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Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

A zealous Drogorian Priestess and an Inquisitor of the High Temple.
Chosen by Drogor himself to serve as his voice during the great manifestation of his wrath in the year 414.
She travels near and far, preaching the word of her lord, tending to his shrines, and carrying out his bloody judgment with ravenous glee.
While Whiteburn ultimately submits to Temple Authority and treats the Cleric Council with a great deal of respect, her true allegiance is with her god. As such, she holds little value in the lives of individual mortals, even those whom she might otherwise consider allies, and would not hesitate to cut down innocents in the line of duty.


Whiteburn detests Necromancy and considers even ambivalence toward the craft as unpardonable.
As High Quaestor of the Inquisition, she works tirelessly toward the extinction of Necromancy by investigating and pursuing suspected Necromancers, hunting and destroying their undead thralls, and preaching the appropriate Temple Doctrine to those who might otherwise be lead astray.
Whiteburn possesses a trident, blessed by Drogor, named Tyslata Isthu'rath'a.


You see Inquisitor Whiteburn Izzu'hhrki, Chosen of Drogor, a S'Kra Mur.
She has an elongated face with a vicious scar riven through the scales from brow to chin, wild slitted eyes, one livid marine-blue and one filmed over by a milky-white cataract and an elegant snout, ghostly-white scales, a tel'athi chainmail tail guard studded with chunks of Heke'mhhg lazuli covering the length of a powerful oarlike tail and a lean figure.
She is tall for a S'Kra Mur.
She appears to be young.
Her right palm has a tattoo of a triskelion formed by a blacktip brine shark, a goblin brine shark and a blue brine shark positioned tail-to-tail.

She is wearing a caliginous greatcloak bristling with haemic spines, a stormy cobalt Drogorian ceremonial trident, a midnight-purple silk kimono coupled with a somber black under-robe, some light plated claw guards set with obsidian claws, some carved glitvire prayer beads on a darkened steel chain and some black sandals.

Holy Rites and Practices


Whiteburn does not perform resurrections readily or often. In return for their lives, she requires that the newly-raised sacrifice a portion of their souls to Drogor. The corpses of those spirits that refuse are often left where they fell until time, the elements, scavengers, or more benevolent priests claim them.


Whiteburn considers the act of ritual sacrifice as the purest and most sincere offering that a mortal can provide. She speaks of it as a scouring of the soul second only to the Red Spiral, and an essential act of spiritual cleansing for one who wishes to serve as a vessel of the Dark. Whiteburn encourages any and all acolytes wishing to pledge themselves to Drogor to consider this most hallowed rite and readily offers her assistance in performing it.

Prayers Unto the Dark

For those individuals who do not wish to personally serve Drogor, but would like to offer prayers or have their pleas heard, Whiteburn will assist in whatever manner she is able. She is also willing to perform exorcisms, divorces, consecrations of the land, and other spiritual services presided over by the dark immortals.

Recent Happenings

The Poisoned Web and the Rite of Consecration

In the year 425, in response to the corruption threatening the Divine Web of Harawep, Whiteburn gathered a congregation at the then-stable rift near Rossman's Landing to cleanse the land of its harmful influence. Although assailed by undead forces from Necromancers attempting to stop the proceedings, the Immortals took heed of the prayers of the faithful and the rift was rent asunder.
Full documentation of the event can be found here: The First Land Herald: MOTHER WHITEBURN'S RITUAL CLOSES THE STABLE RIFT

Whiteburn has since reported the success of her ritual back to High Priestess Tallis of the High Temple. At this point in time, cleansing the Web and scouring all traces of otherworldly incursion is her highest priority. When not hunting down extraplanar beings, she can often be found in meditation and prayer within Shard's Temple of Darkness.