Eye Spy (4)

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Eye Spy
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Eye Spy]
Little more than a closet, this tiny room is lit by what can only charitably called a chandelier -- a simple chain hanging from the ceiling supporting a dirty and chipped lantern. A crooked bookshelf huddles in one of the sharp corners, the top shelf and middle shelf displaying spectacles for sale. A squat table holds several wooden heads that are wearing armored goggles, though several of the other display mannequins must sit on the dusty floor beneath the table for lack of room. You also see a narrow door and a glittering brass chest with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the flamethorn heads
Item Price Done
pair of oval Katamba's spire-rimmed spectacles 113,538   No
pair of black cat-eye spectacles studded with tiny rikar crystals 407,814   No
pair of segmented demonbone spectacles with a triskaidecagon shaped frame 209,715   No
pair of square white bone spectacles with iron hinges 8,374   No
pair of horned spectacles made from glossy talan pearl segments 91,200   No
pair of circumcircle-shaped purple-blue iolite spectacles 5,682   No
On the kapok heads
Item Price Done
pair of red and metallic gold camocas leather goggles shaped like hearts 162,360   No
pair of cumulonimbus-shaped uthamar goggles resembling rainclouds 76,670   No
pair of heliotrope helei leather goggles with orange jade buckles 319,534   No
pair of segmented smokewood goggles 67,650   No
pair of goose-turd hued leather goggles with two circular zoetia buckles 31,570   No
pair of white bone goggles with beveled lenses 92,002   No
pair of tawny buckskin lined goggles with hoof-shaped oravir buckles 211,348   No
pair of thick goggles with an ianthine-hued faesilk rim 4,308   No
On the middle shelf
Item Price Done
pair of thick goggles set within a demonbone frame 25 tickets   No
pair of black penguin-hide goggles with thick white ironwood buckles 15 tickets   !!
pair of puce goggles with steel buckles 8 tickets   No
pair of acenite goggles with double leather straps 25 tickets   No