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Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Perfume shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Sweet Senses

[Scentsations, Sweet Senses]
Pure white walls enclose the airy confines of the sales floor. Faint scents waft through the area, a bouquet of mingled aromas that blends into an overall impression of pleasure and delight. Across one wall stands a counter, its plain ash wood unrelieved by any ornamentation.
You also see a chic black sign with blocked white lettering and a glossy black door.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

A chic black sign with blocked white lettering reads:
  Items in this shop are very similar, please make sure you GET the right one.
  There will be no refunds.
On the ash counter
Item Price Done
glass cologne bottle tied with a marbled brown ribbon - "Dough You Dare" 186,875   
bright pink perfume bottle composed of iridescent glass - "Candy Rush" 190,625   
pale green cologne bottle topped with a pink grapefruit-shaped stopper - "Eternally Grapefruit" 187,500   
chocolate-hued perfume bottle with a charred oak stopper - "Chocolate Dreams" 190,625   

Once and Floral

[Scentsations, Once and Floral]
Tiles on the floor form a stylized floral design in black and white with the same blossom theme repeated on the carved baseboards and crown moulding of the whitewashed walls. A plain birch counter stands against a wall, showing the shop's wares without any distractions from the furnishings.
You also see a chic black sign with blocked white lettering and a glossy black door.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

On the birch counter
Item Price Done
delicate glass perfume bottle dyed a pale lilac hue - "Hyacinth Daze" 196,875   
elegant glass perfume bottle shaped like a blooming rose - "Coming Up Roses" 200,000   
fluted perfume bottle engraved with stargazer lilies - "Stargazer Nights" 189,062   
glass perfume bottle twined with a honeysuckle vine - "Honeysuckle Dreams" 193,750   

Seasonal Scents

[Scentsations, Seasonal Scents]
Thin black stripes alternate with wide white planks in the floor, set diagonally to the walls which are an austure white without any decoration. Hints of wintergreen, pumpkins, roses, and strawberries drift through the air, each new scent bringing memories of seasons long past. A long white counter stands in the center of the room, featuring the exquisite wares of the shop.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the white counter
Item Price Done
small cologne bottle splattered with glass raindrops - "Without A Drought" 196,875   
bright green perfume bottle capped with a purple taffelberry - "Summer Greens" 190,500   
flame-shaped cologne bottle fit with a charred fir stopper - "Light My Fire" 196,875   
sea-blue cologne bottle fit with a ship-shaped stopper - "Stormy Seas" 189,062   

Functionally Fragrant

[Scentsations, Functionally Fragrant]
Heavy, almost overpowering scents dominate the room, each one warring with the other for preeminence. Besides a tall white counter, there is little in the room to distract from the overwhelming cacophony of scents that pervades the area. Spread across the display are the numerous bottles and vials of the shop's merchandise.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the white counter
Item Price Done
glass cologne vial embellished with a thin band of copper - "Rebel" 193,125   
sanguine-hued cologne bottle fit with a bloodwood stopper - "Savage" 218,750   
brown cologne vial with a strip of fur wrapped around its neck - "Wild and Free" 187,500   
glass cologne bottle with a charred hickory stopper - "Carnivore" 190,625