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October 25th, 2019

Hollow Eve: The Fate of the Spider

Plagued by years of competing magics, reality-warping corruptions, disasters and conflicting Immortal whims, the Giant Mechanical Spider is like nothing else recorded in Elanthian history. More construct than creature, many wonder if the Spider is even truly alive at this point.

But this year, not all is as it seems. Rumor has it that the Giant Mechanical Spider is malfunctioning, and reports of legions of spiders being spotted throughout Elanthia are growing in severity.

Hollow Eve approaches, and the closing chapters of the Spider are upon us. Join us as the events leading up to the year's biggest festival begin to unfold, and learn more of the Spider's ultimate fate!

Hollow Eve Begins On October 31 at 9:00PM (ET)!

October 31st, 2019

This year's Hollow Eve festivities are quickly approaching, but it appears that something is wrong with Kurmin's Massive Arachnid! Curiously, Kurmin has been silent on the matter thus far, but legions of metal-corrupted spiders have crawled across the lands, injecting victims with terrible toxins and spreading disruptive webs far and wide!

Is this just a desperate attempt to find a cure by the biomechanical Arachnid in a frantic effort to stay alive, or is it something much worse?

Either way, the Hollow Eve festivities will continue as scheduled as we continue to monitor the situation surrounding the Spider.

This year's Hollow Eve is filled with fun activities new and old, including:

The Corn Maze New and Updated Games Live Alteration Sessions New and Returning Merchants Tons of Raffles Hollow Eve Auction Grab your tickets and join us in Elanthia as the closing chapters of the Spider's story unfold to find out!

Hollow Eve Opens Tonight at 9:00PM (ET)!