Cartilage Crushers (2)

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Cartilage Crushers
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Cartilage Crushers

[Cartilage Crushers]
The dirt-streaked but sturdy canvas walls of the tent are lit by a few dented metal lanterns. Scarred wooden furniture is placed haphazardly around the area and displays a variety of wares for sale. Though the tent appears rundown at first glance, the merchandise is organized precisely and appears to be well cared for.
You also see a tent flap, a scarred maple counter with a few things on it, a rough pine bench with a few things on it, a heavy oak table with a few things on it and a reinforced shelf with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the maple counter
Item Price Done
reinforced war hammer with a corded rawhide grip 112,500   
blackened horseman's mace with an ebony haft 94,375   
polished steel war hammer tied with a string of dyed eagle feathers 112,500   
On the pine bench
Item Price Done
shark-toothed morning star with a bleached bone haft 78,750   
polished steel ukabi tied with a string of black raven feathers 113,125   
spiked hara with a rawhide leather grip 104,687   
On the oak table
Item Price Done
blackened steel flail with swimming sharks branded into the maple haft 103,125   
iron war mattock with a polished oak haft 102,500   
spiked war hammer with a carved ebony haft 77,500   
On the reinforced shelf
Item Price Done
steel-banded bludgeon tied with a string of coral beads 59,375   
twisted iron club streaked with scarlet highlights 92,000   
burnished brass garz engraved with a soaring eagle 118,750