Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs

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The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs
Event Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs]
Dingy, half-rotted sheets encrusted with filth cling to the walls, covering the rusted metal beneath. A vague, musty odor hangs in the air and seems to cling to every surface. A single oil lamp hangs from a metal stand near the center of the room. The set of makeshift shelves next to it looks as if it could collapse into kindling at any moment.
You also see a worm-eaten khor'vela counter with several things on it, a grimy doorway leading out and a dust-covered table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the khor'vela counter
Item Price Done
battered metal charm bracelet engraved with lightning bolts 1,300 tickets   
knotted charm bracelet with tiny musical notes woven into it 1,300 tickets   
simple charm bracelet crafted from tiny braided vines 1,000 tickets   
blue-white mistglass charm bracelet set with twin shrike's eye sapphires 11,000 tickets   
heavy orichalcum charm bracelet set with polished gloamstone pebbles 25,000 tickets   
On the makeshift shelves
Item Price Done
cute moss mey charm with green crystalline hair 135,300   
spectral pirate charm with a peg leg 108,240   
tortured soul charm with a gaping fang-filled mouth 81,180   
emaciated umbramagus charm with four tiny gemstone eyes 112,750   
dark spirit charm with tiny red claws 139,810   
leering spectral cook charm with a dirty apron 99,220   
On the dust-covered table
Item Price Done
zombie nomad charm with a slouching posture 117,260   
hideous ghoul charm with oustretched arms 135,300   
ivory skeleton charm with polished bones 94,710   
pirate zombie charm with a tiny pearl cutlass 126,280   
eidolon steed charm with sharp hooves 139,810   
rotting scourge charm with a deformed body 135,300