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Nigeyi's, Purveyor of Fine Footwear
Event Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Nigeyi's, Purveyor of Fine Footwear]
Various displays, each catering to the different tastes of Nigeyi's customers, line the room. Suspended from the ceiling are wagon wheels upon which lit candles brighten the room and cast dancing shadows whenever the door opens. A worn stool and cobbler's form sit in the corner beneath a rack holding a neat assortment of tools.
You also see a long shelf with several things on it, a wood table with several things on it and a slanted rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the long shelf
Item Price Done
pair of beaded sandals with upturned toes 3,157   !!
pair of pale pink and orange fabric sandals 1,984   !!
pair of vivid green and blue cloth sandals 2,345   !!
pair of worn rope sandals 1,353   !!
pair of rather scuffed grey leather sandals 1,623   !!
pair of canvas sandals with red ribbon laces 2,706   !!
On the wood table
Item Price Done
pair of bodacious red leather boots with tall slender heels 6,043   !!
pair of green half-boots with cream leather pull straps 3,337   !!
pair of brown leather work-boots with turned-down sheepskin cuffs 902   !!
pair of black leather boots embellished with brightly colored dragons 3,608   !!
On the slanted rack
Item Price Done
pair of gold leather slippers embellished with jewel-toned beads 3,698   !!
pair of yellow slippers edged with white satin 2,525   !!
pair of black velvet slippers embroidered with a tiny silver wolf 3,788   !!
pair of red suede slippers with an onyx scorpion applique 4,510   !!
pair of emerald green velvet slippers with gold tassels 6,494   !!
pair of pink watered taffeta slippers embellished with rosettes 4,329   !!
pair of turquoise slippers appliqued with entwined silver rings 5,412   !!
pair of platinum silk slippers with diminutive glass heels 135   !!
pair of dark blue satin slippers with silver tassels 5863   !!

[Nigeyi's, Selections]
Several candles on the small circumference wagon wheels have sputtered their last, leaving this room with dusky shadows that dance with any movement. A cobweb dangles from one wheel, seeming to float as it spins in the meager light.
You also see a cloth covered table with several things on it and an open bookcase with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, west.

A hanging sign reads:
My new friend Sammeli said I should try making fancier shoes, so I did.
These are pretty versatile, so I hope you like them!
On the covered table
Item Price Done
deep brown serpentine-hide riding boots fit with silversteel spurs 496,100   
stylish storm grey leather boots laced with pitch black onyx-hide cords 432,960   
sleek dark red leather boots buckled with inky black riftstones 766,700   
glossy royal blue leather jousting boots affixed with loimic spurs 1,353,000   
soft tan riding boots embellished with tyrium heel and toe caps 902,000   
sapphire blue diamond-hide boots buckled with darkstone 496,100   
midnight black gemfire velvet boots laced with steelsilk cords 1,262,800   
rugged forest green punka jousting boots 405,900   
On the open bookcase
Item Price Done
storm grey bluefire velvet slippers adorned with leather bows 631,400   
sunny yellow sunkissed chiffon slippers fit with heliotrope heels 1,262,800   
stylish deep purple slippers affixed with dainty merlot ruby heels 360,800   
lavish midnight black marquisette slippers tipped with night diamonds 586,300   
ethereal sparkling white starlight velvet slippers embellished with alavern beads 721,600   
sapphire blue slippers tipped with pale grey wraithhearts 360,800   
dainty leaf green spun glitter slippers fit with polished glitvire heels 324,720   
misty grey whisperlayne slippers affixed with translucent mistglass heels 532,180   

[Nigeyi's Resale]
Deliberately darker than the other rooms, items consigned to this space have been rehabilitated, but no one has appeared to pay for the service. Long abandoned by their owners, they accumulate dust as Nigeyi attempts to recoup his labor and expenses.
You also see a wide plank with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the wide plank
Item Price Done
pair of white shoes with badly stitched seams 315   
tattered silk slippers adorned with black opal starbursts 1,804   
shabby purple slippers embellished with a handful of beads 315   
rustic brown leather sandals tied with chewed up laces 405   
frayed pair of leather moccasins 315   
iridescent green ankle boots with uneven heels 338   
pair of gold sandals with thin leather soles 270   
dusty rose slippers embellished with frayed embroidery 315   
bright blue boots mottled with water stains 405   
pair of deep black leather boots with patched holes 405