Silken Seams (5)

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Silken Seams
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Sheilhya
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Silken Seams, Showroom]
Stained oak panels line the walls, giving the shop a distinctly warmer feel than the metallic corridors beyond the door. Polished brass sconces lend a soft glow to the room overall, while gaethzen lanterns add focused light for the displays. An elegant clavichord with a matching bench stands in the center of the floor, awaiting play by a bard employed for that purpose. You also see a carved oak door, a spiraling rosewood rack of gowns with several things on it, a tall velvet-wrapped display with several things on it and a wide crystal case with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rosewood rack
Item Price Done
cobalt starlight velvet gown centered with a wide band of gold embroidery 16,875,000   
hunter-green shadesatin gown with a bloodlace overskirt 3,875,000   
ice-blue oceanmist satin gown with a high arched collar of snowflake tulle 1,875,000   
golden icesilk gown with an elaborate dragon train 1,625,000   
pale peach petalette gown with a multi-layered overskirt of spun rainbow 3,250,000   
On the velvet-wrapped display
Item Price Done
pale peach petalette fichu dappled with beaded butterflies 1,187,500   No
golden topaz icesilk stole lined with lava samite 812,500   No
ice-blue oceanmist satin shawl clasped with a silver dolphin 562,500   
forest-green shadesatin drape clasped with a golden leopard 943,750   
cobalt starlight velvet wrap with dappled with pale blue moonstones 1,062,500   
On the crystal case
Item Price Done
tiny butterfly on a tyrium eyebrow ring 1,312,500   No
golden topaz bracelet carved into a coiled dragon 812,500   
silver dolphin brooch nestled in waves of ice-blue oceanmist satin 25,000   
golden circlet centered with a radiant-cut black diamond 187,500   No
gold and jet ring carved into the shape of a lounging leopard 687,500   No