Tildi's Blooms (4)

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Tildi's Blooms
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops, Hider shops, Cosmetics shops, Clothing shops, Food shops, Drink shops, Alchemy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

The Hollow

[Tildi's Blooms, The Hollow]
Curling silversteel vines wind upward from the floor to spread out across the walls and ceiling of this dome-shaped room. Gem flowers of topaz, alexandrite and ruby partly hide among the many leaves that sprout from the thorn covered tendrils. Backlighted blue glass gives the impression of a boundless sky behind the creepers. On one side the vines twine together to create an open archway, while in other spots giant-sized leaves are crafted into shelves. A rug the color of new grass completely covers the floor.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the smooth silversteel leaf
Item Price Done
series of tiny tyrium hairpins tipped with ulhari prism honeywort flowers 3,161,059   !!
exquisitely detailed camellia bloom carved from snowy white alerce 340,505   !!
cluster of vibrant scarlet dragonar woolflowers tucked within velvet greenery 157,850   !!
trio of bell-shaped snowdrops swaying from a spiraled stalk of Elven gold 184,910   !!
serpentine stem of shiny silversteel snakeroot 317,955   !!
massive gemfire velvet sunflower tinted in rich autumnal hues 295,405   !!
arcing spray of bright yellow winter jasmine dotted with tiny svelae dewdrops 374,690   
pair of clouded sky blue mistglass spider chrysanthemums 126,280   !!
On the giant leaf made from silversteel
Item Price Done
immense shadesatin magnolia blossom surrounded by lush midnight green leaves 169,165   !!
mottled branch of crapemyrtle laden with ruffled sanguine-hued flowers 78,925   !!
miniature plum tree flourishing with dark marquisette leaves and pale blooms 275,502   !!
ring-shaped hair fastener crowned with a globular diamond-studded mimosa flower 553,602   !!
handful of fragile glass-captured cherry blossoms framed in anlora-avtoma 47,580   !!
gently curved rose gold barrette shaped into a branch of flowering crab apple 66,297   !!
cloisonne comb detailed with gilt-edged branches of pallid dogwood blooms 55,247   !!
redbud spiral sprouting dainty heart-shaped leaves and speckled fuchsia flowers 28,187   !!
On the polished leaf of silversteel
Item Price Done
lavish garland of brilliant fire agate and orichalcum marigolds 237,406   !!
twisted chain of five-petaled hellebore flowers shaded in muted wine-dark hues 58,630   !!
supple length of verdant tel'athi wire laden with opaline glass beautyberries 68,055   !!
plaited length of dusky zibeline abloom with shimmering jaalmin morning glories 122,130   !!
delicate hair ribbon of zerarin lace 175,439   !!
slender silveress hair ribbons striped in vibrant goldenrod hues 203,626   !!
fragile rose gold chain twined with countless pastel candytuft blooms 128,535   !!
wide silk ribbon stitched with a striking pattern of bicolor garden pansies 55,473   !!
On the slightly curled leaf crafted from silversteel
Item Price Done
interlaced branches of red maple replete with fiery-hued foliage 29,315   !!
braided brocade vine dappled with delicate groupings of pale yellow honeysuckle 82,307   !!
streamer scattered with firethorn berries wrought from vibrant red-orange glaes 520,905   !!
plaited stems of verdant rosemary budding with vivid blue flowers 22,928   !!
long coil of green gold wintercreeper vine overgrown with Elven snowlace blooms 315,700   !!
pink wisteria blooms swaying from twined lengths of velvet-covered vine 33,825   !!
faceted clusters of heliotrope spirea flowers strung upon a slim silver cord 1,224,465   !!
wide spun glitter ribbon stitched with shimmering rainbow-hued gardenias 65,395   !!


[Tildi's Blooms, Annex]
Smoky glass is used to cover the metal walls and ceiling mimicking a cloudy night's sky. Tiny lights inserted behind the glass help to give the impression of distant stars peeking through the cloud cover. Draping from a center point on the ceiling is a square-seated swing with green ropes the hue of new leaves. A low ground cover of blackberry vines made from silversteel twist together to create unique stands and tables made from brambles and leaves.
Obvious exits: southeast, south.

On the silversteel stand created from twisting vines
Item Price Done
stately dragonfire brocade backpack smudged with sooty black glitter - contains a spacious dragonar lootsack splashed with flame-red glitter, a scale-etched orichalcum lockpick ring suspending a teardrop dragon's blood ruby, an oversized cushion resembling a lumpy pile of glittering treasure, a stuffed knight's helm mounted upon a glitvire shield wreathed in dragonflowers, a dramatic soot-black greatcloak lined in scintillating dragonfire brocade, an imposing orichalcum crown centered with an enormous dragon's heart ruby, a gorgeous dragonwood torque fitted with large segments of dragonfire amber and a massive gold-plated dragon 10,688,700   !!
colossal garden snail housed within a glittering gem-encrusted shell - contains a glistening bright yellow banana slug covered in inky splotches, a glass-paneled greenhouse, a broad dark green sun hat wreathed in lovely white and yellow daisies, a bright yellow kerchief pinned with a tiny bejeweled garden snail, a lovely oxeye daisy with a glittering yellow center, a thick gardener's cushion upholstered in sturdy daisy-dotted canvas, a pair of bright yellow gardening galoshes with thick soles and some sturdy dark green gardening coveralls covered in white daisies 527,670   No
magnificent diamond-hide star awash in shimmering celestial hues - contains a glittering star-streaked sign that reads "PERFORMANCE IN PROGRESS!", a lustrous silveress kimono layered over a midnight purple shadesatin under-robe, a tiny star-shaped night diamond nose stud, a gleaming silversteel hairbrush inset with a trio of night diamonds, a little round hand mirror painted to resemble a night sky dappled with stars, some glimmering midnight glitter swirled with night diamond stars, some shimmering opalescent powder and some night-black kohl 6,219,290   !!
plump peach alpaca wearing a dashing knit scarf - contains a pair of snowy white crochet hooks painted with tiny green cacti, a series of tiny pastel yarn balls being chased by a herd of toy-sized alpacas, some thigh-high knit socks striped in soft pastel hues, some crocheted peach leggings covered with fluffy alpaca and flowering cacti, a pair of fluffy heart-shaped earmuffs striped in soft pastel hues, some puffy peach ombre snow mittens, a chunky knit scarf patterned with pompom-flowered green cacti and a soft eolienne sweater depicting a fluffy peach-furred alpaca on the front 2,126,465   No
abyssal black bag webbed in fragile silver-tinged wildlace - contains a flowing twilight-hued shroud trailing tattered remnants of pallid wildlace, a midnight-tinted glass mask covered in a delicate web of glimmering spidersilk, some wildlace bandages tinted in muted shades of eventide, some twilight-hued glitter, a cracked black cameo strung upon a ragged length of faded wildlace, some strands of khor'vela wood beads interspersed with atramentous pitch pearls, a squat gloamstone basin filled with an assortment of odd stone-like succulents and a delicate flower spider wrought from spun glass tinted in faded eventide hues 5,454,845   
sleek crossbody messenger's satchel fastened with ghostly mistglass hardware - contains a colorful assortment of boldly outlined symbols, some small-gauged hoops wrought from ghostly mistglass, a slightly oversized slouched beanie knit from a blend of darkly tinted yarn, a pair of pointy ankle boots wrapped in narrow mistglass-buckled straps, some ridiculously tight slim-fit black trousers artfully ripped at both knees, a narrow black leather belt studded with mistglass, a lightweight v-necked sweater layered over a collared floral-printed black shirt and a hip-length dark blue canvas jacket lined in soft lambswool 3,190,861   No
hefty canvas tote covered in red hearts and inky black paw prints - contains an enormous velvet-upholstered pet bed full of plumply stuffed pillows, a plush inky black puppy dog costume with a fluffy curved tail, a roomy pig-sized canvas shopping bag painted with dozens of bright red hearts, an inky black card dotted with glossy red hearts, a wide rhinestone-encrusted collar dangling a pair of silvery heart-shaped tags, a small kitten-sized shopping basket overflowing with colorful cloth scraps, some cute little whiskers and a heart-spotted burlap catnip mouse with an excessively long tail 3,632,805   No
cute rainbow-shaped purse covered in glimmering sequins - contains a cloud-white juice carton covered in sparkling glitter rainbows, a cloud-white card splashed with rainbow glitter, a pair of glossy cloud-shaped barrettes linked by a wide glittering rainbow, a pair of glossy black shoes with wide buckled straps, some spun glitter ankle socks striped in rainbow colors, a cloud-white top with the words "HAPPY LITTLE THOUGHTS" printed on the front, some knee-length spun rainbow overalls trimmed with cloud-white lace and a pair of puffy white spun glitter clouds 2,206,201   No
On the blackberry vine table molded from silversteel
Item Price Done
ethereal lace collar centered with a glimmery mother-of-pearl cameo brooch 135,300   !!
robin egg blue eolienne pack with tiny white edelweiss stitched upon the straps 1,127,500   !!
knotwork tussie-mussie brooch filled with vibrant blue forget-me-nots 135,300   !!
verdant tel'athi crown with a tall spire holding aloft a Hav'roth's ambrosia 180,400   !!
glossy nutflower boutonniere bound with a band of striped cream-on-chocolate silk 135,300   !!
four-strand necklace of stephanotis blossoms sculpted from winter white acenite 180,400   !!
delicate openwork Elven gold handflower cradling a lucent sana'ati heart 496,700   !!
richly oiled leather belt quiver covered with autumnal leaves dusted in gold 135,300   !!
A colorful note reads:
"Collar: Hides magical, head, and body jewelry Pack: Hides containers, gwethdesuans, and belt-worn items. Brooch: Hides cambrinth, trinkets & worn skinning knives. Crown: Hides itself, bundles & cambrinth. Boutonniere: Hides magical jewelry, trinkets & all containers." Necklace: Hides head and body jewelry & containers. Belt quiver: Hides bundles, worn skinning knives & belt-worn items."
On the silversteel bramble stand
Item Price Done
ethereal spun glitter cape lined in heliotrope icesilk 1,804,000   !!
floor-length pale grey eolienne cassock clasped with a glaes Eylhaar wing orchid 2,796,200   !!
dusky dewberry glitter 45,100   !!
translucent crystal dust 54,120   !!
tangle of thorny black vines dripping with silvery Elven tears 135,300   !!
winged orichalcum headdress set with a large merlot ruby 541,200   !!
simple silken tailband woven from brightly shaded buttercups 36,080   !!
tel'athi chainmail tail guard studded with chunks of Heke'mhhg lazuli 496,100   !!
On the silversteel table crafted to look like a tangle of leaves
Item Price Done
radiant Gemfire ruby sunset dahlias limned in gold 270,600   !!
dark glitter dotted with scarlet bee balm 72,160   
pair of tiny smoky diamond fox blossom studs 58,630   !!
lacy green gold ear-frill blooming with opal yarrow flowers 90,200   !!
slim animite septum ring threaded through an amaranth riftstone 721,600   !!
pair of sparkly taffelberry-black hearts 36,080   !!
cloud of penumbral spectrolite bats 90,200   !!
dainty dawns-eye daisy nose stud 225,500   !!

Bugs and Flowers

[Tildi's Blooms, Bugs and Flowers]
In soft oranges, yellows and golds, variegated glass creates the appearance of a sunrise up the walls and onto the ceiling. Lights are placed along the bottom edge of the walls to further the illusion, leaving the glass up high darker as the true sky would be with the first touches of the morning light. An oversized rose, daisy, lotus and poppy stand in each corner of the room. Made from different metals, they spread their fake petals wide to form the sales surfaces..
Obvious exits: west, northwest.

On the Elven gold daisy
Item Price Done
slender grey blob formed from shimmering firesilk petals 451,000   !!
slender green blob wrapped in woven daisy chains 451,000   !!
shapeless blue blob infused with tropical flower-shaped glitter 451,000   !!
shapeless black blob made from sparkly spun glitter ribbons 541,200   !!
shapeless sage blob tangled in thorny silversteel rose vines 1,172,600   !!
shapeless orange blob with a tiny hummingbird perched on its head 451,000   !!
See Morph Pet for more info.
On the blue mistglass rose
Item Price Done
crescent honeyeater bearing bright yellow markings on its grey wings 225,500   !!
abattoir of shrikes shaded in muted umbral hues 225,500   !!
glittering night diamond snail housed in a spiraled silver-limned shell 451,000   !!
opaque glass slug swirled with flecks of blue gold 451,000   !!
little rosy pink pig with lacy cloud-white wings 451,000   !!
baby fruit bat covered in ginger-spotted black fur 225,500   
delicate luna moth made of pale green crystal 225,500   !!
crimson rose butterfly with soft velvet wings 225,500   !!
On the tyrium poppy
Item Price Done
metallic mesh purse suspended from a braided ribbon strap - Contains: a wirework pendant dangling from a narrow ribbon choker and a sunstar jasper dianthus flower 90,200   !!
petite oceanmist satin pouch tinted in shades of aqueous blue - Contains: a glistening aquamarine rivertear and an elegant bracelet of alternating geshi and idopun pearls 360,800   !!
slim wine-red dergatine pocket trimmed in frilly black lace - Contains: a lively merlot ruby dusk rose and a sculpted orichalcum ring with an empty setting mired in tangled briars 451,000   !!
two-tone poke fashioned from pallid lotusweave - Contains: an ametrine eglantine rose and a double helix silversteel armlet 947,100   !!
shimmering goldweave purse hanging from cyan cords - Contains: a gold-webbed blue-green aeschelich and an exceptionally long thrice-wrapped beaded leather lariat 360,800   !!
soft cashmere memento pouch with a delicate shireli lace overlay - Contains: a strand of fine Elven gold wire and a faded pink coral forget-me-not 631,400   !!
glimmering windstorm gossamer pocket trimmed in silveress - Contains: a dramatic tiered necklace comprised from a multitude of silver chains and a stormy grey wasp-shaped wraithheart 451,000   !!
A bright pink note reads:
"Please look inside each container before purchase as they are all different Be very careful when handling the gems inside, as they can be lost if accidentally placed within a tied gem pouch!"
On the silversteel lotus
Item Price Done
plump blue-banded bee with diamond-tipped antennae 225,500   !!
nest of hornets carved from glittering almiris 225,500   !!
giant black amber wasp with iridescent wings 225,500   !!
tiny bluetail damselfly with mother-of-pearl wings 225,500   !!
sprinkle of fireflies made of scintillating gold-backed opal 225,500   !!
pudgy cinnamon-chested bee-eater with a long beak 225,500   !!
striking sunset moth displaying six brightly colored wings 225,500   !!
spun rainbow peacock spider with gold-dipped legs 451,000   !!

Picnic in the Garden

[Tildi's Blooms, Picnic in the Garden]
Lush grass has somehow been grown inside this room with walls painted to resemble a verdant garden. Dangling from a ceiling designed to have the look of a gathering storm are puffy clouds that way back and forth with any movement of the air. A sturdy mistwood picnic table covered in a checkered cloth resides in the center of the area with a cluster of colorfully painted garden gremlins gathered near one end. A squat pineapple yellow bench sits against one wall bordered on either side by a fluted marble birdbath and a bumbershoot stand splattered with lime green paint. Up against another wall is a rustic whitewashed cutlery cabinet that appears to be leaning to one side. A spun glitter quilt is spread out in one of the open spaces upon the soft grasses.
Obvious exits: west.

On the fluted marble birdbath overgrown with Elven ivy
Item Price Done
pocket-sized glass bottle coated in violently violet glitter - Contains: a itsy-bitsy pixie brandishing a vial of violaceous glitter 234,520   No
ruddy round glass bottle covered in incandescent red-gold glitter - Contains: a vivid austone-eyed rencate fire sprite wielding a blackened greatsword 99,220   !!
delicate glass bottle tinted hazy blue - Contains: a glimmery mistglass nyad captured by a delicate silver chain 505,120   No
pear-shaped glass bottle stoppered with an autumn jasper maple leaf - Contains: a slender leafy woodwisp tethered to an autumn jasper stud 54,120   !!
slender frosted glass bottle painted with a delicate spray of cherry blossoms - Contains: a tiny dark-eyed dryad seated within the branches of a cherry pozumshi tree 54,120   !!
misshapen glass bottle splashed with vibrant floral-toned glitter - Contains: a collection of squashed fairies tinted in colorful floral hues 54,120   !!
A daisy-shaped card reads:
"Each of the lovely bottles floating in this birdbath contains a denizen of the fae. Please use caution when opening, as fairies under pressure may be a wee bit mad! (Miss Tildi feels it is only right to inform her customers that although these may look incredibly lifelike, no actual fae were harmed in the creation.)"
On the bumbershoot stand splattered with lime green paint
Item Price Done
delicate bloodlace parasol tinted in faded magenta hues 360,800   !!
dainty shireli lace parasol dotted with magnificent peacock jaspers 2,706,000   !!
radiant spun glitter bumbershoot threaded with lustrous silversteel 586,300   !!
pale winterweave bumbershoot with a deeply curved icesteel handle 721,600   !!
artfully curved bubble umbrella covered in claret camlet 902,000   
misty spun rainbow umbrella with a hollow gem-filled handle 1,037,300   !!
On the squat pineapple yellow bench topped with a woven reed mat
Item Price Done
stylish camlet galoshes dyed an intense orange hue 108,240   !!
dusky blue galoshes painted with bolts of glittering silver lightning 49,610   !!
mismatched galoshes with thick gummed soles 36,080   !!
bright leaf-green galoshes patterned with little chubby finches 45,100   !!
glossy black galoshes with a spun rainbow bandana wrapped around one ankle 135,300   !!
knee-high galoshes covered in a fine webbing of translucent spidersilk 225,500   !!
A bright blue note reads:
"Please be mindful when selecting your galoshes, as they may look quite similar at a quick glance!"
On the pretty spun glitter quilt dotted with itty bitty tyrium pansies
Item Price Done
peculiar black picnic basket made to resemble an eight-legged mechanical spider 90,200   !!
artfully woven glitvire picnic basket lined in dusk-hued spun glitter 2,225,000   
spacious Ilithic applewood picnic basket with twin handles 451,000   !!
large tri-level picnic basket made of lustrous tamboti planks 1,623,600   !!
fancy white wicker picnic basket twined with spun rainbow ribbons 270,600   !!
cylindrical wicker picnic basket banded in buttercream yellow suede 45,100   !!
A basket-shaped card reads:
"As with other picnic baskets of this nature, they can be refilled at participating catering shops, or with individual items by hand."
In the rustic whitewashed cutlery cabinet
Item Price Done
long bamboo skewer that ends in a cluster of lacquered paper leaves 45,100   !!
pair of dark iroko chopsticks capped in boneflower-carved ivory 225,500   !!
pair of silversteel sugar tongs with curving claw-shaped ends 586,300   !!
mother-of-pearl salt spoon with jewelweed blossoms framing the scalloped bowl 180,400   !!
duo of short butter knives with ornately wrought handles 63,140   !!
slightly tarnished silver salad fork with an intricately detailed handle 54,120   !!
A plate-shaped sheet reads:
"These utensils have been slightly modified for use in securing ones hair. Please be mindful when purchasing this unique cutlery, as at a quick glance they may look quite similar!"
On the cluster of colorfully painted garden gremlins
Item Price Done
trio of diminutive black sporks striped in rainbow glitter 180,400   !!
triangular two-tined spork carved from fragrant lemonwood 72,160   !!
pair of long-handled sporks with buttercups painted upon each shallow scoop 90,200   !!
tri-colored ice cream spork topped with a sparkly red cherry 45,100   !!
salt-white alerce wood spork twined with a curl of Elven ivy 405,900   !!
three-tined spork with sapphire iceberries filling the hollow glass handle 45,100   !!
A rainbow-hued paper reads:
"These utensils have been slightly modified for use in securing ones hair. Please be mindful when purchasing these unique sporks, as at a quick glance they may look quite similar!"
On the picnic table
Item Price Done
massive cast iron skillet heaped high with crispy bacon sandwiches 0   !!
steaming cauldron of spicy red bean chili set beside crisped cornbread bowls 0   !!
ears of corn still wrapped in their husk resting upon a bed of hot coals 0   !!
broad wooden bowl overflowing with a colorful salad of mixed greens 0   !!
giant pineapple holding skewers of roasted pork brushed with a bright red glaze 0   !!
slab of ice set with dozens of frosty globes filled with sparkling fruit water 0   !!
bright red pitcher of iced tea standing tall beside some mismatched glasses 0   !!
large glass punch bowl filled with frozen slices of fruit and sunny lemonade 0   !!
few glass jars packed full of tiny pickled pears packed in tangy brine 0   
cheery waxed carton pierced with a straw shaped like a tiny paper umbrella 0   !!
grilled slices of pound cake towering over bowls of whipped cream and fruit 0   !!
gleaming silver coffee carafe sending wisps of fragrant steam into the air 0   !!