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Cayra Barazza
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Fahijeck

You are Bloodwraith Cayra Barazza, Deadly Shadow of Kerenhappuch, a Human.
You have a heart-shaped face, sparkling crystal green eyes and a freckled nose. Your auburn hair is long and curly, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by some tiny black horns. You have tanned skin and a shapely figure.
You are short for a Human.
Some Xibar-blue moon pearls accented by diamonds float lazily around your neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
You appear to be in your prime.
You are wearing a pair of animite earrings cascading in scalloped tiers. Linked together with silvery-black chains, they form a dramatic bejeweled waterfall that drapes against your face. Nine star sapphire zinerelans dot the earrings and chains.
Your right hip has a tattoo of a series of intricate celestial symbols inked in shimmering crimsons, azures and ebony.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a tarnished silver halo, a delicate enameled oval locket, a lustrous Xibar-blue crystal medallion suspended from a length of lava samite, a billowing black silk cloak, a strapless midnight-black leather dress side-laced with Xibar-blue ribbon, a delicate beaded bracelet of animite suspending a spectacular Xibar topaz, a lustrous animite ring set with a pale blue svelae, a slender icesteel ring cradling a clear Xibar topaz, an elegant animite hip-chain with Xibar topaz charms and some black high-heeled sandals with long thin straps.