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Xionara Swiftstrike
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Basteht, Phaetyl, Sehkmet

You see Arcane Destroyer Xionara Swiftstrike, Gakatari Vayato of Elanthia, a Prydaen Warrior Mage. Xionara has a triangular face, vibrant, deep electric blue-tipped pointed ears and cat-slitted jade eyes. Her deep blue-streaked honey mane is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose. She has glittered rust-colored fur, a slender tail that deepens in color and shifts to a vibrant, deep electric blue at the tip and a lissome figure. A carved ke'nag triquetra adorned with an intaglio senci pebble nestles at the top of her forehead, brightened by faint, darting sparkles deep within the gem. She appears to be young. A champagne-hued eldring artlessly faceted in an upside-down teardrop sits between her eyes. It is attached to a slender wire of icesteel that holds more of the tiny gems as they arch gracefully over her eyebrows.

She is wearing a burnished eye mask composed of sungold, a fragile sungold chain interspersed with white sapphires, a double-strand necklace of twisted sungold chain, a soft armure chmir (dress) tied with a braided charcoal cord, a grey camouflage sarrak (robe) dyed with hues of granite and flint, a wide sungold wristcuff, a dainty sungold engagement ring cradling a white sapphire, a sigilated platinum ring, a watered steel sigilated ring ensconced with pure white spiritwood, an onyx bourde ysin with a sable knotwork brooch, a chainmail mesh anklet constructed from sungold and a sungold-hilted ankle knife displaying an etched blade.

Generally she will wear the burnished sungold eye mask to conceal her features.

Xionara’s Quest to Recover Her Gear

Xionara has lost much of her gear, including nearly all her most prized possessions (alterations, sigilated rings) and ownership of her ship. She is looking to recover or replace these items as they have great sentimental value to her. She has started the arduous process of replacing what she can find in the Market Plazas of major cities.

OOC: I will not be updating her physical description for some time. She was and is very proud of the work she did collecting all her sungold and treasureweave and especially her full set of kadepa chain armor. She had kadepa claw guards, lorica with the silhouette of a panther, greaves and vambraces, helm tipped with blue gold ears, hunting pack and atmo triquetra forehead gem. Now there is no more Beyond the Barrier. :( Hopefully I will get to a good place with her gear soon and then I can update it. Thanks in advance for understanding about the discrepancy in her in game LOOK. I know some of you are sticklers for this kind of thing and it’s just text but it meant something to her and to me for all that time and effort spent getting it all together.

Notable Events

  • Appointed to the council of the Order of the Black Fox - 417 years, 1 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer, in the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Iron Toad.
  • Assisted in the defense of Shard with Mazrian, Kaelie and others during the Bone Wyvern incident around the celebration of Chris Mass, 418 years AV.

Altered Gear

  • 'a lumium targe enameled with a carefully rendered scene of great cats on the hunt' - A black panther crouches in a field beneath a sky caught in a moment of golden yellow twilight. Poised for the attack, its gaze is fixed upon something unseen beyond the tall, vibrant green grasses and contrastingly red heartsblood trillium blossoms bending toward it, indicating its position downwind of its intended prey. Behind it, a snarling white tiger with a withered and blackened paw crouches, ears laid back in a menacing posture. The initials "R. R." are impressed into the surface of the metal. - Voldag, 8/24/2015

Voldag works with the shield a bit, muttering something absentmindedly beneath his breath about, "downwind," and, "thinks I'm a blasted Ranger," here and there.
Voldag moves from brush to brush, biting his tongue in concentration as he moves from color to color muttering, "Yellow, gold, blue, green..." and so forth.

  • 'a poofy cream-colored kitten with frazzled whiskers' - The tiny creature's fur deepens to a warm brown along the base of its tail and its ears are tipped in black, while slightly pale, rosy-toned patches cover the area beneath the whiskers. Its tail is crooked in several spots, giving it an appearance somewhat reminiscent of a lightning bolt. Around the kitten's neck is a treasureweave collar suspending a small sungold triquetra pendant. - Quinen, 11/7/2015
  • 'a tempered kadepa lorica accented with blue gold and set with a goldenoak iladza' - Encased in the dark silvery blue of the kadepa, the front and back of the finely crafted armor is accented with a silhouette of a panther's torso in cobalt blue shot through with gold veins and reinforced with an additional layer of chain on the shoulders. Additional blue gold and kadepa are alloyed to form a closure that connects the two front portions of the lorica, centered just below the wearer's collarbones. A goldenoak iladza set with a vibrant sunstar jasper is bezel-set into the clasp. - Kauko, 11/9/2015
  • 'a kadepa mail balaclava with feline ears made of solid blue gold' - The dark silvery blue balaclava fashioned from kadepa is lined with soft black suede for comfort. A thin layer of blue gold covers a large portion of the headpiece, creating blue gold rings forming the silhouette of a panther's head and neck. The panther's mouth is open, baring its fangs. Flattened ears made of solid blue gold seamlessly protrude from the crown of the piece. Extending to the wearer's collarbone, the panther's neck covers nearly all of the lower portion of the headpiece. - Yeyaru, 4/25/2016
  • 'a squared mahogany belaying pin carved with an intricate triple knot triquetra' - The bottom of the handle has been contoured for a better grip. - Almodivar, 4/26/2016
  • 'some kadepa mail gloves displaying blue gold claw guards tipped with tyrium claws' - Dark silvery blue hues stretch through the multitude of rings that make up these artfully crafted gloves. Thin blue gold rings are woven throughout the design to create the subtle impression of panther paws across both the front and back, while thicker pieces of the alloy form elongated ovals designed to protect a Prydaen's claws during battle. Each is set with a polished, lurid purple claw that is sharpened to a deadly-looking point. - Andriette, 8/30/2016 (the first day of year 421)
  • 'an oversized treasureweave lootsack encased in sungold mesh' - Whisper-thin strands of fine sunset-hued gold crisscross the surface of this oversized treasureweave bag. Hues of rose, red, orange, blue, and purple reflect against the patchwork fabric in a dizzying display of color. Changing from indigo to sanguine to midnight purple, the shade of each patch is created by individual threads in blues, reds, and violets. Dragonar fibers lend a fuzzy texture to the opening, which shifts to zerarin wool at the middle and tyrium glitter-spun wool at the bottom. -


  • I have strict rules about RP and have had for many years.
  • Discord is entirely OOC. I am always upfront about that.
  • If you don’t like being open and honest with your RP partners, please look elsewhere.
  • I’m not here solely for your entertainment.
  • If you like to get high/wasted and RP, I am not your type of roleplayer.
  • Interested in:
  • 1) Prydaen looking to RP with another about Prydaen history and culture or form a friendship with another Prydaen. Feel free to find me in game, if you can.
  • 2) Warrior mages looking for a mentor, student/protégé or a comrade in arms. Please send your familiar my way.
  • 3) Ideas to push plot for developing Landfall and the two planned hubs on the island of Tref Bain. This area was planned for future release but remains undeveloped.