Hunka's Burning Love (5)

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Hunka's Burning Love
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Sestiva
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Alchemy shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Hunka's Burning Love

[Hunka's Burning Love]
Streaks of black dust obscure the paint and cloud the high windows, making the room feel more like a dark cave. A maple shelf against the back wall along with some silver pot hooks and a cast-iron pot rack suspended from the ceiling display the merchant's wares.
You also see a tall unlonchai pantry, a large unlonchai chest, a flamethorn door, a soot-streaked marble pedestal with several things on it and a shiny counter with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the unlonchai pantry
Item Price Done
fresh starry trout 187   No
butter cookie dough 125   No
uncooked soup dumplings 250   No
crepe batter 125   No
beans and raw pork 187   No
waffle batter 125   No
On the pot hooks
Item Price Done
round copper crepe pan with low sides 7,500   !!
enameled cast-iron casserole pan with heart-shaped handles 6,875   
tall silversteel soup pot with riveted double handles 1,125,000   
little ceramic saucepan with bright green glazing 6,875   
In the unlonchai chest
Item Price Done
sourdough cheese sandwich 125   No
herb-crusted raw chicken 187   No
watery shredded potatoes sprinkled with cheese 100   No
blackberry cobbler mix 125   No
cornbread mix 125   No
tea scone dough 125   No
On the pot rack
Item Price Done
octagonal cast-iron grill pan with deep diagonal ridges 6,250   
shallow silversteel pan with contoured double handles 437,500   No
hammered copper pan with an upwardly angled handle 7,500   
cast-iron spider skillet with spindly legs 6,250   
On the maple shelf
Item Price Done
ridged lignite coin 562   !!
round coal pig 625   !!
tiny lignite kitten 562   !!
miniature anthracite rat 687   !!
teeny coal tiara 625   !!
shiny anthracite queen 687   !!
crumbling lignite king 562   !!
On the marble pedestal
Item Price Done
regal anthracite Merelew 687   !!
lustrous anthracite pearl 687   !!
sinuous lignite minnow 562   !!
jagged coal reef 625   !!
tangled lignite kelp 562   !!
On the shiny counter
Item Price Done
portable black iron stove with a shiny brass grate 1,375   
small potbelly stove with stubby cast-iron legs 1,250   !!
portable cast-iron oven with silversteel fittings 188,750   !!
small steel firebox with angled haralun legs 126,250   !!