Beachcomber Delights (2)

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Beachcomber Delights
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Beachcomber Delights, Salesroom]
Bright, whitewashed driftwood pieces have been artfully arranged and placed as the wall paneling of this room. Sun-bleached fishing nets hung with starfish, sea flowers and crabs decorate the walls. A circular oak counter in the middle of the room allows progress of any number of customers. Arched doorways leading in three directions are covered with beaded shell ropes that tinkle when someone passes through.
You also see a shuttered door.
Obvious exits: north, east, west.

On the oak counter
Item Price Done
sculpture of ivory dolphins leaping over a coral reef 125,000   
fanciful coral sculpture of fae dancing among mushrooms 62,500   
coral sculpture of a tranquil pool in a small glade of trees 100,000   
red and orange fire coral sculpture of a dragon 62,500   
pastel colored sea fan coral sculpture of a weeping willow tree 37,500   
lace coral sculpture of a cozy thatched cottage 50,000   

Side Room (West)

[Beachcomber Delights, Side Room]
Candles set in overly large conch shells and placed in perfect vantage points provide a warm, soft glow to the room. Shelves line the walls and hold very rare shell specimens that have been polished and placed artfully on lace shelf liners. Stored in a polished armoire are the gemstones and precious metals used for the sculptures and creations of the owner. Barrels overflowing with many colored shells are in the middle of the room.
You also see a shuttered door.
Obvious exits: east.

In the oak barrel
Item Price Done
beautiful green paper bubble shell 250   
beautiful chestnut cowry shell 250   
beautiful red turban shell 250   
beautiful hairy mopalia shell 250   
beautiful mossy chiton shell 250   
beautiful six-sided tusk shell 250   
beautiful freckle clam shell 250   
beautiful capiz shell 250   
beautiful opal pyramid shell 250   
In the pine barrel
Item Price Done
perfect netted olive shell 375   
perfect volcano keyhole limpet shell 375   
perfect red abalone shell 375   
perfect spiny jewel box shell 375   
perfect banded tulip shell 375   
perfect buttercup shell 375   
perfect starburst star shell 375   
perfect wentletrap shell 375   
perfect baby's ear shell 375   
In the teak barrel
Item Price Done
perfect arrowhead sandkronar 375   
nice sea biscuit sandkronar 375   
fine sea gopher sandkronar 375   
preserved basket starfish 375   
preserved brittle starfish 375   
preserved sunflower starfish 375   
preserved sugar star starfish 375   
preserved cushion star starfish 375   
pretty purple spined sea urchin 375   
dried chunk of sea sponge 375   
perfect red barnacle cluster 375   
perfect rainbow sea urchin 375   
beautiful heart sandkronar 375   
preserved green knobby sea urchin 375   
In the reed basket
Item Price Done
driftwood shell collector's box 3,750   
ebonwood shell collector's case decorated with enameled shells 250   
bloodwood shell collector's case with inlaid ivory and jade shells 250   


[Beachcomber Delights, Storeroom]
This room is dimmer than the main showroom with just a brass lantern in the corner for light. Pieces of shell crunch underneath boots and shoes alike as customers wander in. Crates and boxes line the walls of the room, leaving little area to walk around in.
You also see a small pine table with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the pine table
Item Price Done
poorly dyed red shell pouch with shells haphazardly attached 750   
unevenly sewn blue cotton shell pouch clasped with a mollusk shell 750   
threadbare brown canvas shell pouch painted with shells 750   
On the pine crate
Item Price Done
piece of rough keyhole limpet shell 56   
piece of orange mitra shell 56   
piece of pink meringue shell 56   
piece of starburst clam shell 56   
piece of carpenter's baby bubble shell 56   
piece of skeleton shell 56   
piece of silver trimmed oyster shell 56   
piece of striped tonna shell 56   
piece of spotted cone shell 56   
On the oak box
Item Price Done
cracked pink conch shell 125   
cracked crow conch shell 125   
cracked apple murex shell 125   
cracked worm shell 125   
cracked dark cerith shell 125   
cracked purple-ringed top shell 125   
cracked bleeding tooth shell 125   
cracked chestnut cowry shell 125   
cracked fig shell 125   
On the teak crate
Item Price Done
chestnut turban shell slivers 68   
chocolate top shell slivers 68   
closter spindle shell slivers 68   
cowry helmet shell slivers 68   
crown cone shell slivers 68   
emerald nerite shell slivers 68   
fighting conch shell slivers 68   
flame auger shell slivers 68   
granulated frog shell slivers 68   

Side Room (East)

[Beachcomber Delights, Side Room]
Birch paneling and lanterns hanging in each corner make this room bright and welcoming. A long worktable is set up against one wall with a varied assortment of shells, coral and tools of the trade. Bins full of shells are arranged in a circle in the middle of the room for customers to rummage through.
You also see a woven reed basket, a small oak bin, a small pine bin, a small teak bin and a small birch bin.
Obvious exits: west.

In the reed basket
Item Price Done
ebony spidersilk shell pouch encrusted with enameled shells 30,000   
grey leather shell pouch with a perfect angel wing shell clasp 30,000   
white silk shell pouch expertly embroidered with shells 30,000   
In the oak bin
Item Price Done
spiral funnel shells 118   
sunshine clam shells 118   
melon diadema shells 118   
candy snail shells 118   
apple blossom shells 118   
pink rose cup shells 118   
angular triton shells 118   
calico scallop shells 118   
In the pine bin
Item Price Done
nice purple dwarf olive shell 175   
nice owl limpet shell 175   
nice rough-girdled chiton shell 175   
nice moon shell 175   
nice salmon tellin shell 175   
nice rough paddock shell 175   
nice threaded abalone shell 175   
nice onyx slipper shell 175   
nice festive murex shell 175   
nice unicorn shell 175   
In the teak bin
Item Price Done
pretty angel wing shell 156   
pretty jingle shell 156   
pretty lightning whelk shell 156   
pretty slipper shell 156   
pretty swollen bubble shell 156   
pretty spiney helmet shell 156   
pretty checkered periwinkle shell 156   
pretty ivory tusk shell 156   
pretty jasper cone shell 156   
In the birch bin
Item Price Done
chipped common olive shell 118   
chipped finger limpet shell 118   
chipped spiny slipper shell 118   
spiny cup-and-saucer shell 118   
chipped pink abalone shell 118   
chipped mottled red chiton shell 118   
chipped blood ark shell 118   
chipped heart cockle shell 118   
chipped stiff pen shell 118   
chipped rose petal tellin shell 118