Shaper's Furnishings

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Shaper's Furnishings
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Shaper's Furnishings, Golden Skies]
The walls are painted a brilliant sunny yellow, and natural lighting from oversized windows only adds to the intensity. The small space contains cheerfully designed furniture of all shapes and sizes.
You also see a furniture merchant, a prominent sign and an open doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

A prominent sign reads:

Welcome, Merelew and Visitors Alike!

I have worked hard to include additional shelving and drawer space for all of the furniture here capable of storing items.  With creative arranging, you should be able to fit 15 items TOTAL as appropriate.

To be clear, the floor and rug cannot store anything at all, but the rest should assist your storage needs.


Item Price Done
bright yellow floor of painted stone tiles - [floor] 150,000   
large golden kelp rug with decorative coral woven into it - [floor cover] 120,000   
tall pine bed topped by a sunny yellow quilt - [bed][Storage: 5 on/5 behind/5 under] 250,000   
sunny yellow sandstone wall with several built-in shelves - [wall][Storage: 10 in/5 on] 220,000   
tiered yellow-orange driftwood end-table with a simple drawer - [table][Storage: 7 in/8 on] 230,000   
lifesculpted coral weapon rack with embedded shells - [weapon rack][Storage: 15 on (weapons only)] 300,000   
sunflower-shaped coral armor stand draped with fish nets - [armor stand][Storage: 15 on (armor only)] 300,000   
gold-lined treasure chest depicting pair of crossed silver tridents - [general storage][Storage: 10 in/5 on] 300,000   
rusted metal trunk with chipped yellow paint - [general storage][Storage: 14 in/1 on] 100,000   
sand-colored sofa - [bed][Storage: 5 on/5 behind/5 under] 280,000