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The Musiceum
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Kouzan TeirtuKouzan Teirtu
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Regular Stock

[The Musiceum, Orchestral Manoeuvres]
Dark sable velvet drapery has been hung from ceiling to wall, swathing the room in near blackness. The darkness is staved off completely by several gaethzen globes hung by near invisible wire that have been carefully positioned over the display cases to allow the wares for sale to be seen clearly. Nestled between the swathes of cloth, cases and instrument tools have been hung on pegboards to show them off to their best advantage.
You also see a large willow counter and an ornate gold door.
Obvious exits: northeast.

On the small ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
opaque white acenite triangle 31,570   !!
polished haledroth triangle 338,250   !!
glossy palladium triangle 7,667   !!
inky black diacan triangle 604,340   !!
asini-wrapped electrum triangle 48,708   
amethyst-hued purple gold triangle 207,460   
On the large oak shelf
Item Price Done
glossy zulnatha tabor decorated with a silver quincunx pattern 5,863   !!
glossy vedda-wood tabor painted with multi-hued triskeles 4,961   !!
polished tamarak tabor secured with purple tension rope 32,021   !!
polished smokewood tabor secured with a grey tension rope 856,900   !!
On the red velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
dusky grey demonbone hautbois set with rounded pitch pearl keys 94,890   No
polished lelori hautbois with gold hexagonal keys 45,100   No
polished razaksel hautbois with orichalcum keys 111,848   No
bright red redwood hautbois with gold keys 13,530   No
On the black velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
gold-veined goldwood piccolo with obsidian keys 20,114   No
verdant-hued lirisan piccolo with silver keys 739,640   No
pale zeltfish bone piccolo with amaranth tanzanite keys 198,440   No
polished indurium piccolo with blackened steel keys 1,939,300   No
etched glass piccolo with delicate gold keys 270,600   DG
On the grey velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
polished tomiek clarinet with onyx keys 315,700   No
blue sprite bone clarinet with mother-of-pearl keys 396,880   No
shaal clarinet with silversteel keys 225,500   No
polished tamarind clarinet with gold keys 8,569   No
On the haon display case
Item Price Done
polished purpleheart bass viol with gold tuning pegs 47,806   No
polished bass viol of opalescent loimic with a pitch pearl fingerboard 2,584,683   No
polished rockwood bass viol carved to appear made of stone 50,512   No
sanrisi bass viol inlaid with multi-hued jade cephalopods 138,006   No
On the beechwood display case
Item Price Done
polished kapok viola with a fingerboard of crushed crimson erythraean 405,900   No
peregan viola inlaid with small gold stars 67,650   No
plain gloomwood viola with a starstone fingerboard 227,304   No
black-hued greenheart viola with claw-shaped tomiek tuning pins 320,210   No
polished jambu viola with a white coral inlaid fingerboard 27,060   No
On the white oak pegboard
Item Price Done
polished gethwood instrument bow 16,236   No
polished olivewood instrument bow 2,706   No
hibiscus-wood handled mallet 360   No
elmod handled mallet 360   No
vedda handled mallet 360   No
baobab drum stick 81   No
red oak drum stick 81   !!
uuryvhh wood drum stick 81   No
polished acenite instrument bow 8,118   No
polished olivewood instrument bow 58,630   No
blue mistglass instrument bow 18,040   No
polished rakazel instrument bow inlaid with tiny obsidian eighth notes 8,118   No
demonbone pick carved in the shape of a skull 10,824   No
blue rencate pick shaped like a waterdrop 7,216   No
green rencate pick shaped like a vela'tohr leaf 7,216   No
yellow rencate pick shaped like a lemon 7,216   No
red rencate pick shaped like a blood drop 11,726   No
purple rencate pick shaped like a blooming orchid 11,726   No
orange rencate pick shaped like an oblong kumquat 11,726   No
red macawood pick carved to resemble an apple 6,314   No
pearlescent abalone pick shaped like an eye 2,706   No
faceted green dwalgim pick shaped like a claw 586,300   No
On the ironwood display case
Item Price Done
polished demonbone violincello adorned with two faceted ruby eyes 35,629   No
grey-tinged Aesetani applewood violincello painted with scenes of kraken 13,530   No
purple-hued albarco violincello carved with playful squirrels 45,100   No
exaggerated teardrop-shaped azurelle violincello 405,900   No
pale yellow avodire violincello inlaid with squares of niello 81,180   No
On the black oak pegboard
Item Price Done
small black leather case with silver toggles 4,961   
small black leather case with gold toggles 6,765   
small black leather case with brass toggles 1,353   
harp case of verdant-hued lirisan with gold toggles 789,250   
harp case of dark finivire with kingsnake-shaped silver toggles 405,900   
medium black leather case with gold toggles 8,569   No
medium black leather case with gold toggles 6,765   No
medium black leather case with brass toggles 2,255   

Limited Stock

[The Musiceum, Amber Room]
Set up in an octagonal shape, this room has been fitted with amber panels throughout. Behind each panel, light has been set up to allow the amber to glow like a warm fire as well as highlighting the tiny bubbles and animals trapped within. Ornate gold hardware secures each panel to the next, blending almost seamlessly with the tawny-hue of the paneling. Three gaethzen globes suspend above the empty room, while a large hanging sign has been strung up to rest immediately below the middle globe.
Obvious exits: southwest.

A large hanging sign reads:

~Limited Stock. You are limited to THREE total purchases. Choose wisely. These are COMPLEX instruments.  Yes, they are hard.  No, I will not refund you if you cannot play it.~
On the ornate marble pedestal
Item Price Done
lirisan capped bagpipes with a white dreamweave bag and polished haledroth pipes 3,202,100   !!
On the plain marble pedestal
Item Price Done
translucent crystal-bone tabla chased with an overall knotwork pattern in asini 6,088,500   No
On the fluted marble pedestal
Item Price Done
double-necked cross-strung harp made of both dark finivire and pale diamondwood 5,006,100   No