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Phabious Maggilor
Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime

You see Merchant Marine Phabious Maggilor, Fanatic of Elanthia, a S'Kra Mur.

His features are hidden behind a polished solid silver eye mask.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing an austere uaro's'sugi of unadorned black Musparan silk, an intricate tyrium hand suspended from a cord of darkly glistening spidersilk, a gleaming animite key, a sleek kirmiko harness with a stiletto and a stiletto hanging from it, some flowing nightsilk robes, a steel-plated ironwood crossbow with a sculpted dragon-head cranequin, a soft suede haversack, a black leather thigh quiver and a pair of murder crow-winged boots tinted arsenic black.