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Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Xamara, Tamri



You see Zamara Chrefra, a Prydaen Empath.
She has a caracal-like face with prominent cheekbones, somber tufted and pointed ears, cat-slitted fierce azure eyes and a tapered black nose. Her silvering black mane is thigh-length and interspersed with bone beads, and is worn pulled back in a multitude of beaded braids. She has obsidian fur with short substantially dense hair and white-skinned left palm with an uneven surface, a dignified tail and an alluring yet willowy figure.
She is statuesque for a Prydaen.

She is wearing a leather-corded Prydaen ancestral bone necklace, a dark backpack of rough suede branded by the image of a wildcat, an ivory-inlaid wrist knife shaped like a vicious predator's dewclaw, a knotwork wristcuff bearing a triquetra, a somber black healer's robe and a bone cambrinth waistband depicting a Prydaen figure haloed by Eu's promise crystals.

Shifting Services

Please see Zamara/Shifting for Zamara's shifting prices.


Zamara was an energetic and curious child who grew up as the oldest of several younger sisters, including several kits whom her mother had come to watch over following their parent’s deaths or disappearances during the Great Migration. Her mother had suffered a leg injury in the escape from their homeland and was not able to travel far, but could still hunt well enough to provide for the kits. She took to working with several of the people in the new lands to help support the children.

Zamara was often one of the best fighters amongst her sisters until age seven when she grew increasingly ill and spent several months in bed with fever. During Zamara's recovery, her mother heard word of her father from a traveler and took off to seek him out as soon as Zamara was on her feet again. This would be the last Zamara would hear from her mother, and she would struggle to support her family throughout the rest of her childhood while battling a reoccurring illness that claimed the lives of two of her sisters. At age fourteen, she was finally pointed towards an empath passing through, who pulled the disease from her body. This experience enraged Zamara, since she could have been cured so many years ago had she had the knowledge of what was wrong with her. Within the year she relocated those of her family, blood and not, to the Rivercrossing area and promptly began researching the empath guild. She would join the guild within four years.

Since joining the Empath guild, Zamara has primary focused on scholarly pursuits, but can be found hunting more often than not. After several years teaching and mentoring in the Crossing guild hall, Zamara made acquaintance with several like minded Empaths. During the aftermath of the Lyras war, she was briefly involved with assisting the Inquisition, until she was tortured by Xerasyth after coming to Szrael's aid. Following this event, Zamara retreated to the islands of Aesry until things on the mainland calmed down.

Zamara has no tolerance for secrets, especially when they endanger the public welfare, and is fond of ‘science’ and research. Her experiences also cause her to educate the young, when they are open to it. She does not like being told what she can, or cannot do and as a result would rather work with, than join an organization when necessary.

Brainworms Theory

Zamara believes in the existence of "brainworms" which she describes as "a semi-transparent grey-pink worm which infests the brain". They are very small, and nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. The worms are a parasite which live in the hosts brain, and as they move through the brain cause spasms and other odd behavior. Whenever adventurers do bizarre things, clearly it is because they are infested with brainworms. It has been suggested that there may be a link between gweth wearing or usage and brainworm infection, however no one among the non-gweth wearing population will volunteer to have their skull cracked open and their brain examined for science.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for brainworms. Like many odd injuries and severe battle scars, they appear to persist through death and stay with the host, possibly suggesting they are magical in nature.

R'lyeh the Alfar Warrior

On the 125th day, 409 years since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer, Zamara returned an "empty silver monocle bent into a warped oval shape" to the Fae. Out of gratitude, a seasoned warrior named R'lyeh agreed to become her guardian. This is believed to be the first occurrence of such an event in written history.
DESCRIPTION: The warrior is lithe with an alluring grace, its face a mask of smooth black with the sheen of polished marble. Its delicate features are offset by long, fiery red hair mottled with feathers and fierce cat-slitted crimson eyes. In lieu of eyebrows, a pair of ostentatious feathers sweep back from its face and over its head, tapering off as they trail down behind its shoulders. Azure lines loop around its eyes, converging over the bridge of its nose to form the third loop of a triquetra on its forehead.

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