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Kintalia Bloodspire-Silvermist
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Gotinx, Saramei, Klines, Netherlich, Ercold, Caale, Legalosa, Damoza

Serene Lady of House Silvermist, Wife to Gotinx, mother to Saramei and Klines,

Kintalia serves as the Leader of the House of Silvermist.

She previously served as the Speaker for the Order of the Black Fox and an ambassador to the court of Prince Vorclaf.

Kintalia spent almost a decade away from Elanthia on a journey of spiritual awakening and returned in the year 412.

She now resides in the Silvermist Estate, the ancient home of the Silvermist family, next to Lake Serenity where the Maidens of Serenity learn the art of mediation and meditation. She has achieved the status of Serene Maiden during her time at Lake Serenity.

She prefers to be referred to as Talia by those she cares deeply about, for this is her heart name and used only by those who truly know her.

Upon wedding her Soul Mate Gotinx, Kintalia chose to distance herself from her original clan to focus on her responsibilities to the House of Silvermist. She retains a love for the forest clan despite this separation; indeed, the Silvermist Estate was commissioned to reflect a combined forest clan and Prydaen heritage to honour both the Silvermist and Bloodspire families.


Serene Lady Kintalia Bloodspire-Silvermist, an Elf.

She has a delicately featured face with elegant arched eyebrows, an ornate Elven silver earcuff adorned with ivy vines accenting one of the slightly pointed ears, delicate ebony lashes framing hauntingly soulful wintery azurite eyes, a small nose and lusciously full heart-shaped lips. Her flavescent-streaked honeyed hair is waist-length and silky, and is worn in an elegant upswept arrangement threaded with a series of tiny silversteel Elven ivy leaves strewn with radiant moonflowers.

She has creamy translucent skin contoured with glittering swipes of translucent crystal dust and a handful of different-sized ivy leaves scattered down one side of an alluringly svelte figure.

She is slightly under average height for an Elf.

A cluster of Elven ivy leaves crafted from moonsilver float lazily around her left thigh, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.

she appears to be young.

She has a tattoo of elegantly curling vines of emerald Elven ivy that encircle her sleek, translucent left thigh. The graduating green hues give the appearance that the vines are bathed in light. Between them, ethereal white, health-bringing herbs peek from the foliage, blooming among the vines. Drifting from the vines, a few small leaves cascade gracefully down her left leg to end with an emerald leaf on her ankle.

She is wearing a circlet of luminous Elven ivy, an Elven snowlace gown adorned with luminous ivy leaves and flowing sleeves, a faded black mourning band with a rivertear Silvermist family crest, a refined moonsilver lady's ring bearing the Silvermist family crest set with a resplendent elanthite moonflower, a fragile lifesculpted sana'ati eternity ring set with luminous Elven ivy leaves and some graceful slippers adorned with luminous Elven ivy leaves.