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Saphryna Silverwaters
Status Dead
Race Kaldar
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


On August 25th 2017, this bright light and loving individual departed from our lives. The generous and caring woman known as Saphryna Silverwaters to some and as Syance to others, took that final journey along life's starry road and into her god's embrace. Those wishing to share their stories or feelings are encouraged to inscribe the messages here (click the discussion tab at the top left of this page) or message Any other questions or thoughts may be directed there as well.

--Kiritan Thundersoul



You are Protector of Gnomes Saphryna Silverwaters, a Kaldaran Empath. You are wearing a snowy owl mask covered with downy white feathers. The feathers arc over the eyes elegantly, designed to brush the skin softly. A narrow golden beak and thin black rings around the eyes contrast against the pale backdrop, drawing attention to the blue and green eyes that peer from the mask. You are mature. You have several interlocking crystalline rings that pierce the flesh to follow along your left eyebrow, each carved to glitter like fresh snow. You are in good shape.

You are wearing a snowy owl mask covered with downy white feathers, a pair of glistening waterfall earrings overflowing with vibrant watermist roses, an Imperial-style hooded mantle cut from rich cobalt moonspun silk, a delicate baby owl modeled from Elven silver wire with piercing sapphire eyes, a circular badge etched with a dragon clutching a molten-core diamond in its jaws, a windsteel badge burnish-set with an ice sapphire Imperial star, a white leather backpack embroidered with silvery frost patterns, a creamy velvet tabard embroidered with a bouquet of jadice flowers, a low-cut windstorm gossamer robe draped in airy folds, a low-cut gown of silk and gossamer tied with a thin band of gold, a series of blue gold armbands lit by rainbow sapphires and indicolite tourmalines, a watered steel chainmail handflower sprinkled with colorful crystal marshflowers, a sculpted windsteel bracer graced with delicate acenite blossoms twined around a molten-core diamond, some polished thin-edged zills with silvered esoteric filigree, a burnished gold ring set with a large cambrinth owl, a series of tiered windsteel wire finger rings dappled with rainbow sapphire rounds, a lustrous animite ring set with a pale blue svelae, a firestained silver band intricately engraved with whorls of storm clouds, a white leather sack adorned with a cutwork platinum snow owl clasp, a golden watersilk sack with owl-shaped diamonds and some owl-winged deer-hide boots.

BRACER: a bracer Delicate Elven silver creates the form of the bracer.There appears to be something written on the bracer. The bracer reads: "K.T."