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Slush Moonstorm
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Grand Master Moon Mage Slush Moonstorm, the Novitiate, a Gnome Moon Mage.

He has star-shaped eyes of the purest white, a pale flickering nimbus rather than hair, and glowing skin.
A set of reflective stars float lazily around his head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin.

He has a tattoo of a darkly robed Gnome jutting a tiny finger at a spangled twilight sky on his left shoulder. Streaking across the dusky expanse, dozens of glimmering stars tumble down his arm to merge into icy sapphire-blue comets on your forearm.


► a regal crown of darkened bloodwood encircled with carvings of moons and stars
► a finely tailored nightsilk gentleman's shirt with carved bloodwood buttons
► some fitted nightsilk trousers stitched with swirling twilight sapphire galaxies
► a twilight sapphire-eyed cobra charm
► a regal cloak pin of stylized nightshade blossoms inset with twilight sapphires
► a sleek nightmare-black wrist sheath clasped with a tiny twilight sapphire moon
► a twilight-tinted monocle rimmed with sapphires depicting the phases of Xibar
► a macabre coffin-shaped telescope case dyed in shifting nightmare-black hues
► blackened bloodwood telescope intricately carved with various constellations
► some sparkling twilight sapphire cufflinks roughly cut to resemble Xibar
► a bloodwood armband encircled in a wreath of nightshade vines and starflowers
► a reagent belt ringed with various vials and flasks hung from nightsilk loops
► a warped bloodwood band inlaid with sapphire and shattered witch ball shards
► a gnarled bloodwood walking stick capped with a blackened sapphire-rimmed knob