Stupid Terrestrian Tricks

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Stupid Terrestrian Tricks
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Kronars


This game costs 500 Kronar to play.

Enter the registration booth and then JOIN LIST. Wait for an announcement that it is your turn and then make your way to the waiting room and then GO DOOR. Once on the stage, you'll have a few seconds of waiting while there is a brief overview of the rules, then you'll be tossed onto the web. First, RUB the WEB to until you find a weak spot in the web (2nd line), and then perform an action based off that result to try and free yourself.

For example, if you see A hard and fast motion would probably give you some headway., try to KICK the WEB to free yourself. Keep on doing this, repeating the RUB WEB if you are frequently unsuccessful with your freeing action.

If you succeed in freeing yourself, you'll receive a prize from the game prize pool. If you fail to escape, no prize. It is unknown if you can die or not, however it appears there may be an Evasion check. Additionally, Athletics may play a part in freeing yourself, but more testing is needed.


  • When you are called for the game:
The Monger's booming voice comes from the booth, "<Person> will be attempting to escape Pflutikitra's Web!"
A page boy runs up and whispers in your ear, "It's your turn to try the Web, please come to the waiting area."
  • Once you have entered the door to the stage:
One of the attendants glances at you and says, "Be with ya in a moment, mate."
One of the monger's assistants addresses you, saying, "Alright, in a few seconds, we're going to hurl you into that web. Do whatever you can to get free, or the unyn eats you. Good luck."
The Monger's burly assistants hoist you up and toss you unceremoniously into the web.
You figure you have a little over a minute before the unyn chomps you.
One of the stage workers starts coaxing the unyn out of its cage.
  • Once you have done a RUB WEB
You rub your fingers over a small section of web, searching for a clue that will help you free yourself.
  • Possible messages for weak spots:
  • Hasn't changed much.: You've attempted to rub the web too soon since the last time
  • A hard and fast motion would probably give you some headway.: KICK
  • ??: PULL
  • ??: PUSH
  • Successful escape:
You manage to escape the bonds holding you against the web and you drop to the ground freely.
A great cheer rises from the onlookers!
One of the thugs escorts you back to the waiting area, putting a <prize> in your right hand.