Dock of Many Flings

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Dock of Many Flings
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Dock of Many Flings, Salesroom]
Worn out nets are hung along the walls, holding up bits of driftwood and other flotsam from the nearby shore. Tiny portholes let in some light, while more is provided by gaethzen globes hung from the ceiling. A rusty anchor stands in one corner, drapped in more frayed nets.
You also see a salt-stained door and a weathered seachest with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the weathered seachest
Item Price Done
bone-hilted dirk with an etched steel blade 25,000   
steel dirk with a bone hilt 25,000   
steel cutlass with a scrimshaw hilt 62,500   
bone-hilted cutlass with an etched blade 62,500   
wide silver earring engraved with a skull and crossbones 1,875   !!
single gold hoop earring 3,125   !!
hempen sandals with leather straps 1,000   !!
pair of braided rope sandals 1,000   !!
sturdy canvas sailbag with a hempen drawstring 3,750   !!
sturdy sailcloth seabag with a rope drawstring 3,750   !!
sturdy canvas seabag with a rope drawstring 3,750   !!
frayed cutoff canvas pants 1,875   !!
undyed sleeveless linen shirt 1,875   !!
tasseled indigo silk sash 3,125   !!
blue and white striped shapeless cap 625   !!
red and white striped floppy cap 625   !!
tasseled crimson silk sash 3,125   !!
beige cotton shirt with short sleeves 1,875   !!
pair of loose cotton drawstring pants 1,875   !!