Everything in Moderation (6)

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Everything in Moderation
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Everything in Moderation, Main Room]
Billowing slightly outward from the rusty metal walls, sheets of ivory gauze drape from the ceiling in an attempt to give a light, airy feel to an otherwise small room. A mobile of hammered gears and gaethzen orbs suspends from brass wires of varying lengths and turns aimlessly in the current of air. Against the far wall, a mirror rests between an armoire and a wardrobe, while an ottoman placed near a shoe rack provides a place to rest or try on shoes.
You also see a glass counter with several things on it and a modest door.
Obvious exits: none.

In the oak wardrobe
Item Price Done
sheer gold silk gown ruffled to display a green velvet lining 75,000   
emerald gown cinched tightly at the waist with ivory ribbons 175,000   
side-laced natural wool gown 225,000   
white satin gown with a red velvet bodice 225,000   
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
pair of beveled glass slippers edged in gold filigree 37,500   
pair of cuffed knee-high boots of blue suede 25,000   
pair of brown boots set with bands of blood-red rubies in the low heels 25,000   
pair of spidery sandals with low heels 25,000   
On the glass counter
Item Price Done
white velvet bag intricately embroidered with a Be'ort tear rose 31,250   
wide-eyed white hair donkey 12,500   
black velvet bag intricately embroidered with a Saemaus' kiss rose 31,250   
white-haired ram 12,500   
wild-eyed coyote 12,500   
In the ebony armoire
Item Price Done
pale fur cape with an oversized clasp 125,000   
pale linen longcoat with ebon skull-shaped buttons 125,000