Future is Now (3)

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The Future is Meow
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Dokoras


[The Future is Now, Armillary Sphere]
Contained within the gargantuan iron sphere that forms this chamber are dozens of massive brass rings connected to a globe via a thick central axis. Ceaselessly, the rings twirl and spin about in silent harmony, no two plotting the same course. Prominently featured upon each is a limelight which collectively casts a multihued kaleidoscope of illumination about the room. A particularly wide ring slowly plots a course that offers customers a relatively safe path between the entrance and exit of the shop proper.
You also see a cat flap next to the entrance and the exit to the corridor.
Obvious exits: none.

The Future is Now (entrance)

[The Future is Now, Workshop]
The once spacious workshop is cramped by mechanical flights of fantasy. Many are little more than carefully annotated blueprints, scattered springs and stray gears, while others proudly proclaim their completion with scribbled price tags. Some merchandise lies in tangles and piles of clutter, while others sprawl across the workbench, a side table, the assorted shelving and even the walls. On the workbench is a prominent sign next to a thick treatise.
You also see a polished brass stand and the egress.
Obvious exits: none.

A thick treatise reads:
Brass resonates with similar frequencies to many strands of Fate, which constructively interferences with the potency of divination.

Steel is a particularly durable material in mundane construction, and the alloy can likewise be used to augment divination.

Prophecy is a mathematical procedure.  Proper adherence to formula will result in accurate interpretations.

Foremost amongst the reasons to value gold is the stabilizing influence it offers on the polarity of prediction.
On the assorted shelving
Item Price Done
enruned sandstone bowl 4,510   !!
brass-inlaid black sandstone bowl 5,000,000   No
steel-banded sandstone bowl 5,000,000   No
sandstone bowl rimmed with silver-inlaid formulas 5,000,000   No
white sandstone bowl flecked with gold 5,000,000   No
starstone bowl fitted to a clockwork base 50,000,000   No
On the side table
Item Price Done
gold-bordered Tokka deck 5,000,000   No
etched steel Tokka deck 5,000,000   No
Tokka deck backed with geometric patterns in silver leaf 5,000,000   No
Tokka deck trimmed in brass foil 5,000,000   No
clockwork Tokka deck displaying niello-foiled images 50,000,000   !!
On the tangle of goods
Item Price Done
beryl prism veined with gold 5,000,000   
sapphire prism with an inscribed silver linked chain 5,000,000   
sleek steel chain that cradles a sapphire prism 5,000,000   !!
sapphire prism suspended from a chain of tiny brass gears 5,000,000   !!
sapphire prism within a clockwork cage 50,000,000   !!
On the workbench
Item Price Done
celestial charts scribed in golden ink 5,000,000   !!
machine-printed celestial charts 5,000,000   !!
pale blue celestial charts 5,000,000   !!
black celestial charts foiled with brass 5,000,000   !!
opulent celestial charts sprawled with metallic diagrams 50,000,000   !!
--~~{ A Brief Treatise On Mechanical Divination }~~--
Modern invention and augmentation technology has yielded a number of improvements to the traditional methodologies used in every day divination. A proper treatment of the subject would require vastly more space than is available, so please use this summary of my treatise to make informed purchases.
-- Malva
On the display wall
Item Price Done
gold-backed mirror framed with obsidian spirals 5,000,000   !!
octagonal framed divining mirror 5,000,000   !!
rectangular mirror framed with coiled spring steel 5,000,000   !!
round mirror mounted on a large brass gear 5,000,000   !!
intricate clockwork divining mirror 50,000,000   !!
On the clutter
Item Price Done
gold-inlaid divination bones 5,000,000   !!
glass divination bones etched with mathematical proofs 5,000,000   !!
steel-inlaid divination bones 5,000,000   !!
brass-inlaid divination bones 5,000,000   !!
delicate clockwork divination bones 50,000,000   !!
On the polished brass stand
Item Price Done
compact clockwork telescope 12,500,000   No

The Future is Meow (flap)

[The Future is Meow, Cat Room]
Sounds of a bubbling fountain and pastel pink painted walls enclose this small room anchored by an enormous cat tree. A profusion of cat beds and other surfaces--including a toy box, display, and stand--clutter the already claustrophobic feeling of the room. Dozens of portraits of cats in fancy dress hanging upon the walls, drawing attention away from a pile of fur next to an overstuffed armchair.
You also see a flap leading out. Obvious exits: none.

On the cat tree
Item Price Done
celestial charts filled with inky-black kitten paw-prints 5,000,000   !!
On the bubbling fountain
Item Price Done
polished star-stone bowl etched with feline in a variety of poses 5,000,000   !!
On the toy box
Item Price Done
night diamond prism dangling from a strand of zerarin wool yarn 5,000,000   No
On the card display
Item Price Done
Tokka card - Sly Kitten 50,000   
Tokka card - Sleeping Feline 50,000   
Tokka card - Yawning Kitten 50,000   
Tokka card - Purring Tabby 50,000   
Tokka card - Mischievous Grimalkin 50,000   
Tokka card - Angry Clowder 50,000   
Tokka card - Hissing Mouser 50,000   
Tokka card - Winged Kitten 50,000   
Tokka card - Inquisitive Cat 50,000   
Tokka card - Tailless Tomcat 50,000   
Divination decks
On the card stand
Item Price Done
illustrated Tokka deck showing a turban-wearing Ilithic cat on each back 5,000,000   No
On the cat bed
Item Price Done
silver divination bones inlaid with cobalt kitten paw-prints 5,000,000   No
On the clawed armchair
Item Price Done
Katamba-black divination mirror in the shape of a stylized cat's face 5,000,000   No
On the fur
Item Price Done
gloomwood telescope case with cat-head shaped ivory caps 100,000   No