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Opening and Closing Dates

Instance Opens Closes Box Office
Prime Thursday, October 31, 2019 Sunday, November 24, 2019 Purchase Tickets
Plat Thursday, October 31, 2019 Friday, December 1, 2019 Purchase Tickets
Fallen Thursday, October 31, 2019 Sunday, November 24, 2019 Purchase Tickets

To purchase a ticket, you must have at least 4,500 SimuCoin balance in the SimuStore. Travel to the Spider Landing (the path is at every Portal location around the map) and the Invitations are on the table. The Authorization is for Add Additional alts/toons on your account for (Admit +).


Official Description and Announcements

Web Site Announcement

Email Teasers

Email Teasers:

  • 10/25/19: Teaser email for Hollow Eve: The Fate of the Spider
  • 10/31/19: Teaser email for Hollow Eve Begins Tonight!

In-Game Visions

In the lead-up to and for the duration of the event; a number of visions were seen by random characters from various guilds.

Location and Map

maps & shops
  • Once the festival has opened, purchase the silk-wrapped bug near the invitations before the bridge for a faster travel time to and from the festival grounds.
  • Note: While this event takes place outside of Zoluren, F2P players do not need a Passport to Forfedhdar to attend.

Tasks for Tickets and Items

At each of the Meeting portal locations, you can find a concerned arachnologist and an agitated businessman. You can speak to both about various topics (web, spider, etc.), and both offer TASKS that will enable you to get tickets for the upcoming event. It appears that both these NPC's give the same variation of the 4 tasks but with different messaging. Additionally, each appears to have a unique contribution credit counter, which you can check by asking each about STATUS. Currently, the only difference is the possible titles you can acquire.

You are able to pick up and return tasks to any location of the 2 NPC's. For example, you can accept a task in Crossing but return it in Riverhaven. However, the Crossing location may be desirable as it appears most of the random locations for task groupings are located in Zoluren.


When you ASK ARACHNOLOGIST/BUSINESSMAN FOR TASK, you will randomly receive the option of one of the following, which you can ACCEPT or DECLINE. The below are summarized versions, see each NPC page for detailed overviews with task messaging and specific instructions:

  • Kill spiders: kill various Augmented arachnids found during invasions or in the Current Spider Hunting Location (see below).
  • note: Empaths will not receive this as an option
  • Rescue missing colleagues: find via SEARCHing in the location that the NPC gives you in the accept text.
  • Spidersilk turn-in: kill various Augmented arachnids found during invasions and in the Current Spider Hunting Location (see below) for randomly dropped pieces of spidersilk.
  • Spiderweb portals: either clear spiderwebs from nearby doors, arches, etc. or travel to the location given in the task and SEARCH for portals to clear.
  • tip: See the below Spiderweb Syntax table for directions on how to clear different web types
  • tips: To get into the burrow, wait near the task givers to be drug down (or use the burrow of a recently drug player) or find one of the randomly spawned entrances in the area. To get out of the burrow where you can hunt the broodlings, look for a freshly dug hole.

Current Spider Hunting Location

It appears that the above ground spider hunting areas change, perhaps once per day or after x-number of spiders are killed in the area. The following list should be updated as the location moves:

  • 10/27: Farmland, Grain Fields - Crossing west gate
  • 10/28: Riverhaven West Wilds - Riverhaven west gate
  • 10/29: Dirge, both in the city and immediately outside the gate
  • 10/30: Shard, East & North Bridges (outside town)
  • 11/2: Leth Deriel, Oshu'ehhrsk Manor south of the city (germish'din hunting)

Spiderweb syntax

ADJUST, WAVE, CUT etc, the portal that the webbing is covering, not the web itself

Web type Method of destruction
spidersilk -cut it with a bladed weapon (slice or puncture must be highest attribute on weapon)
-POINT a Lighter at it
metallic -ADJUST it with tinker tools
phantasmal -POINT or WAVE at it with a light source
-WAVE at it with a glowing Gaethzen item
shadowy -POINT or WAVE at it with a fire/light source
dew-covered -POINT or WAVE at it with a fire source

Not all light sources and fire sources will work due to variations in code. The following have been confirmed to be usable items:

Light Sources Fire Sources


At 100 credits you get a message saying you're capped. ASK ARACHNOLOGIST/BUSINESSMAN FOR STATUS to see how many credits you currently have with each. Credits appear to accumulate per account, not per player.

Any titles you are eligible for will automatically show up in your Generic title list.

Additionally, you can ASK ARACHNOLOGIST/BUSINESSMAN ABOUT CLAIM in order to receive Hollow Eve tickets based off the total amount of task credits you have earned. Each of the NPC's will offer up to 37,500 tickets. You can cap out to 100 credits with each NPC, for a total of 75,000 tickets possible.

Events and Gifts

  • The annual gift, 1 per character admitted to the festival, is a biomechanical tarantula.
  • It is with great sadness that we report the apparent passing of Kurmin and his Spider. Those who attended the final HE at the Spider, be sure to CLAIM your prize if you weren't present!
  • Admit 1 receives 3 passes
  • Admit 2 receives 3 passes
  • Admit 3 receives 4 passes
  • Admit 4 receives 5 passes
  • Admit all receives 6 passes
  • Please see the FESTIVAL verb in game for the most updated information on scheduled alterers and other live events during this year's Hollow Eve.

Tentative Merchants


  • Shops that offer purchases with Hollow Eve tickets.
  • Hollow Eve Festival 432 map has maps of each section along with tables summarizing the shops and what they carry at-a-glance.

New and Updated Shops

  • See the below GAMES section for additional information about game prizes
  • Shops that are italicized are anticipated but not yet open.

Returning Shops

  • Shops that are italicized are anticipated but not yet open.
  • Shops that are italicized are anticipated but not yet open.

Shops with Utility Items

  • TBD



  • While the chart below shows what is dropped at each game, each game may drop different things at different rates. One game might be better at dropping crystals than rings, while another might be really good at stones instead of tickets, and so on. Explore and try things to see what works best for your current needs!
  • Game names in bold text have updated loot tables for the 432 event.
name items tickets simple & ornate rings potency crystals infuser stones
A Game of Chicken X X all X X
Armadillo Crush
Blood and Gourd X X Haralun only X X
Bobbing for Leeches X
Boggle Blast X X Niello only X X
Clockwork Spinneret X
Darkbox X X
Entrail Toss X
Gnomish tinkerer X X
Grave Earth Pile X Glitvire only X X
Kasine's Gauntlet X
Musical Chairs of Doom X X all X X
Rissan Roulette
Sandbox X
Spider Cage X X
Snake Pit X X Alerce only X X
Tarantula Trot (Spider's Web) X
Tasks X X

New Materials

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