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Kerenelle Su'otsu
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Etherian, Akassa, Azwynn, Calinniel, Eekyrssh, Elannor, Malokar


You are War Healer Kerenelle Su'otsu of the Order of the Dragon Shield, a Human. You have an oval face, sparkling blue-green eyes and an upturned nose. Your golden brown-streaked brunette hair is very long and curly, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a lifelike Elven silver dolphin haircomb set with tiny sapphire chips. You have fair skin and a shapely figure. You are a bit over average height for a Human. You are an adult. You are in good shape.

You are wearing some silver wire-framed spectacles with streaky ocean-blue lenses, a snow white spidersilk robe embroidered with a golden-maned unicorn, a blighted gold ankle cuff, a silver parry stick embellished with undulating waves of pearls, a delicate wedding band of blued moonsilver set with an ocean's heart diamond, a silver filigree ring accented by geshi pearls to resemble a crashing wave and some deep blue windfish-scale sandals.

Early Life

Kere was raised in a country called Andovarr but had to flee during her 24th year because her mother had been killed, and her father, a man of influence who she and her mother suspected to have been involved in several deaths in Kere's home province, including that of Kere's fiance Darlton when Kere was 18, had turned up missing. More importantly in Kere's mind, Senex, the Court Physician in the Keep her father was second-in-command for (though Kere strongly suspected Senex was more than a mere physician), the man who had mentored Kere in the healing arts as a young woman, and the man Kere trusted more than anyone else after her mother, urged her to go.

He told her that she needed to leave the country and that she should not even stay for her mother's funeral. Her father's body had not been found, and his status was currently unknown. Kere refused, but the two eventually compromised on Kere telling her mother goodbye in private before the funeral and then leaving. Upon finishing the painful goodbye, her mother's most trusted maid slipped her a basket and told her not to open it until she got to the capital city. When she tried to pressure Senex into telling her what was going on, Senex said that he was also leaving the Keep, that he had a few things that HAD to be gathered, and that there just wasn't time right then. He said truly wanted to tell her, but that it would be better if she left before he did, and that he would do his best to try to meet her in the capital city, but he couldn't guarantee that he would be able to meet her before she left. Seeing actual fear in his eyes for her sake for the first time ever, she reluctantly did as he asked. Her initial plan was to refuse to go anywhere once she reached the capital city until she had met with Senex and gotten a full explanation about what was going on, regardless of the danger, but when she got to the harbor in the capital city and asked about outgoing ships, there was a ship bound for Elanthia that was due to leave in 4 hours. She found out that it would be likely be at least 6 months before the next ship to Elanthia came, but it could be significantly longer than that. Of all of ships currently in the harbor, the one bound for Elanthia was the only one that really interested her, for Kere's Aunt Kerennya had visited Elanthia several years prior and had kept journals about her time there as an empathic healer. Kere had read these journals as a teenager and found them fascinating, vowing that she herself would go to Elanthia herself if every the opportunity presented itself. Then something prompted her to look at the basket her mother's maid had given her. Underneath the food and clothing were two of her mother's journals. She knew her mother kept a single journal for each year, and the first one seemed to be the incomplete journal for the current year. She checked the final entry on that one, and it had been dated the morning of her mother's death. It only spoke of being anxious that an important meeting would not go well, which Kere took to mean the meeting between herself and her mother that her mother had requested a few weeks back. Another voice, perhaps her intuition, then prompted her to look at the second journal, which had been written during the year Kere had turned 2. Tucked inside the cover of the journal was a folded piece of parchment with her name on it. Hands trembling, Kere took the parchment and began to read:


If you have found this note tucked into one of the journals I wrote while you were a child, I am most likely dead unexpectedly, although it is uncertain whether I died prematurely or was murdered. It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you get out of the country, and that you go as far as you can as quickly as you can. Even if it means that you have to go someplace that you don't want to go to, please go anyway - time is absolutely of the essence. Your father and Baron Toblaron have been involved in dark magic for many years, and your father has agreed to kill you to power one of their spells. Senex, who is quite a magician himself, knows more of the details of the spell they want to cast and can help you understand that part of it. When your beloved Darlton died so unexpectedly 6 years ago, I had Senex create a special protection spell for you that was bound to and powered by my life essence. As long as I lived, no dark magic could touch you, either to spy on you or to harm you. The cost of this spell is that it would slowly sap my life and strength. Know that Senex was vehemently opposed to casting this spell, but I insisted, and it has been my joy and delight to protect you in this way, for it feels as though I have finally redeemed the horrible mistake I made in not insisting to your father that we leave Baron Toblaron's service. There have been many days where it has been hard to keep going, but the knowledge that my life protected yours did much to keep me moving forward. Know too, my sweet daughter, that it has not been easy to keep this knowledge from you - Senex and I have had more than a few arguments about it, for he wanted me to tell you right after he cast the spell. But once your life was protected by mine, I saw no reason to worry you, given the heavy load of grief about losing Darlton that you were already carrying. I love you, Kerenelle, and I am so proud of you. I want you to go on and become the best healer you can be and marry a man you love and have a whole passel of children. It saddens me that I will most likely never be able to experience being a grandmother to your children, but if you are alive and happy and in a place where your father can't harm you, losing that is worth it. While you are welcome to read my journals, please wait to do so until you are far away from Andovarr.

I love you so much, sweet girl.


At that moment, Kere knew the choice she needed to make.

Kere's Arrival in Elanthia

How Kere came to Elanthia is a mystery that even she can't fully explain. After negotiating passage to Elanthia with the ship's captain and setting sail, she remembers being told to stay below deck for the next few weeks due to bad weather and that the trip took a few months. She also remembers being awakened in the middle of the night and told that she had arrived at her destination, a town called Riverhaven, and then being led to what she thought was an inn. Finally, she remembers waking the next day, her 25th birthday, at Aldamus House. With her background and training as a healer and basic understanding of empathic healing obtained from her aunt's journals, she immediately marched into the Empath's Guild and quietly told Nebela Mentrade that she wanted to join. It wasn't until about a year later when she was telling a friend how she had come to Elanthia that the friend told her that there is no such country as Andovarr in Elanthia.

Kere in Elanthia

Kere spent her first several circles up in Riverhaven, preferring the less crowded feel of that city to that of the Crossing. She made many friends hanging out outside of the Haven ranger tent, and within a year became an Estate Holder. When the time came, she purchased a cottage outside of Haven's North Gate.

One friend in particular who Kere made was a ranger by the name of Etherian. He would come up for the ranger teaching nights that were held at the Ranger tent every so often, and Kere would talk to him as she tried to talk to everyone who came to the tent. He intrigued her, for there didn't seem to be any place in all of Elanthia that he couldn't travel to or didn't know about. Before long, he offered to take her to Muspar'i to go shopping, and at the end of that trip, she began to feel attracted to the dark-skinned Elf. Not long after that, he gave her a horse he had captured so she could start jousting, and she was so touched by his generosity that she shared an Andovarran tradition of gratitude with him, though clumsiness on her part at the end of it apparently left him with the wrong impression about her intentions. She could tell that he was not one who would take well to too much forwardness from a woman, and in truth, she rather liked that about him, so she backed way off for a time, and in a few weeks' time, the two were back to their normal selves with each other. They teamed up for a task competition at the 414 Hollow Eve Festival, and Kere was partly amused and partly frustrated when another ranger mistook her for Etherian's girlfriend and Eth was completely oblivious to it! Tentatively, she brought the subject up after the task competition was over and he let her know he had no such intentions toward her, a reaction she fully expected.

Not long after HE Fest was over, a paladin by the name of Kargarth expressed an interest in dating her, and figuring that the door just wasn't open with Etherian and she should respect that, she agreed to start seeing the noble paladin. Although lower than her in circle, Kargarth could fight harder creatures than she could, and she came to appreciate the protective nature of the paladin.

However, although she appreciated the paladin's protective nature, she found she did not love him the way she did Etherian, and so the two split amicably.

Around this same time, Kere made a new friend: another Empath by the name of Mystyrain, or Mysty for short. Mysty quickly figured out that Kere had feelings for Etherian, and also recognizing far more clearly than Kere did that the ranger had feelings for her friend, sat out to help the two get together. It took Etherian quite some time to finally get up the courage to ask her out, but after the first date (which Kere of course said yes to), a marriage proposal quickly followed. And so in the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 416, Kere and Eth made their vows to each other. Even during times when Etherian is not much awake in the lands, Kere considers him to be the one true love of her life and she can't imagine ever wanting to be with anyone else.