Laughing Nomlas (2)

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The Laughing Nomlas
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Music shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Laughing Nomlas]
Rough wooden planks cover the walls and frame the door to conceal the underlying metal. Sheltering tree boughs stretch from the ceiling as if to greet entering visitors with open arms and wish them luck on their way out. An expansive mural provides the backdrop for the community picnic table situated at the rear of the shop. The carpet of cedar needles upon the floor fills the air with an earthy fragrance, completing the illusion of a secluded forest hideaway.
You also see a solid cedar shelf, a small wire mannequin, a large driftwood barrel with a painted design, a cedar display rack, a hefty cedar counter, a slatted cedar fence, a pink deobar pegboard and a large cedar plank sign painted with bright pink lettering.
Obvious exits: none.

A large cedar plank sign painted with bright pink lettering reads:

"Nomlas - What You Need to Know!"

"1.  The nomlas is a type of fish.  They are good eatin', but I kinda admire them more for their spunk.  
     Ain't easy swimmin' upstream!"

"2.  Nomlas is a color, too.  It's a real interestin' orangey-pink that got its 
     name on account of it lookin' an awful lot like the flesh of the nomlas fish.  
     Strong, manly color, if you ask me!"

An expansive mural:

A crystal blue river rushes over rocks and logs underneath a canopy of towering cedar trees. Dozens of ruddy pink fish leap from the water's depths, trying desperately to complete their journey upstream. One nomlas swims ahead of the rest, succeeding against the river's many obstacles. Its open mouth and sparkling eyes are rendered in such a way as to seem like the triumphant creature is forever laughing in joy.
On a community picnic table
Item Price Done
latticed wooden basket filled with warm pieces of fish-shaped corn bread 0   
large wooden bowl filled with tangy red bliss potato salad 0   
wide wooden platter piled high with grilled sausages in lightly toasted buns 0   
oversized wooden keg of Dwarven ale 0   
On the pink deobar pegboard
Item Price Done
nomlas-shaped bones of smooth Ilithian cedar inlaid with alshabi stone 405,900   
icesteel piccolo inlaid with a variety of tiny orichalcum nomlas 496,100   
painted heartwood mandolin with a carved nomlas fretboard 135,300   
On the slatted cedar fence
Item Price Done
explorer's hiking stick made of fine cedar 7,216   
explorer's hiking stick made of sturdy pine 7,216   
explorer's hiking stick made of gnarled ke'nag 7,216   
In the rustic cedar bucket (which is on a hefty cedar counter)
Item Price Done
vibrant pink fishing pole 902   
bright orange fishing pole with a bamboo handle 902   No
In the small cedar crate (which is on a hefty cedar counter)
Item Price Done
glossy ceramic stein embellished with a smiling nomlas 5,412   
colorful ceramic stein painted with a forest scene 5,412   
simple ceramic stein affixed with a pewter shield 5,412   
In the cushioned cedar box (which is on a hefty cedar counter)
Item Price Done
sparkling pink diamond nomlas 45,100   
forest's heart garnet leaf 45,1000   
On the silk-lined cedar tray (which is on a hefty cedar counter)
Item Price Done
pair of heliotrope earrings with dangling nomlas 766,700   No
silver choker with a dangling heliotrope nomlas 1,082,400   No
wide silver armband inset with pink diamonds 135,300   No
wide nomlas-hued satin headband with pink diamond fish 1,082,400   No
On the cedar display rack
Item Price Done
nomlas-hued cire fishing vest with dangling icesteel lures 1,262,800   No
bright orange fishing hat with dangling heliotrope lures 1,353,000   No
pink rosecloth bodice with nomlas-hued cording 541,200   No
serpentine-hide thigh pouch with a stamped design 270,600   No
brewer's knapsack with a nomlas-shaped toggle 27,060   
fishmonger's apron dyed bright nomlas 9,020   !!
nomlas-hued oilskin hip waders 3,608   !!
tightly woven wicker creel painted with a leaping nomlas 1,353   
nomlas coral pendant carved in a simple fish silhouette 1,804   
brushed silver bracelet with dangling nomlas sapphire fish charms 2,525   
jade earrings carved to resemble graceful leaping fish 2,886   No
On the small wire mannequin
Item Price Done
flowing oceanmist satin dress with an embroidered design 1,804,000   No
On the solid cedar shelf
Item Price Done
nomlas-shaped haralun boomerang with a painted design 2,706,000   No
silversteel dagger with an etched nomlas 2,706,000   No
audrualm stiletto with a painted design 1,353,000   No