Puffs of Glitter (2)

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Puffs of Glitter
Event Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Puffs of Glitter, Shiny Smells]
Glitter in all hues imaginable are smeared indiscriminately across the walls and ceiling in an eye-searing swirl of colors and shine. Set at odd angles in the middle of the room are four tables also completely covered in different colors of glitter.
A doorway painted in a rainbow of sparkly glitter sits in one wall, not quite blending in.
Obvious exits: none.

On the glittered pink table table
Item Price Done
sparkly gold bandeau of spun glitter 117,260   !!
tight-fitting black shadesatin leggings 541,200   !!
loosely coiled black gold asp with glittering shadow emerald eyes 198,440   !!
ornate horned headdress adorned with an abundance of vibrant velvet lilies 135,300   !!
inky blue bowtie covered in crisp white polka dots 13,530   !!
chic black and white striped tunic accented with vibrant peony blooms 27,060   !!
On the glittered purple table table
Item Price Done
adorably cute spun glitter pinafore bedecked with rows of eyelet lace trim 45,100   
glittery goldweave purse in the shape of an enormous seven-pointed star 360,800   !!
gaudy spun rainbow bloomers covered with glittery hearts 180,400   !!
wondrous winterweave tutu with countless layers of snowflake tulle 225,500   !!
spectacular spun rainbow pancake tutu ablaze in a cacophony of colors 180,400   !!
black knee-high combat boots with spun glitter laces 90,200   !!
On the glittered orange table
Item Price Done
intricately braided ring of oshu'mary twigs 9,020   !!
oversized sweater jacket with suede elbow patches 9,020   !!
simple negerat tie pin 180,400   !!
shiny coconut shell bangle painted with tropical flowers 9,020   !!
short polka-dotted apron with a haltered sweetheart neckline 9,020   !!
glorious goldweave doughnut purse drizzled with rainbow sapphire sprinkles 496,100   !!
On the glittered green table
Item Price Done
snow-white winterweave hat trimmed in glittery mink fur 360,820   !!
obnoxiously large diamond engagement ring 1,353,000   !!
pair of ivory lace-knitted thigh socks with a ruffled brim 9,020   !!
crooked mortician's hat with dried flowers caught in the band 90,200   !!
basic cotton shirt 902   !!
chunky platform ankle booties laced with silk strings 18,040   
perfectly pink petalette tutu strewn with rosecloth blossoms 1,353,000   !!