Under the Sea (2)

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Under the Sea
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Under the Sea

[Under the Sea]
Smoothly sanded, the walls consist of light grey weathered wood. Though small, the shack is efficiently organized to allow for movement within the limited space. Sea lamps hang from each corner, brightly illuminating the merchandise being displayed on some driftwood shelves.
You also see a top shelf with several things on it, a middle shelf with several things on it, a bottom shelf with several things on it and a doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

On the top shelf
Item Price Done
glutinous pink jellyfish toy 6,250   No
mushy indigo stingray toy 6,250   No
malleable sea green anemone toy 6,250   No
gelatinous lavender octopus toy 6,250   
squishy crimson puffer fish toy 6,250   No
slimy striped eel toy 6,250   No
rubbery purple squid toy 6,250   No
springy tangerine sea urchin toy 6,250   No
gooey speckled sea turtle toy 6,250   No
glutinous light blue sea sponge toy 6,250   No
On the middle shelf
Item Price Done
squishy tan seahorse toy 6,250   No
rubbery coral pink crab toy 6,250   No
slimy deep grey sea slug toy 6,250   No
elastic silvery cuttlefish toy 6,250   No
supple brown sea snail toy 6,250   No
floppy black sea spider toy 6,250   No
flexible deep blue whale toy 6,250   No
cushy black and white orca toy 6,250   No
spongy green starfish toy 6,250   No
flabby grey shark toy 6,250   No
On the bottom shelf
Item Price Done
flabby pale grey sea cucumber toy 6,250   No
spongy pale pink shrimp toy 6,250   No
flexible silvery grey tuna toy 6,250   No
cushy dark brown sea otter toy 6,250   No
supple bright red lobster toy 6,250   No
springy spotted brown seal toy 6,250   No
floppy deep brown walrus toy 6,250   No
malleable black and white penguin toy 6,250   No
mushy brown triggerfish toy 6,250   No
gooey yellow sunfish toy 6,250   No