Spider Cage

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Spider Cage
Event Rarely available
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game

catch miscreation, unyn, nightmare, beast-thing, land-octopus & spiders, get prizes, what's NOT to like?
This game is similar to other Capture the Critter games.


  • When you see one of the various spider types, try to GET it when both hands are empty. You might miss, grab a tiny spidersilk filament with viscous purple beads clinging to it, get stunned, get knocked over or actually catch it!
  • Spiders might escape your grip every ~10 seconds, so run fast!
  • When in the room with the massive web-covered metal cage perched atop wide-set rollers, PUT <spider type> IN CAGE for a prize!


Event Incidentals

The following items can be turned in to the concerned arachnologist or agitated businessman as part of the tasks they give:

  • sliver of crude tomiek chitin
  • tatter of impure spidersilk


Atmospheric Messages

  • A fellow spider-grabber exclaims, "An ihean mysanda? I thought those were a myth! Is that really what it is?"
  • With lightning speed, a metal-grafted nightstalker unyn lashes at a bystander with its long legs and drags him screaming into a web burrow!
  • An engineer storms in, slinging a webbed spider into the cage. "I think that's the last of 'em, for now. I hope." He shudders, then storms off.