Natural Selections (4)

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Natural Selections
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

On Your Guard

[Natural Selections, On Your Guard]
Skulls of strange creatures and beasts hang overhead from pieces of sinew, each one free of any remnants of their previous owners. Various furs are splayed along the floor, cushioning the footfalls of visitors into the room. Painted upon the walls are depictions of conquests and adventures within the wilds of the lands.
You also see a simple driftwood stand lashed with dried grass with a few things on it, a hastily assembled wooden stand with a few things on it and a canvas exit flap.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

On the driftwood stand
Item Price Done
scrimshawed cuttlebone inlaid with steel filigree 31,250   
mineralized abyssal tubeworm casing secured with braided leather 31,250   
stiffly braided kelp forearm wrap 31,250   
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
scrimshawed demonbone parry stick 31,250   
demonbone armguard made of thin strips of bone 31,250   
woven demonscale armwrap secured by a pair of brass rings 31,250   

Below the Belt

[Natural Selections, Below the Belt]
Figurines depicting various scenes of violence sit on a small end table beside the metal wall. Attached to a metal bolt is a lantern that puts the products for sale under bright light. Several skins have been placed on the ground, cushioning customers' feet from the bare metal flooring.
You also see a salt stained rusting shelf with a few things on it and a barnacle encrusted driftwood stand with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: southeast.

On the rusting shelf
Item Price Done
urchin spine knee spikes secured by thickly woven sharkskin leather 31,250   
stingray barb knee spikes secured by a tight braid of dried kelp 31,250   
knee spikes made from wickedly pointed swordfish bills 31,250   
On the stand
Item Price Done
heavy whalebone footwraps lashed with sharkskin leather 31,250   
chiton shell footwraps with striated red and green plating 31,250   
crabshell footwraps with heavy ridges 31,250   

Fang and Claw

[Natural Selections, Fang and Claw]
Furs are littered about the floor, hiding only portions of the metal floor. Overhead, an oil lantern brightens the area and provides light for a tapestry that covers the wall. Adjacent to the tapestry is a small, well cared for tree planted in a ceramic pot.
You also see a flat rock shaped from red basalt with a few things on it, a woven kelp mat with a few things on it, a massive half oyster shell with a few things on it and a shelf made from crisscrossed branched corals with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the flat rock
Item Price Done
gar tooth spiked knuckles with trailing black seasilk ribbons 31,250   
bristling spiked knuckles wrapped in a dried spiny seastars 31,250   
urchin spine spiked knuckles secured with sharkskin cording 31,250   
On the kelp mat
Item Price Done
splayed wormfang hand claws 31,250   
hand claws made of triple mounted razor edged fins 31,250   
hand claws made of rows of serrated sharkteeth 31,250   
On the oyster shell
Item Price Done
heavy knuckles encrusted with dark barnacles 31,250   
heavy sharkskin knuckles woven around rigid padding 31,250   
heavy coral knuckles set in sharkskin leather 31,250   
On the shelf
Item Price Done
staghorn coral elbow spikes bound with seagrass braids 31,250   
elbow spikes composed of a pair of parallel predatory fish jawbones secured via sealskin leather 31,250   
pufferfish skin elbow spikes secured with seagrass wrappings 31,250