Jhiskar's Provisions (4)

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Jhiskar's Provisions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 428
Owner Jhiskar
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Crafting shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Jhiskar's Provisions]
The light from a hanging lantern dances over woven reed mats that cover the metal walls and floor. Strips of bell-laden leather crisscross the ceiling overhead, the tiny brass bells tinkling melodically with the breeze caused by any passing customer.
You also see a small crate, a burlap sack, a woven grass basket, a rough table with several things on it, an ironwood pole with several things on it and a door flap.
Obvious exits: east.

In the small crate
Item Price Done
dark woodcutter's saw with a blackend steel blade 2,886   
sturdy woodcutter's saw with an ebonwood handle 2,886   
sturdy carpenter's saw with a burlwood handle 2,886   
serrated carpenter's saw etched with stylized archers 2,886   
ornate woodcutter's saw with silver filigree along the handle 2,886   
dented carpenter's saw with a curving serrated blade 2,886   

In the burlap sack
Item Price Done
blued-steel carving knife with a silverwillow handle 4,510   
vine-engraved fletcher's knife with an ivory-inlaid handle 4,510   
ribboned-steel bowyer's knife with a birchbark handle 4,510   
watered-steel carving knife with a polished mistwood handle 4,510   
flintknapped coral carving knife with a smooth mahogany grip 4,510   

In the grass basket
Item Price Done
ebony-handled steel wood shaper 270   
lambswool-wrapped blued-steel wood shaper 293   
feather-etched bronze wood shaper 432   
gloomwood-handled blackened steel wood shaper 270   
bowyer's wood shaper 270   
ostentatious bejeweled platinum shaper 631   
wood shaper with a diamond-patterned adderwood grip 270   
ironwood-handled wood shaper 270   
blackened-steel wood shaper 270   
heavy black iron wood shaper 270   

On the rough table
Item Price Done
bowyer's drawknife with an adderwood hilt 27,060   
golden oak-hilted drawknife set with a frost opal 135,300   
platinum drawknife with a haze sapphire pommel 27,060   
stone drawknife set with a trio of moonstones 902   
fletcher's drawknife with a orchicalcum hilt 180,400   

On the ironwood pole
Item Price Done
supple leather pouch 1,555   !!
leather tote fastened with an adderwood toggle 27,060   !!
wyvern-hide bag clasped with a large claw 1,555   !!
tattered sack crafted from various animal hides 1,555   !!
worn leather poke painted with stylized hawks 1,555   !!
fletching tote stamped with the Rangers' Guild crest 1,555   !!
fletching pouch of green-dyed raw silk 1,555   !!
suede bag stitched with numerous feathers 1,555   !!
fletching bag crafted from cured leather 1,984   !!
reinforced sack with claw-tipped strings 1,555   !!

[Jhiskar's Provisions]
Bundles of wood and piles of pelts are stacked wherever space will allow, covering the inherently metallic scent of the room with musty and sweet aromas. A cluster of beeswax candles and a slowly smoldering bundle of sage burden a small table set well away from the leather-encased walls.
You also see a peg board with several things on it and a carved sandlewood chest.
Obvious exits: west.

On the rough-hewn table
Item Price Done
grey camouflage sarrak dyed with hues of granite and flint 1,353   !!
soft camouflage kimono batiked with the deep colors of midnight 1,353   
leather cowl adorned with bits of foliage 7,216   !!!!
camouflage odaj patterned with lush greens and a tree bark clasp 1,353   !!
desert camouflage gamantang dyed in the subtle tones of dune and brush 1,353   !!
thick-handled throwing hammer shaped like an uncut rock 505   !!!!
unstained deobar quarterstaff 360   
reinforced hide gloves with thick padding 207   !!!!
lightweight camouflage netting scattered with clinging dead leaves 7,667   !!!!
hunk of dried yak dung 1,172   !!

On the peg board
Item Price Done
tooled leather woodcutter's belt decorated with antiqued arrowheads 13,530   !!
scarred leather carver's belt with iron studs 13,530   !!
broad leather forger's belt 13,530   !!
spotted woodcutter's belt 13,530   !!
plaited carver's belt with an ornate buckle 13,530   !!
bear-pelt fletcher's belt decorated with claws 13,530   !!
bowyer's belt crafted from red fox fur 13,530   !!
scaled miner's belt decorated with reddish-black Adan'f tail barbs 13,530   !!
wide leather miner's belt decorated with animite studs 13,530   !!
A note reads: “The belts on this peg board have ties for 1 item and are each configured to hold 2-3 items. Miner - pickaxe & shovel. Forger - hammer & tongs. Carver - drawknife, knife, & rasp. Woodcutter - saw & scissors. Fletcher/Bowyer - shortbow, longbow, & bow”
*NOTE: The woodcutter actually holds axe & scissors currently. Possible bug.

In the sandlewood chest
Item Price Done
crimson leather arm quiver tooled with the image of an Eu's Promise flower 3,608   !!
slender viper-skin thigh quiver strung with snake skulls 3,157   !!
chainmail and leather thigh quiver with rainbow beading 3,157   !!
lumpy arm quiver of stained leather 3,608   !!
leather quiver painted with dancing pivuh 3,608   !!
sleek circular arm quiver 3,608   !!
rugged iron-studded quiver with frayed straps 3,608   !!
hide quiver strung with beaded crow feathers 3,608   !!
rough quiver strung with several pelts 3,608   !!
supple leather thigh quiver branded with the Ranger Guild crest 3,968   !!