Reinventing the Wheel (3)

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Reinventing the Wheel
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Trader shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Reinventing the Wheel, Entry]
The aromas of hay and wood are very strong in the small entryway. Rough cedar planks, comprising the shop's floor, creak beneath the movements of customers. Two small bales of hay have been used to anchor a large wagon wheel on its end across from the entrance.
You also see a garishly painted door leading out.
Obvious exits: west.

West Room

[Reinventing the Wheel, West Room]
Two circular display boards, painted to resemble wagon wheels, have been mounted upon the walls. Various images of available merchandise have been placed within the spokes of each display.
You also see a large display board with several things on it, a small alcove, a large billboard with some writing on it and a small display board with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

A large billboard reads:
You can view our work by EXAMining the artwork mounted on the large and small display boards.
Traders are welcome to ORDER the design that is desired and we will complete it as soon as possible.
On the large display board
Item Price Done
Plates can be attached to the back of a caravan
etched glass plate - "If you can read this, I'm still broke." 112,750   !!
oil-painted canvas - "Northern Trade Route. We're above it all." 112,750   !!
sanrisi-framed depiction - "Southern Trade Route. A Kronar isn't worth a Dokora." 112,750   !!
gloomwood woodburning - "Wheel Estate." 112,750   !!
charcoal drawing (2) - "Trader in Training." 112,750   !!
On the small display board
Item Price Done
smokewood painting - You tap the painting and you see a smokewood caravan shaped like a whiskey barrel bound with audrualm hoops. Taking a few moments to examine it closely reveals more details... Large rivets secure bluish-grey hoops binding the wooden slats of the caravan together. Complete with a oversized spigot for a doorknob, the whole assembly rides atop laminated wheels resembling barrel lids. 12,095,625   No
ayabere-framed portrait - You tap the portrait and you see a bright ayabere caravan with a coralite roof. Taking a few moments to examine it closely reveals more details... Gold inclusions within the deep coral pink roofing glitter in the available light, enhancing the bright azure blue wood finished with a satiny luster. Quaint seaglass windows with spiraling panes resemble a nautilus shells on either side of the caravan. 13,970,625   No
driftwood plank - You tap the plank and you see a driftood caravan decorated with seaweed trim and a flotsam-covered waistboard. Taking a few moments to examine it closely reveals more details... Sand embedded in the wooden wagon glistens in the available light. Seaweed and flotsam ornament the otherwise unpretentious caravan traveling on wide wheels. 1,127,500   No
eerie watercolor - You tap the watercolor and you see a rotund pumpkin-hued caravan illuminated by eerie iron lanterns. Taking a few moments to examine it closely reveals more details... Carved leaves and tendrils decorate the green painted wheels supporting the orange wagon. Iron lanterns in abnormal shapes hang from awnings over the triangular windows and door seemingly carved into the transport. 1,127,500   No
war sketch - You tap the sketch and you see a battle-scarred caravan stuck with arrows and covered in gouges. Taking a few moments to examine it closely reveals more details... Heavy gouges in the siding divulge previous attempts to reach the caravan's interior, while embedded arrow shafts poke out from broken shutters adjacent to singed window panes. The war-torn transport is supported by a mismatched wheel and a once-broken axle held together with iron straps. 1,127,500   No