided in an elaborate pattern, leading up to the small "A" impressed into the surface of the metal.

  • a pair of soot-streaked miner's goggles overlaid with darkened and burned leather

Designed for protection while blasting out mines, a heavy layer of grime mars the goggles. Reinforced leather covers the frame and padded band, designed to fit snug and comfortable against the wearer's face. Along with crude stitching, iron rivets are affixed to the band and encircle the lenses to hold the pieces taut. Jagged scorch marks and streaks of ash radiate outwards from the darkened lenses, the markings not impairing their function as protection from sun, wind, water, or flying debris.

  • a massive dark-bladed greatsword with a twisted gloomwood haft

The blade tapers at both ends, forming a pointed oval. Deeply angled notches span one side of the blade, forming a wickedly serrated edge. Impressed into the metal is the image of a raven hovering over an anvil and holding a hammer and tongs in its claws. The gnarled gloomwood haft twists about artistically -- without hindering the wielder's grip -- and is polished to a deep purple sheen.

  • a sturdy black traveler's rucksack with crossed malchata ribs attached to the flap

Sleek black fur lines the inside of the large container, the edges near the container's lid frayed a bit in a feathery pattern. Continuing up the shoulder straps and forming twin shoulder pads, the dark fur makes for soft padding around the dark material. Framing the stiff leather lid, the two bones are skillfully arranged into an X pattern, both of them slightly curved but keeping the pattern clear.

  • some curved bone claws jutting from tattered black cloth-wrapped knuckles

Three malchata ribs have been carved into wickedly sharp talons with serrated edges, designed to hook just over the wearer's fingers. Catgut stirrups attached to the claws wrap across the palm and wrist when worn, securing them tightly for use in the most rigorous of combat situations. A ragged black cloth long enough to cover the hand and forearm is wrapped around the claws to align and veil them.

  • a crude basket lined with a bloodstained cloth

Numerous deep gashes mar the thick metal rim and dried blood and other foul stains have seeped through the lining to discolor the basket. Secured to it is a worn shoulder strap, tooled with an executioner discarding severed heads.

  • a serrated belt knife with a leather wrapped handle

Pale bone peaks out from the concealment of the crude wrappings.

  • a subdued black wrist sheath covered in whorls of dark smoke

Varying shades of black create billowing whorls of smoke that cover the sheath. Partially obscured on the back is a burning figure, illuminated by dancing flames and haloed by cinder flecks that disperse into the surrounding darkness.

  • a heavily battered and burned Adan'f skull bound in catgut

Scorched and dented, the skull bears one empty eyesocket and a shattered hole where the other should be, as if it had been exploded from the inside. A cord of tightly wound catgut winds around the skull, keeping the jaw firmly in place while still allowing it to open and close. The excess intestine has been carefully braided to form a handy carrying strap.

  • a fur-edged spellbook case crafted to form the snarling visage of a monster

A myriad of eyes of all shapes and sizes cover the surface of the case, ranging from a beady red color to reptilian to resembling those of a huge insect. Appendages resembling octopus tentacles dangle from the bottom, each one a slightly different shade of green. Several rows of sharp teeth surround the opening, protecting the contents inside, while faint stitching betrays the craftsmanship taken to create this abomination.

  • a scratched mail hauberk patched with mismatched links

Comprised of copper, bronze, iron, steel, and inexplicably a few gold links, the piecemeal armor is thoroughly discolored by tarnish, rust and dried blood. Scorch marks, predating many of the repairs, form a misshapen pattern across the armor.

  • a blackened chain balaclava painted with a crude red visage

A solitary streaked handprint gives shape to the abstract features. Thick cloth padding lines the links, providing some comfort during prolonged wear.

  • a pair of black-steel wolf fangs

Pieces of polished black metal have been crafted to appear like lupine teeth and are molded to fit naturally over a person's canines.

  • a blackened bone oath toe-ring

Inlaid in the middle of the hardened band, a sculpted piece of obsidian adds a glossy contrast. A tiny ring of flames wends through the stone, etched in minute detail.
A bone oath toe-ring reads:
"I burn for you."

  • a flame-scorched bone wristcuff with protruding spikes of twisted ash-grey cambrinth

Six warped cambrinth spikes are tipped in darkened silver and tortuously etched with tiny symbols in a swirling pattern, a different elemental representation for each red-mottled piece. Charred catgut binds the darkened bone of the macabre adornment to the wearer's wrist.

  • a dirty Mage's supply bag sewn with lava samite falls

Red and yellow metallic threads create the illusion of streams of burning lava pouring out from the opening and flowing down around sections of grimy igneous-colored cloth. The interior is softly padded to keep a variety of delicate magic accoutrements safely stored and prevent them from being damaged by the jostling of everyday travel.

  • a badly burned flamewood wand

The twisting stick of misshapen wood is charred a soot-black except for several bands of natural wood along the grip.

  • a blackened iron ring bearing the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild

Inscribed on the inside of the ring is a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords, the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild.

  • a charred fire mage hand-puppet with missing eyebrows

-You make a pinching motion inside the hand puppet and raise it slightly. The fire mage raises its arms as it begins to chant a magic spell while its face contorts with the effort to begin a powerful attack. Suddenly a blue koala darts from beneath the singed robes and begins to claw at the mage's face!
-You make a subtle poking motion inside the hand-puppet. Laughing maniacally, the fire mage sticks its hand in its mouth and appears to bite its thumb off. Staring blankly for a moment, it untucks its thumb from its hand slowly.

  • some flowing dark mage robes stitched with odd green symbols

The oddly shaped symbols cover the midnight-hued folds of nightsilk. Highlights stitched in jade make the shapes seem to glimmer.

  • an empty whiskey jug painted with a drunkard seated upon a bold slogan

Three large black Xs form the background for a rather surly fellow seated haphazardly upon a large slogan proudly proclaiming, "DRINK MORE WHISKEY!" The lush appears to be toasting the heavens with his large jug -- or perhaps begging for a refill.

  • a keg made from an intricately carved mammoth tusk

Detailed carvings of a battlefield cover the entire surface of the curved tusk. A warrior in various poses fighting his way through tangles of various monsters in some epic battle is the apparent theme. The piece seems to be sequential, flowing from one end and back, battling through one horde into the next, culminating at the begining in an endless loop.

  • a leather-bound journal with the image of a mage shadowed by a wolf

A leather cover binds assorted clippings, pages torn from books, and odd pieces of vellum scrolls. On the cover there is an image of a cloaked mage holding a crooked black staff topped with a fire elemental. A wolf stalks behind the mage, its eyes alert to any danger.

  • a brass orlog engraved with the name "Powerhaus"

The brass orlog, now closed, is a fine mechanism about the shape and size of a large apple, with a hinged metal cover that protects the works inside. On its burnished front cover is an intricate pattern of twined ivy and holly leaves. Underneath it, engraved in a flowing script, you read:

  • an engraved platinum cigarillo case with an intricate snap clasp

The lustrous metal of the container is delicately engraved with a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords. The canine's eyes are formed of large shimmering fire opals, the orange-red gems giving the wolf a ferocious aspect. An intricately shaped raven with wide-spread wings forms the closing mechanism on one side.
A platinum cigarillo case reads:
~ RC ~

  • a ragged moneybelt with several large holes

The interior of the pockets in this moneybelt are lined with a soft suede, to silence any contents and prevent coins from falling through the frayed exterior.

  • a dark purple sack streaked with stars amidst faltering figures

Images of the Thirteen tumble downward from the opening along the surface, positioned as if falling blindly from the heavens.
A deep purple sack reads:
"Powerhaus Cindergrove"

  • a small carved ivory box with a glittery scrimshaw lid

A coiling dragon is carved in exquisite detail in the ivory of the top, with narrow spaces in between forming ventilation for the container. Black glitter coats the dragon, causing it to shimmer.

  • a form-fitting halter-neck gown of vibrant fiery red and yellow silk

The finely tailored garment flows downward from the collar as if to sheath the body in a second skin of fire, leaving only the back exposed through flame-shaped cutouts.

  • a fringed leather waterskin clasped with a yellowed toe-bone and hung with three raven feathers

The scuffed and worn waterskin has developed small holes over years of hard use, and the image of a cloaked archer stitched to the beltloop is sun-faded.
A fringed leather waterskin reads:
Wrought by the hands of Jhiskar and Ghisa Rae'Sithi

  • some dark chain armor with a charred image of a raven across the chest

Hanging from the back is a tattered sign made of hairless bearskin.
It reads, "Greetings, I am Mute."

  • a white yarn ring
  • a battered charred broadsword

Engraved near the hilt is a stylized "A" surrounded by a ring of ivy.