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The Hollow Eve Festival is an annual event. This page documents the shops and games open during the Hollow Eve 436 festival (2020).


  • Shops that are brand new (or have new inventory) are indicated in bold.
To claim your gift: From Andreshlew, East Dock, GO through the TURNSTILE, go NORTHEAST, then GO into the WIDE BUILDING, and OPEN the TRUNK.
  • Immediately on arrival to the festival grounds, you will find a table to purchase your invitation(s) and a barrel to purchase fast travel on the dolphins. This and the nearby rooms are available to all players, no ticket to the event is required. Tickets are required to go through gates, turnstiles & alleys that lead off the docks.
  • Greeters will be seen wandering throughout the festival periodically, offering help with where to find things and handing out gifts.

Roaming In Any Section

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
roaming Darkbox Darkbox game yes Yes
roaming Rothov High Enchanter Rothov food enchantment for weapons yes Yes

Island Sections

overview map TBD
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  • See instructions below before editing this table.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete
  • Bolded shops have new and/or updated inventory.

Dockside of the island

HE436 wiki thumbnail01.jpg

Docks & Sinuous Shore Road

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 1 in the room Andreshlew South Dock Hollow Eve invitation, Hollow Eve authorization & dolphin fast travel yes Yes
room 2 the Gallaenia Gallaenia bank services tied to the Crossing account yes Yes
room 10 down the alley
silver door
Crimson Dragon Gaming game yes Yes
room 14 brightly colored tent The Mind of Sdai gift bags yes No
room 14 heavily reinforced building In Shining Armor elemental-themed armor (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 14 plain pine shop Wally's World of Walls home rare-material walls yes Yes
room 15 shiny platinum tent All the Loot rare-material AUTOLOOT containers yes Yes
room 15 opulent wide building Saidakyp of Andreshlew HE gift, Item Registration, alterations yes Yes
room 15 stucco building Altered Reactions limited charge combat maneuvers yes Yes
room 15 cozy bungalow with a horse-shaped sign out front Force of Habit footwear & spurs yes No
room 15 deep vermilion yurt Gersvinda's Natural Studies containers & Anatomy charts Empath, Trader yes No
room 16 simple lean-to The Initial Idea A-Z pendants yes No
room 16 in the room peddler's cart scalp wax yes No
room 17 entrance to a spherical hovel painted to resemble a moongate The Future is Now Moon Mage divination tools (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 17 yeehar-skin tent Hashal's Haven cambrinth, rare-material clothing, containers & jewelry yes Yes
room 17 enormous book stall All in Good Tome Textbooks, writting supplies yes No
room 17 squat shop Lost Soles footwear yes No
room 17 cramped shack Bobbing for Lamprey game yes Yes

Palace Road

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 11 stately grey tent The Male Persuasion clothing (some rare materials) yes No
room 11 cream-colored building Two Doors Down housing doors yes Yes
room 11 cramped bungalow Birds of a Feather bird-themed clothing, jewelry & containers yes No
room 13 in the room Pishuna Ithniwe chocolate, all the chocolate yes Yes
room 13 series of sandalwood caravans Hollow Eve Festival 436 Auction unique items yes Yes

Dock Walk & Pearl Road

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 18 standing in the room cheerful Elven peddler giftwrap your items yes Yes
room 18 modest bamboo stall with a slanted kokona reed roof The Joys of Noise musical instruments (some rare materials) yes No
room 18 thatch-roofed wooden hut Sketchy By Design writting tools (some rare materials); home decorations Thief No
room 18 spun glitter tent Puffs of Glitter glitter-themed clothing & containers with atmo (some rare materials) yes No
room 18 tiny shack ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs "tourist" shop; clothing, containers, toys yes Yes
room 19 whitewashed shop with a shell garland hanging along the eaves Beachcomber Delights shell-themed items; containers; home decorations yes No
room 19 bright red and white tent Fialma's Fine Tiles home floors yes No
room 19 black yurt The Naked Sheep wool clothing & toys yes No
room 20 painted oak wagon Sithrim's Speciality Tables home tables yes No
room 20 brick shop with an Ilithic applewood door Comfortable Rakash Rakash-themed clothing (some rare materials) Rakash, Estate Holder No
room 20 salt-stained shack Dock of Many Flings nautical-themed weapons, containers & clothing yes No
room 20 white pavillion Limited Treasures periodic limited, high quality items yes No
room 21 web-covered ziggurat Accents for the Arachnophile spider-themed clothing, cambrinth, sanowret crystals, brawling gear, containers, jewelry & housing (some rare materials) yes No
room 21 hide-covered shack Old Elmer's dead horse-themed weapons, clothing & jewelry yes Yes
room 21 steel-grey tent Women at Arms Annex weapons, armor & clothing yes No
room 22 multi-colored cottage Tweets bird-themed clothing yes No
room 22 the Dolefaren The Dolefaren inn with food & drink yes Yes
room 22 white building Affair of the Art home wall hangings yes Yes
room 23 glistening sandcastle with battling figurines amongst its crenellations Siegery Shop Siegery figures and sets (some rare materials) yes No
room 23 ramshackle structure made from grey driftwood planks Whimsical Winds musical instruments (some rare materials) yes No
room 23 tall building Pane in the Glass home windows yes No
room 24 low blue silk tent Playarhin's Pits home shellpits & sandpits (beds) yes No
room 24 stone building Bam Bam's blunt weapons (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 24 white and blue cozy shop In The Snow weather changing cloaks (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 24 crude wagon Leftovers bone-themed armor, weapons, containers & tact yes No
room 25 sandstone hall Crown and Anchor game yes Yes
room 26 nearby shrine Andreshlew Holy Shrine Pilgrim's badge-aligned altar yes Yes
room 26 large sparkling greenhouse Clear Visions telescopes, wrist knives, jewelry, toys & home windows (some rare materials) yes No
room 26 sandy structure Darsam's Drifters "drifter" jewelry yes No
room 26 snake skin pavilion Nest o' Snakes snake-themed bola weapons, containers and clothing yes No
room 27 white-marbled pavilion Andreshlew's Grand Raffle occasional raffle events yes Yes

Falashtan side of the island

Falashtan & Suporni Tomerszentani

HE436 wiki thumbnail02.jpg
Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 28 capacious celadon avia pavilion embroidered with a plethora of golden chrysanthemums Cultured Attire Elven Clan-themed clothing, weapons, armor, jewelry & instruments (some rare materials) yes No
room 28 small building made entirely from the horned carapace of some giant crustacean Eluned's Dreams in Flesh tattoos yes Yes
room 28 stonework shop Gearanimals home clockwork-themed pets yes No
room 28 large goose turd-hued lean-to with a boot-shaped doorway Give 'Em the Boot rare-material footwear yes No
room 29 white shop Floors for Thought home floors yes Yes
room 29 grimy shack Holey Warez containers yes No
room 29 wooden building with a sugar-coated door I'll Eat My Hat edible clothing yes Yes
room 30 polished lunat caravan with delicate openwork Empty Settings gem-setting jewelry (some rare-materials) yes No
room 30 walnut wagon painted with dancing teacups Tea for Tamsine weapons; shields; tea sets; home kitchen-themed furniture yes No
room 30 enclosed gazebo of gold-plated haon etched with semidemiquaver notes The Musiceum instruments yes No
room 31 pink pavilion swagged with floral garlands Nidia's Nightmares flower patterns & rare flowers yes No
room 31 rainbow-colored tent Skyward Crafting crafting tools (some rare materials) yes No
room 32 soot-streaked flamethorn wagon Hunka's Burning Love portable stoves; burnable fuel; food cooking gear yes No
room 33 canvas tent Natural Selections brawling gear yes Yes
room 33 white keg-shaped caravan Ode to Glythtide drinking-themed weapons, containers, toys, writing sets, smoking gear & instruments Estate Holder yes No
room 33 gaudy yellow wagon One Man's Trash jewelry; home decorations yes No
room 34 pebbled path leading into a small amphitheater Stupid Terrestrian Tricks game yes Yes
room 34 gigantic tapestry tent with multicolored banners flying All the King's Men clothing yes Yes
room 34 wooden chuckwagon Pita Pan kitchen-themed weapons & armor yes Yes
room 34 wooly yarn-covered yurt The Kitten Emporium rare material kitten homes yes No
room 35 canvas tent Cowsmoopolitan cow-themed weapons, armor, shields, containers & clothing yes No
room 35 stately black caravan Finer Things rare-material jewelry, clothing & containers; Finest Box of Gems game yes Yes
room 36 lobed doorway Silah's Sundries weapons; armor; cambrinth; clothing; jewelry yes No
room 36 otter den Sea Otter Smash game yes Yes
room 36 small brick building Fabric Fantasies rare fabrics for alterations yes Yes
room 36 large shop with bright red shutters Sew It Seems verby containers and clothing yes Yes
room 37 weathered shack Under the Sea ocean creature-themed toys yes No
room 37 large steel-banded wagon Sputkin's Splendors spell scrolls; rare-material weapons; lockable containers; clothing; jewelry; Cleric gear & prayer mats yes Yes
room 38 souvenir shop Lances and Roses Souvenir Shop weapons; dolls; ribands yes Yes
room 38 entrance to "The Great Sea Battle" Great Sea Battle game Yes
room 39 vine-covered building Amphibifriends home pets yes No
room 40 lopsided structure Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs cambrinth; charm bracelets yes Yes
room 40 white cottage covered with flowering vines Flower Power flower-themed weapons, armor & shields yes No
room 40 wide wooden stall displaying a pair of armored boots Made for Walking armored footwear (legs) (some rare materials) yes No
room 40 mahogony wagon Nigeyi's Footwear rare-material footwear yes No
room 40 domed coral shop Shapers Furnishings home nautical-themed items yes No
room 41 in the Saphtinagi room Undertaker Grichye death depart messages yes Yes
room 41 side passage
game rules in room #47
Water Tunnel Race game Yes
room 50 in the Rubtanagi room Wierge arrival & departure messages yes Yes
room 50 in the Rubtanagi room
jagged crevice
Corroded Corner weapons; orlogs - This shop was accidently released and has been removed. No
room 51 in the Raldtanagi room rusted mechanical fortuneteller game Yes

Suporni Kavmalitan

HE436 wiki thumbnail03.jpg
Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 53 painted wooden structure Hidden Treasures piñatas yes No
room 53 dark pine wagon hung with silver rattles and warding beads Misenseor Goods weapons; scrolls; pilgrim's badges; containers; clerical clothing yes No
room 53 blue pavilion painted with musical notes Dark Symphony instruments, wall hangings, containers, and bardic jewelry Bards, Traders yes No
room 53 tall silk tent Jhanine Dering Cloaks cloaks and robes (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 54 cotton tent Everything in Moderation containers; women's clothing; toys yes No
room 54 big blue building with large yellow letters on the front Heikea IKEA-style housing items; food yes No
room 54 cramped shop Quiver in Fear quivers; fletching pouches yes No
room 55 rusted wagon Mob Mentality weapons; armor; clothing; Famous Faces effiges yes No
room 55 porcine pink building painted with dancing pigs This Little Piggy pig homes & accessories (some rare materials) yes No
room 56 oval driftwood hut painted with a variety of unblinking eyes Eye Spy rare-material eye-wear yes No
room 56 arched silver-banded wagon Ahreusse's Atelier jewelry (some rare materials); containers Estate Holder* yes No
room 56 bardic blue shop with a lyre-shaped sign Lute the Room high-quality instruments (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 56 elegant white pavilion Wedding Belles rare gems, jewelry (some gem-setting), clothing (some shimmer) yes Yes
room 57 bright white brocade tent patterned with embroidered dancing bears Chuffed to be Stuffed stuffed animals (for use with pouch of lead pellets) yes No
room 57 elegant shop with a striking black-and-white striped awning Scentsations perfume; cologne yes Yes
room 58 in the room
narrow table with a catnip treat on it
Catnip Table catnip treats for kitten upgrades Yes
room 59 warehouse Piralpa Tridents weapons (polearms); harnesses (some rare materials) Yes
room 59 simple wagon with a sign scrawled next to its entrance Skin Art by Jaecinda tattoos Yes
room 59 brightly painted barn The Stylish Stallion containers; horse tack (some rare materials) No
room 60 bulbuous tower Gosling's Exotic Fish fishbowls & terrariums (some rare materials) No
room 60 patched canvas tent Cartilage Crushers weapons (blunt) Yes
room 60 tall shop Silken Seams clothing; jewelry (rare materials) No
room 61 garish caravan with coral stalactites hanging from the roof Reinventing the Wheel Trader caravan upgrades Yes
room 61 crimson silk tent Galleria of Garters rare-material garters Yes
room 61 wooden wagon hung with several silver chains Ritual Addiction rare-material ritual foci; targeted magic foci Yes
room 62 crooked shed In the Hollow piñatas Yes
room 62 pink and purple structure Tastelessly Tacky weapons; armor; containers; clothing No
room 62 iron-domed building Tieheq with the Thirteen Alaudian pantheon prayer mats & jewelry; high capacity cambrinth No

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

When adding shops to the table, please make sure you are using the latest versions of these maps (displayed on this page), as the maps were updated in 2016 when the spider came alive, with all rooms being renumbered and new rooms being added. (With all of the rooms preemptively numbered, the map file does not need to be updated every time a shop is released in a room that has not been used before.)

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • All items have at least a basic link.
  • Rotating: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.
  • Limited: This shop has limited stock that may have sold out before archiving.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked and completed fully. This is now handled automatically by the template.

Use the following code for the shop list:

{{fest|room|entrance|shop name (true name)|shop name (display)|inventory|restrictions|done?}}

Genie Automap

Genie users can download the current map from the map repository. They can navigate to specific shops by typing #GOTO followed by the shop name. (If the shop's name begins with The or A, omit that.)