Limited Treasures (3)

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Limited Treasures
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Gortik
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Limited Treasures, Lounge]
Plush white carpet covers the floor from wall to wall, contrasting with the dark polished metal that creates them. A pair of overstuffed black chairs sit to either side of a long charcoal-hued couch covered in throw pillows. More pillows of various colors are scattered upon the floor giving customers a choice for seating. A silversteel door stands across the room from a curtained archway of the same metal.
You also see a curtained silversteel archway.
Obvious exits: none.

Sales Floor

[Limited Treasures, Sales Floor]
Polished to a gleam, dark metal covers the walls, ceiling, and floor save for a spot in the very center of the room where a silversteel stand sits upon a white velvet rug trimmed in silver. A steel candle-covered chandelier is suspended exactly above it, the lights glimmering across all the metal surfaces.
You also see a curtained silversteel archway.
Obvious exits: none.

On a silversteel stand (SOLD OUT)
Item Price Done
posh folding chair with hiro-fur cushions stretched over an aldamalm frame 812,500   
rustic jadeleaf cloak fastened with cylindrical greenheart toggles 437,500   
some eccentric tawny suede boots flaunting multi-colored faesilk fringe 937,500   
ice-veined leather saddlebag clasped with silversteel - Contains: a matte charcoal saddle blanket composed of thornweave and a burnished ice-veined leather saddle branded with Gorbesh symbols 13,437,500   !!
slant-buttoned forest-green armure waistcoat with a banded shadesatin collar - Contains: a dapper armure top hat banded with bejeweled shadesatin 3,880,625   
mud-splattered broken wings tipped with inky black riftstones 8,937,500   
fiery red phoenix with long golden plumes and fierce crystal blue eyes 562,500   
mistglass lady's chatelaine belt embellished with rivertear orchids 2,437,500   
double-breasted russet zibeline jacket with baroque absinthe emerald buttons 4,609,375   
inky starlight velvet evening gown scattered with blue diamond constellations 5,125,000   
black gold tailband glinting with blue hawkseye and Gemfire ruby spirals 2,680,625   
lavish choker of stunning ocean's heart diamonds limned in deep green dwalgims 15,000,000   
cambrinth armband formed out of overlapping birds of prey 1,562,500   
urbane charcoal shadesatin jacket with draconic opal scales armoring one sleeve - Contains: some tailored sable trousers buttoned with a draconic opal and some tasteful serpentine-hide dress shoes with stylish shadesatin laces 8,937,500   !!
vicious steel-toed combat boots with spiked kertig trim 1,102,000   
elegant iroko keepsake box inlaid with intricate blue gold whorls - Contains: a triple-strand blue gold ring displaying a solitary Eu's promise crystal 3,446,875   
burgundy Longleaf lotusweave gown trailing aldamdin-webbed sleeves 10,937,500   
shimmering dark red snakeskin turban secured with a purple Velakan pearl 16,500,000   
dark leather longcoat fastened with softly glowing blackened moonsilver buckles - Contains: some black leather pants wrapped in eerily glowing blackened moonsilver chains 26,250,000   
peach party dress flaunting a flirtatiously short shireli lace skirt - Contains: some peach duchess satin slippers overlaid with fine shireli lace and a luxurious duchess satin handbag featuring a pearl-studded wrist strap 10,937,500   
chubby vampire bat swathed in nightmare-black fur 937,500   
lurid headdress created from a ram skull flaunting twisted black horns 943,125   
grotesque mask of mangled demonscale stretched taut over rawhide 2,062,500   
graceful glaes torque dripping in a waterfall of champagne diamonds 17,187,500   
elegant Siksrajan applewood jewelry box inlaid with asini whorls - Contains: a polished asini oath ring graced with a large glittering avene 2,359,375   !!
delicate mistglass pilonu decorated with petite spectrolite orbs 1,562,500   
set of loimic and marquisette shar'nath blossoms 3,125,000   
stormy grey khaddar jacket with windsteel toggles - Contains: a vibrant smokewood armband cradling forest's heart garnets and a slate-grey Velakan linen leine with open lacing at the neck 9,312,500   
trio of Dwarven iron gears 2,312,500   
furniture voucher - a lifesculpted e'erdream vanity with delicate sungold filigree 48,750,000   DG
smoldering lava samite gown resplendent with dazzling sungold flames 64,696,875   
void-black pair of raven wings scattered with blood rubies 2,187,500   
sinfully black shadesatin bloomers lavishly trimmed with bloodlace - Contains: a ruffled bloodlace choker bearing a spectrolite-trimmed cameo pendant and a knee-high black combat boots clasped with spectrolite buckles 18,062,500   
thorny khor'vela crown displaying void-black roses amid vengeance ruby spires xx,xxx,xxx   
dramatically tiered choker wrapped in damaryn pearl ropes 10,937,500   
thunder of kertig dragons displaying brilliant multihued wings 4,937,500   
menacing spider legs composed of blackened muracite 3,500,000   
Albarian lace hairnet adorned with twilight purple aubrieta blooms 1,062,500   
pair of maimed skeletal wings formed from broken demonbone 12,687,500   
dramatic icesteel chandelier earrings frosted with luminous rivertears xx,xxx,xxx   
threadbare black dress coat with a matted fur collar and macabre bone trim - Contains: a ghastly skull-topped staff dangling a menagerie of red hawk tail feathers and a well-worn top hat adorned with grisly bits of feather and bone 7,437,500   
wickedly dark feather coronet adorned with twin horns of blackened moonsilver 12,187,500   
asymmetric lava samite dress clasped at the shoulder by a dragonfire amber 6,562,500   
bardic blue carpetbag with curving handles of curiously etched turquoise - Contains: a delicate glass flute embellished with rich blue and purple swirls 937,500   !!
high-collared thornweave cotehardie embellished by a spray of mournblooms 3,500,000   
dazzling lilac moonsilver bracelet sprinkled with vivid spring emeralds 8,437,500   
a bright yellow raincoat lined with sunkissed chiffon - Contains: a fuzzy brown teddy bear clasping a bright blue bumbershoot in its paws and an oversized pair of fiery red galoshes patterned with baby ducklings 9,937,500   No
knotwork silversteel haircomb strewn with faesoul flowers xx,xxx,xxx   
serpentine-hide mask smeared with blood-red over the mouth and cheeks xx,xxx,xxx   
emerald shireli lace flutertae mask framed with amethyst icesilk hair 1,062,500   
head and pelt of an albino wolf with vicious fangs and claws - Contains a thick leather cord threaded with a trio of wolf claws and some crudely stitched leather britches crafted from tawny deerhide 6,250,000   
ermine-trimmed capelet of rich cashmere pinned with an empty brooch - Contains an indigo winter gown with voluminous shireli lace underskirts and a pair of shireli lace-trimmed slippers with lofty windsteel heels 4,375,000   
striking marblesilk Pr'ysin bejeweled with Eu's promise crystals 2,812,500   
ethereal odaj composed of fluttering layers of sheer turbaurs 5,125,000   !!
fetching cobalt turbaurs dirndl with intricate romantic ballad peony applique - Contains a charming petalette apron trimmed with heartstring lace and some white petalette knee socks trimmed with heartstring lace 4,437,500   
cubical Siksrajan applewood jewelry box with an asini clasp - Contains a dusky asini oath band embedded with shards of uncut kazene 1,571,875   !!
spherical iroko token box with an intricate blue gold latch - Contains a hammered band of blue gold flecked with Eu's promise crystals 5,312,500   
square spiritwood keepsake box with an intricate mistglass latch - Contains a gallant mistglass eternity band studded with shards of uncut eldring 4,125,000   
savagely gnarled gloomwood staff crowned with a large orb of gloomglass 1,562,500   
lush midnight-toned thornweave cloak with a shrike's eye sapphire clasp - Contains some midnight-toned thornweave trousers with brushed silver buttons 7,187,500   
dusky rose songsilk cloak with a sheer satin hood adorned with fallen leaves - Contains some low-heeled doeskin boots tooled with faint musical scores 3,625,000   
elegant spiritwood keepsake box inlaid with intricate mistglass whorls xx,xxx,xxx   !!
heretic black shadesatin corset with wispy off-the-shoulder sleeves - Contains a glimmering band of translucent spectrolite etched with pentagrams, and an ethereal black tutu layered over tattered bloodlace tights. 30,625,000   
iridescent black tursa chainmail gorget terminating in scaled pauldrons xx,xxx,xxx   !!
ornate sungold jewelry box inlaid with a molten-core diamond flame - Contains a blazing sungold ring encrusted with molten-core diamonds, some flame-kissed sungold bangles embellished with molten-core diamonds, and a sungold key. 92,500,000   
deep midnight-blue demonscale scabbard wrapped in blackened moonsilver threads - Contains a firestained broadsword inlaid with blackened moonsilver symbols 36,875,000   !!
gleaming sungold armguard sculpted into a phoenix wing 92,500,000   
moonsilver zuceira depicting a warm outdoor scene beneath a sungold disc 119,062,500   
sultry floor-length evening gown enveloped in shimmering night diamonds 140,625,000