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Skaen S'kursk
Status Retired
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Skaen S'kursk, a S'kra Mur.
You have slitted Grazhir-white eyes, white scales with a pale silver underbelly and a slender tail. You are archaic.
You have a tattoo of ominous black symbols on your shoulder.

You are wearing some burnt umber sharmiit'mhhg scalene robes belted with tel'athi links, a silver wirework and pale moonstone sur'nidrel, a coiled bronze clockwork viper pin with slitted topaz eyes, a sleek scalene satchel dyed in graduated grey tones, a smooth black tourmaline ru'at bracelet, some runesmith's gloves branded with cabalistic sigils, a thin animite band prominently displaying a Hekemhhg lazuli, some polished thin-edged zills with silvered esoteric filigree and some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps.


  • some runesmith's gloves branded with cabalistic sigils
  • an uaro's'sugi of desert-tan Musparan silk
  • some burnt umber sharmiit'mhhg scalene robes belted with tel'athi links
Subtly ridged to give the impression of scales across the outer layer, the garment is hemmed with geometrically stylized beaded wood violets and white chrysanthemum embroidery. Interlocking cobras of verdant metal loosely belt the waist of the flowing fabric.
  • a sickle-bladed parang with a khor'vela hilt
Delicate yellow enameled khor'vela blossoms are inlaid in a cascading pattern down the flat of the sharply curved silver-black blade. The severe drop point has a beveled spine to enhance the deadly slicing edge without compromising strength. A simple finger quillon slopes into the hilt of deeply polished khor'vela wood, emphasizing the luster of fine grey woodgrain that is peppered with undigested crystallized bone. The initials "C. M." are impressed into the surface of the metal.
  • a silver wirework and pale moonstone sur'nidrel
The finely woven silver wire delicately embraces an oval moonstone that curves to follow the ridges above the right eye. Dancing S'Kra picked out in shallow bas-relief cavort asymmetrically across the face of the iridescent milky-white stone.
  • a cloak pin worked in strangely warped orichalcum
Complex geometrical formulae pointing toward elementary moongate symbols are cunningly wrought in fine reddish gold wirework upon the cloak pin. The mathematical symbols become twisted and distorted in artistic rendition of the various components of the Moongate spell.
  • a weathered beisswurm backpack embroidered with a faded seal of the Celestial Compact
Originally worked in black thread with silver highlights, the embroidered seal has faded to shades of grey.
  • a smooth black tourmaline ru'at bracelet
The inky, opaque gemstone fades into a pure white circular inclusion. The nebulous circle surrounds a pitch-black sphere nestled in the heart of the band, bearing a striking similarity to the malevolent darkness of the planet Szeldia complete with glowing corona.
  • a hornbilled glaes shh'oi'ata
The provocative curve of the murky twilight glaes hornbill bladed axe head smoothly falls from haft to the nearly translucent cutting edge of the shh'oi'ata. Impressed into the sharply spiked rear punch are the initials, "C.M.". Along the lengthy two-handed Khor'vela wood haft are carved the thick coils of a hooded cobra, curling up to rest it's head upon the axe's shoulder. Serpentine grey scales inlaid with viridian jungle turquoise ring the handle's grips.
  • a slim yardstick featuring precise tel'athi-inlaid markings and numerals
Adroitly inset in the measuring instrument, grass-hued metal divides the flexible but sturdy tool into clearly marked sections allowing the user to make exact calculations. Ingenious hinges allow the item to be neatly folded up for easier storage.