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The ADJUST command allows you to switch your shield between held and arm-worn modes. For all other worn items, it gives an emotive message.

ADJUST is also used to change hairstyles.

For bundles, lumpy or tight, ADJUST is used to toggle on and off the auto bundle when skinning a creature.

Syntax and messaging

  • ADJUST <shield>:
You adjust the straps of your <shield>, lengthening them so that it can be worn across your shoulder.
You adjust the straps of your <shield>, tightening them so that it will fit securely upon your left arm.
  • ADJUST <object>: You adjust your <object> into place.
  • ADJUST <bundle>:
You adjust your (lumpy|tight) bundle to make it neat and compact, although too tight to quickly fit in additional skins.
You adjust your (lumpy|tight) bundle so that you can more easily and more quickly fit in additional skins.