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Padhg Silver-Seord
Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Bellicia, Glosswyn, Aerella, Bodie, Seceyl, Purrana, Yuko, Leighlia, Teraica, Nuela

Padhg Silver-Seord, Pilgrim of Firulf, a Dwarf.


He has a round face, beady eyes, one gaping, fleshy pit of an eye and one blue and a freckled nose. His amber hair is short and straight, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and a stout build.

He is slightly under average height for a Dwarf.

He is an adult.

He has a thick mustache and a full beard that is split into thirds and woven into three thick braids that hang down to his waist. Wound around each beard plait is a wide kertig ring graced with a fractured spear of night black zephyr's heart.

His forearm has a tattoo of a crossed shovel and pickaxe.


He is wearing a pilgrim's badge depicting a horned owl clutching a palladium lightning bolt, a cowled smoke white cassock trimmed in imperial blue knotwork, a flickering coal-black rift held within a Dwarven iron mining lamp, a stout icesteel bonding band inlaid with four summer's heart sapphires and some Dwarven miner's boots.


The timeline below is historical and does contain Out of Character information.


  • Born on the 399th day


  • Joined the cleric guild on the 276th day, choosing to become a devout follower of Firulf and worshiper of all light aspects


  • Took up a hobby in Blacksmithing; specializing in metallurgy and forging tools




  • Removed from the Silvermist family on the 63rd day
  • Married Bellicia on the 261st day, forming the Silver-Seord family and welcoming stepdaughters Seceyl, Purruna, and Yuko
  • Had twins Leighlia and Teraica with Bellicia
  • Took up a second hobby in Armorsmithing


  • Took over as captain of the Tipsy Gypsy on the 272nd day
  • After mastering working with chain armor, he earned his maker's mark "P. S." from the Forging Society on the 282nd day


  • Lost his left eye after a failed attempt to expose Beezell at the giant mechanical spider




  • Adopted Nuela on the 313th day




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