Give 'Em the Boot (7)

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Give 'Em the Boot
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Give 'Em the Boot]
Dark wooden panels are hung on the walls, and the glow from the simple bronze chandelier reflects off the glossy walnut. A rug painted with a herd of running horses lies underfoot, only partially concealing the metal floor below. You also see a long counter with several things on it, a round table with several things on it and a boot-shaped doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

On the long counter
Item Price Done
pair of curled and curved dull blue haledroth metal strips 1,407,120   No
pair of inky-black Velakan linen boots with gold chains draped around the ankle 3,608   No
pair of sepia-hued leather boots with white alpaca fur cuffs 46,904   No
pair of black silk thigh-high boots with shireli lace overlay resembling moon lilies 229,108   No
pair of plain brown boar hide boots with striated cone-shaped hoof heels 902   No
pair of pavonated songsilk boots embroidered with musical notes 2,013,479   No
On the round table
Item Price Done
triangular-heeled black diamond-hide boots wrapped with bright crimson spider-shaped atulave 1,122,990   No
pair of banana-hued Elothean silk boots wrapped in eye-searing lime green silk 108,240   No
pair of white leather boots with quartz heels featuring entrapped goldfish 1,353   No
pair of khaki khaddar boots with red and tan ombre-dyed strips 2,074   No
pair of silvery moonsilk boots with crescent moon shaped heels 148,830   No