Clear Visions (3)

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Clear Visions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Weapon shops, Moon Mage shops, Miscellaneous shops, Toy shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[Clear Visions, Front Room]
The transparent walls and ceiling of the greenhouse allow an unhindered view of the sky and nearby surroundings. Clerks move carefully among the displays, using soft cloths to remove dust and fingerprints from the merchandise. A sign provides a needless warning about the fragile nature of the shop's wares.
You also see a velvet covered table with several things on it, a sturdy toy box with a few things on it, a short shelf surrounded by a low dish rail with several things on it, an oak mantel with several things on it and a stained glass archway.
Obvious exits: north.

A warning sign reads:
Caution:  Many items will break if dropped.
On the velvet covered table
Item Price Done
dramatic pair of tortoiseshell glasses with wide cat-eye frames 187,500   
pair of rimless glasses with heart-shaped rosy pink lenses 200,000   
pair of rectangular reading spectacles with glitvire frames 687,500   
oversized pair of sunglasses with dark geometric lenses 250,000   
tyrium-framed safety goggles with thick glass lenses 1,437,500   
A small card reads:
"Feature-Enhancing Eyewear"
On the toy box
Item Price Done
polished gold kaleidoscope set with ulhari prisms in a geometric pattern 12,500,000   
glittering kaleidoscope of pure white alerce 437,500   
exquisite silver kaleidoscope inlaid with bands of haze sapphires 225,000   
On the short shelf
Item Price Done
geometric doom glass inlaid with jagged riftstones 750,000   
shadowy doom glass encircled by silver-pierced wraithhearts 500,000   
heptagonal doom glass in a florid black gold frame 250,000   
starkly austere doom glass with dark niello edging 250,000   
chitinous doom glass partially shrouded by tomiek 375,000   
A vellum note reads:
"Doom glass are merely pieces of whimsy and not at all similar to a Moon Mage's prediction."
On the oak mantel
Item Price Done
exquisitely round mirror with a lacy spiritwood frame 150,000   
dainty quatrefoil mirror with an elaborate glitvire frame 175,000   
oval mistglass mirror with rippled edges 162,500   
elegant lady's hand mirror encased in lustrous silverwood 125,000   
geometric angle-cut mirror rimmed with a thin band of icesteel 312,500   

Back Room

[Clear Visions, Back Room]
The transparent walls and ceiling of the greenhouse allow an unhindered view of the sky and nearby surroundings. The lone clerk keeps a sharp eye on the merchandise, and a beefy guard stands at the door.
You also see a wooden peg with a couple of things on it, a polished weapons rack with several things on it and a telescope stand with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: east, south.

On the wooden peg
Item Price Done
translucent mistglass telescope case etched with constellations limned in gold 375,000   !!
burnished driftwood telescope case with frosted seaglass caps 375,000   !!
On the weapons rack
Item Price Done
slender silversteel arm knife with a curved glass handle 812,500   
lustrous razaksel arm knife with a wavy glass handle 812,500   
vermilion asini wrist knife with a polished glass handle 375,000   
viridescent tel'athi wrist knife with a pebbled glass handle 375,000   
gold-flecked coralite ankle knife with a glittering glass handle 5,062,500   
vibrant rencate ankle knife with a contoured glass handle 5,062,500   
On the telescope stand
Item Price Done
slender mistglass telescope etched with constellations limned in gold 437,500   
smooth driftwood telescope studded with bits of oceanic blue seaglass 312,500   


[Clear Visions, Alcove]
The transparent walls and ceiling of the greenhouse allow an unhindered view of the sky and nearby surroundings. An assortment of windows are showcased in a semi-circle around the alcove.
You also see a neatly-dressed window clerk.
Obvious exits: west.

Item Price Done
round glass porthole encased within a polished silversteel frame - [window] 350,000   
brass hinged porthole set with a clear glass disk - [window] 70,000   
large garden window with sparkling glass panes - [window] 100,000   
wide bow window with decorative glitvire latticework and trim - [window] 600,000   
fan-shaped stained glass window composed of seaglass in blue and green hues - [window] 150,000