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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Uthgaar, Allye, Akariss, Arkarm Crime Family (formerly), Samsaren, Maltris, Eckan


Mischief Maker Synamon Remlane, Flipper of Berengaria, an Elf. She has pointed ears and sparkling crystal blue eyes and a freckled nose. Her golden brown-streaked auburn hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn in an untidy tangle with a silvery satin ribbon carelessly pulling it back from the face. She has pale skin and a curvy figure.
She is tiny for a Elf.

She is wearing a pair of gaudy horn-rimmed spectacles, a polished bronze badge embossed with "I'm not weird, I'm gifted", a viridian spun glitter bandeau, a braided platinum wedding band cradling a pair of brilliant carved emeralds, an ankle-length flowing white skirt featuring an eyelet lace hem, and a pair of brilliant violet snakeskin boots.



pretend like I have put half as much time in to this as I have other peoples and add glitter. (maybe I should just rewrite it)

- Grew up near Crossing with her sister Allye, she has no real memory of her Elven family but never had much desire to look for them since she has always felt Allye was family enough. She looks up to Akariss, and loves getting the slightest hint of approval from him, he has always been her main authority figure.

- She has a lovely knoll in Arthe Dale that she rents from Pumpernickel and shares a quiet cottage in Shard with a snake. (he was there first, she can't really kick him out!)

- An empath by trade but is usually claiming to be a paladin, barbarian, or cleric from time to time.

- May share brain parts with Allye. Together with Allye seeks to create an army of Gnomes (aka The Gnarmy), the likes of which has never before been seen on Elanthia. The original recruitment strategy of kidnapping was scrapped after discovery that most potentials could be bribed with meat and/or candy (so please do not send them angry letters, thank you).

- Has hider anxiety. She has stopped counting the number of times that the shadows have buried a sharp object in her back causing her to commune more closely with her god of the moment, it really is puzzling.

- Happily married to Uthgaar Arkarm (formerly MacUlrik), her favorite Paladin, whom she occasionally poisons because it makes her giggle.

- Refuses all monetary tips, she feels that the people she heals have worked hard for their money and would much rather them keep it. Will GLADLY accept cookies, tarts, pies, cakes, candies, really anything sweet, please and thank you (besides, she likes hunting).

- Served as Ambassador of the Ilithi Court and did her best to live up the awesomeness of her predecessor, Sendithu, and not embarass the amazing court bard of awesome, Ruea. After her first term as Ambassador she requested to be allowed to step down from the position as she is not politically minded enough to be able to handle the rumors and meanness that came with the position. Court Advisor Leucius was kind enough to not be too disappointed in her and she will be forever grateful to him for that.

- Is the former leader of the Wolfpack sect of the Order of the Apostles, which basically meant she bugged people to join and got to do fun things at events like talk and eat tidbits.

-Recently, along with Uthgaar, joined the Arkarm family. It is possible that she is more excited about getting to read stories to Amazing Danger Arkarm Marnet (Adam for short) than anything else.