House of Bones (4)

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The House of Bones
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The House of Bones]
Curtains made of small bones strung on long strings like beads cover the bare metal walls, including the opening for the doorway. Massive pieces of bone furniture fill the room, barely leaving room for the emaciated merchant and order board.

Item Price Done
1. a small rounded demonbone fireplace inset with silver phases of the moon - [fire] 125,000   No
2. a demonbone chair - [chairs (set of 2)] 650,000   No
3. a bone-framed quatrefoil window etched with the visage of Maelshyve - [window] 55,000   No
4. a grey demonbone rocking bed with reinforced black iron girders - [bed] 1,250,000   No
5. a large demonbone vase banded with gold - [general storage] 225,000   No
6. an enneadecagon demonbone table inlaid with niello trefoils - [table] 340,000   No
7. a three-dimensional shard of demonbone wrought to resemble a broken Zaulfung stone - [wall hanging] 33,000   No
8. a three-dimensional rose bloom crafted from bone pieces - [wall hanging] 4,000   No
9. a hexagonal khor'vela frame table with a clear quartz top - [table] 150,000   No
10. a large casket of carved dragon scales made from bone - [general storage] 35,000   No
11. a black ironwood canopy bed with glossy grey silk draping - [bed] 1,250,000   No
12. a wall-sized mosaic containing thousands of bone fragments - [wall] 200,000   !!
13. a bone-framed octagonal spiderweb window - [window] 55,000   No
14. a moradu-bone chair - [chairs (set of 2)] 650,000   No
15. a large open mouth skull shaped fireplace surrounded by bones - [fire] 125,000   No
16. a skeletal armor rack with outstretched arms - [armor stand] 90,000   No
17. a skull curtain - [wall] 200,000   No
18. a mammoth dragon canopy bed - [bed] 150,000   No