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Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Whiteburn New.png

A zealous Drogorian Priestess and an Inquisitor of the High Temple.
Chosen by Drogor himself to serve as his voice during the great manifestation of his wrath in the year 414.

In her youth, Whiteburn was a dangerous, anarchic radical who reveled in the wanton destruction of Drogor's wrath with wild abandonment. As much a force of nature as Drogor's dread storms, Whiteburn waged war against the lawful and lawless alike, often taking to the streets alongside Drogorian monsters to 'teach the lesson' in bloody swathes. Years of serving the High Temple have brought Whiteburn to heel, and focused her savagery toward more acceptable targets. She has come upon the understanding that power without influence is meaningless, and has thus taken on the roles of spiritual leader and ally of justice to rally meritorious citizens to her cause. As bloodthirsty and single-minded as a brine shark, Whiteburn is arguably more dangerous than ever before, as she rains holy fire upon the dissolute masses for the Greater Good of Elanthia.

Whiteburn shares amicable relations with the members of the Anduwen Watch, and often assists them in their own endeavors. She is a citizen of Therengia, and although not a member of his personal guard, is nevertheless a staunch supporter of Baron Gyfford Theren and greatly respects his unshakeable intolerance toward Necromancy.

Whiteburn detests Necromancy and considers even ambivalence toward the craft as unpardonable. The only exceptions are the Redeemed, so long as they remain in the grace of the Thirteen. She holds both Philosophers and the Perverse in equal degrees of contempt.

Whiteburn possesses a trident, blessed by Drogor, named Tyslata Isthu'rath'a.


You see Inquisitor Whiteburn Izzu'hhrki, Chosen of Drogor, a S'Kra Mur.
She has an elongated face with a vicious scar riven through the scales from brow to chin, wild slitted eyes, one livid marine-blue and one filmed over by a milky-white cataract and an elegant snout, ghostly-white scales, a fin-crested tail guard of glistening diacan plates covering the length of a powerful oarlike tail and a lean figure.
She is toweringly tall for a S'Kra Mur.
She appears to be young.
Her right palm has a tattoo of a triskelion formed by a blacktip brine shark, a goblin brine shark and a blue brine shark positioned tail-to-tail.

She is wearing an austere uaro's'sugi of unadorned black Musparan silk that is loosely wound around the head and neck, a caliginous greatcloak bristling with haemic spines, a stormy cobalt Drogorian ceremonial trident, a chain-lined steelsilk robe sashed with electric blue cire, a black tabard embroidered with an Inquisitorial emblem and a pair of silvery-grey armure boots.

Holy Rites and Practices


Whiteburn does not perform resurrections readily or often. In return for their lives, she requires that the newly-raised sacrifice a portion of their souls to Drogor. The corpses of those spirits that refuse are often left where they fell until time, the elements, scavengers, or more benevolent priests claim them.

Reverence Unto the Dark

Although Whiteburn is soulbound to Drogor, she holds all of the Dark Aspects in high regard and preaches that they should all be treated with the utmost humility and respect. From her perspective, the mortals of Elanthia are constantly inviting their own doom upon themselves by not only refusing to offer the bare minimum of reverence, but also consistently engaging in casual blasphemies and acts of blatant disrespect. Additionally, Whiteburn considers it an act of extreme sacrilege to hunt the children of the Dark Immortals for sport or personal gain. Thus, she refuses to actively oppose any Dark Aspect, and will likewise not proffer aid to any mortal who has been targeted for divine punishment. She believes that engaging the Dark Immortals and their servants in battle is shortsighted and futile, and that only through understanding and reverence may the Dark Immortals truly be appeased. To that end, she often leads the pious in prayer whenever the Dark Immortals focus their wrath upon the children of Elanthia.

Destruction of Profane Knowledge

One of Drogor's primary tenets is the destruction of knowledge. Whiteburn has taken this to heart, and seeks out heretical texts of all kinds, including Sorcerous spell scrolls, that she might please her lord through their immolation. She believes that excising all written records of unholy rites is a crucial step in the process of ending the practice of Necromancy once and for all.
Whiteburn has nothing good to say about those who would make a profit from selling profane contraband.

Recent Happenings

The Inquisition In The New World

Rumors teem among the provinces that the Holy Inquisition is but a ghost of what it once was. Whispers abound of tentative leniences being afforded to certain 'useful' Necromancers, while yet more murmurings speak of the Temple standing by during the battle against Maelshyve. This has lead to many accusations of inaction and hypocrisy leveraged at the Temple by concerned adventurers.
Nevertheless, Whiteburn remains one of the Inquisition's foremost and most stalwart agents, and she would personally see the order returned to its former glory. As High Quaestor, Whiteburn seeks to root out and exterminate dangerous heretics and enemies of the High Temple with a fervor bordering on fanaticism.
Times have changed since the days of Khurek, however, and Whiteburn finds herself walking a delicate balance between her determination to eradicate her most abhorred foe, and her responsibility to act as a positive and active face of the Temple before a sea of judging eyes.